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GCEX has been an authorized concessionaire of the National Park Service from 1964-2017.

That’s 53 years of the doing our thing, running river in the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River! In our continued effort to run the best grand canyon river trips we now pick up your room before and after your trip. This makes your Grand Canyon river trip truly worry free. All you have to do it enjoy this incredible trip.

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The GCE trip,June 8-15, 2017 was my eighth Colorado River rafting adventure with Grand Canyon Expeditions. Maybe a ninth next year! How can I offer a greater, more glowing testimonial for GCE than this?
Howard Capito
Knoxville / Tennessee
What a great trip, Well organized GCEX had everything dialed in. Our guides were wonderful. Friendly, knowledgeable, highly experienced, and truly passionate about the canyon. You can tell it is more than a job to them and their swampers. My 17 year old son and I had a wonderful experience. I have hiked the canyon before but this was truly over the top. I will recommend GCEX to all who ask and have already talked about it to everyone who will listen. GREAT JOb!!! thx
Jim Mog
Rancho Cucamonga / CA
At Mile 0, I was a little hesitant, worried about no contact with the "rim" world, worried about no bathroom, worried about no showers, worried about not having enough clothes, worried about getting along with my trip mates, etc. By Mile 277, none of that mattered, and I felt like I had just finished a week-long vacation with family. I had no idea the Grand Canyon was so beautiful and had so much to see, so I was pleasantly surprised by that and thoroughly enjoyed all of the hiking that we were able to do, but I also thoroughly enjoyed interacting with so many different people with so many different personalities and so many different stories to tell. It was very nice to have no distractions and just be able to sit down and really listen to people and what they had to say. Our guides, Ben and Irv, were nothing short of amazing. They knew all of us by name from Day 1, quickly learned and adapted to 28 different personalities, and were full of knowledge and excited about sharing that knowledge with us. Their swampers, Julie and John, were just as great. I've never seen four people work as tirelessly and as hard as they did those eight days, and there's no doubt that they were a big part in us having such a wonderful trip. I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to view the Grand Canyon from end to end and from the bottom up and would definitely encourage everyone to add it to their bucket list if it's not already on there. Thanks Grand Canyon Expeditions Company for the trip of a lifetime!
Marsha Wills
Gonzales / Louisiana
Outstanding journey!!..and I thought I was just going on a river trip. Experienced, fun, warm, and helpful crew--a dream team--Emily, Jalynda, Hannah, and Ry; gorgeous scenery and exciting day trips (Nankoweap, Little Colorado, Deer Creek Hike/Falls, Havasu...); fantastic fellow passengers--supportive, interesting, and welcoming (started out solo, but had a family of 32 at the end); delicious, fresh, and healthy food throughout--even fresh lettuce salad on day 7! Finished trip over 2 weeks ago, and still savoring the trip multiple times daily and dreaming about returning. Just book won't regret it, and it may even change your life 🙂
Jacqueline Wittmeyer
Salt Lake City / Utah
What a week! I joined our leaders Emily and Jalynda with half the group New Zealanders (including me) and half from USA. We had a wonderful week of varied fun, sleeping under the stars, learning about geology, shooting the rapids, going up side canyons and eating DELICIOUS food. The toileting arrangements provided us all with much hilarity over the week, and getting to know some delightful people made the whole week one of my most memorable ever. Thank you to all involved.
Jackie Hoffman
Nelson / New Zealand
My wife, Marsha, gifted me this trip despite my apprehension to joining total strangers for a raft of a lifetime through the Grand Canyon. Individuals from all walks of life from many different states(8 I think). I quickly became amazed how we bonded and brought about a cohesiveness in a short period of time that we carried throughout the entire trip. Each person played a significant roll in making this week in my life a "bucket list". The Guides.....Marsha and I were on Ben and Julie's boat and Irv and John drove the our sister boat. These four collected 28 strangers and in their own way made a connection with each of us, shared their love, respect, and eco-knowledge of the Canyon. Ben is a massive nut that I completely appreciated and I can't imagine another trip without him and Julie. Irv owes me another horseshoe game. This dude manned the camp kitchen, woke us up with 5am coffee, fed us, led us down the the river and on hikes. Irv was truly an added blessing to me and his nickname is "Oak Tree", pass that on for me. Bottom line, these guides brought our experience to another level. The Grand Canyon....No words describe it, no pictures capture its beauty. You must feel it. Touch it. Breath it. In you own way, connect with it, and you will. Every turn in the river is a different scene, another color, none the same. I will end by stating I met awesome friends on an awe inspiring 8 day trip through the beautiful landscaped Grand Canyon that I will cherish forever.
Jason Wills
Gonzales / Louisiana
Exceeded expectations. Always felt safe with our skilled raft guides Emily, Jalynda, Hannah and Ry. They are the best!!
Colin Heinz
Christchurch / New Zealand
Took the motor trip. GREAT Trip! Captains Den and Duffy were outstanding guides, and were Cleeda and Kerstin. They were all technically proficient as well as professional and fun. The food was tasty, well prepared and plentiful. The Canyon and River of course were both spectacular. Thanks!
Bob Howard
Phoenix / AZ
This trip was fabulous in every aspect, even a couple of evenings of rain!! The Canyon is so much more than photos can convey-- the peace, the quiet, the turquoise water of the Little Colorado, and the majesty of the canyon walls are incomparable. I loved the great white water every day, the hikes, and our campsites. Emily, Marty, Skye, and Adam were the best river guides and hosts I have had the pleasure of floating with! They attended to our every need, provided amazing meals, and were fonts of information about the Canyon, its history, and folklore. I did not want for anything! We enjoyed all of the guests-- a fun and diverse group of people. I recommend this trip-of-a-lifetime without reservation, as well as Grand Canyon Expeditions!
Martha Kupferschmidt
Park City / Utah
We went into the May 13, 2017 motorized raft trip with high expectations and found that our expectations were exceeded daily. The white water was a given---some really big (hang on with both hands) and frequent. When GCEX recommends a good rain suit they are not kidding. The scenery and geology were spectacular. It constantly reminded you of your place as a speck in the universe. The boats and equipment were first class and all in top shape. What really made this trip special were the guides on the trip. Their constantly friendly and outgoing demeanor along with their "customer comes first, second etc." approach was remarkable to see, especially given the older and slightly needy group on this trip. Their cooking was a wonder to behold as we ate better on this trip than we normally do at home or in most restaurants. Tents were provided but largely ignored as sleeping under the stars in a bug free star filled night was awesome. As I write this, I wish I was back on the river and am planning on doing another trip with GCEx with my kids in 2019. I researched the other companies doing GC trips and believe that these folks really do have the best value. It was the trip of a lifetime, at least until the next time.
Dan Corti
Missoula / MT

Our Grand Canyon River Trips

You don’t want to miss anything on this once in a life time experience. This is why here at GCEX we only offer “all inclusive full Grand Canyon Expeditions”, and we do this with the highest quality and best value on the river! So please take a look at our trips below and feel free to call us with any questions you have. We are happy to help, so come and see it all!


8 & 9 Day Motorized River Trip

An out-of-this-world adventure. In eight memorable days, you will cover approximately 277 river miles, negotiating nearly 200 exciting white water rapids in safety and first-class comfort.


14 & 16 Day Dory River Trip

We also offer a rowing trip for those who want a longer, more in-depth and up-close experience. Since most people raft the Grand Canyon only once, it makes sense to have time to drift, to wander, and to ponder.

  Grand Canyon River Trip with GCEX

Experience areas of Grand Canyon that are only found from the water, explore side canyons that hide emerald pools, hidden waterfalls, beautiful flowers and plants, and wildlife that is just as laid back as you are. Relax and enjoy sleeping under the endless tapestry of stars, eating delicious meals, and letting life on the Colorado River become part of who you are. Grand Canyon Expeditions rafting tours create memories that last a lifetime.

Join us on the Colorado River and see what over 53 years of rafting the Grand Canyon brings. Our intimate knowledge of the Grand Canyon and its breathtaking geologic features, rich historical sites, and hidden wonders, make your vacation an experience, and not just a Colorado River whitewater trip. Take the opportunity to raft 277 scenic miles through Grand Canyon on our 8 & 9 day motorized and 14 & 16 Day Dory Trips. During your Grand Canyon rafting experience our guides will take you on tours that include everything from hiking and swimming in side canyons to running class IV whitewater rapids that spray refreshing jets of liquid diamonds into the air.

Let our experienced guides show you the wonders of the Grand Canyon on one of our guided raft tours. Our guests may choose a traditional river tour on one of our motorized rafts or a more leisurely experience on one of our Dory expeditions. We also provide special interest trips focusing on the canyon’s archeology, ecology, geology, and history. Call us or book online today to book the adventure of a lifetime – a Grand Canyon rafting trip with Grand Canyon Expeditions!

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