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GCEX has been an authorized concessionaire of the National Park Service from 1964-2017.

That’s 53 years of the doing our thing, running river in the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River! In our continued effort to run the best grand canyon river trips we now pick up your room before and after your trip. This makes your Grand Canyon river trip truly worry free. All you have to do it enjoy this incredible trip.

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Hi everyone, I have just returned from the early April 16 day dory trip. Having previously run Grand Canyon in June 2015 and September 2016 I can definitely say that the absolutely best time of year to do this trip is early April! We drove through snow to the put in but the weather was in general warm and pleasant and most of us did not once pitch a tent. We were also able to complete fairly strenuous hikes in comfort. The river was relatively quiet and most times we got our leader's preferred camp site. Best of all however were the absolutely amazing flowers and shrubs which will soon be over and not seen again until next year. It was, as I was expecting, yet another wonderful trip with a fantastic crew (Jim, Lew, Doc, Glade and Tony) and not such a bad load of fellow travellers! I am so glad early April was recommended to me on a previous trip!
Trip was absolutely fabulous! our guide, Greg, gets the highest marks available.
Paulette Sherrell
Carson City / NV
My 16-day dory trip ended 2 weeks ago and I still can't stop thinking about it. What a wonderful experience! The boatmen were amazing. Regan Dale, Chuck Wales, Tim Cooper, Steve "Doc" Nicholson, Jim Hall, Hannah Hall with trip leader, Lew Steiger, took good care of us and taught us so much about the Canyon. We were like little kids listening intently when they would tell us a River story. And the dories! What wonderful little boats they are!
Gabrielle Accatino
Boulder / Colorado
I have to begin by saying that I cannot begin to say how perfect our trip was. It was one of those events where all the stars (SO many stars!) aligned, and every little detail dropped into place in perfect harmony. First of all, eternal KUDOS to GCEX for handling so many of the details that so often get overlooked on a journey of such extraordinary magnitude (down to the bandaids I should have brought with me!). COTS! The cots! Despite the initial issues with their seemingly idiotic design, the COTS are a transformational item in the inventory of Just What Makes GCEX the Foremost River Journey Outfitter in the canyon: forget the sleeping pads, forget the sleeping bag, GOOD GOD FORGET the tent! . . . to lie back at night, suspended ABOVE the scorching hot river sand (OMG, the SAND!) and watch the stars appear above you, one by one, until the full glory of the Heavens is revealed . . . without having to be distracted by how hot and sweaty you are... I have not seen skies like that since my days in the U.S. Navy, back in the eighties, in the Indian Ocean, a thousand miles from Nowhere... Our River Guides: Captain Trevin and Captain Marty - I can't imagine how you guys are ever going to come close to equalling the knowledge, experience and authenticity the two of you (and I can't picture an expedition where ANYBODY could possibly surpass the level of experience and enthusiasm you two have for The River) brought to what was, for us, the perfect trip of a lifetime... except that it isn't, 'cause we'll be coming back again! The Food! O.M.G.! The FOOOOD! Breakfast every day, following the cry of "HOT COFFEE!" from Trevin - that in itself is worth the entire experience. I have NEVER slept so soundly (outdoors!) as I have on this trip... no, it's not a "trip," it's an "expedition," and the meals provided are worth the entire investment. Trevin: Thanks for all of your limitless knowledge of the geology - THE ENDLESS AMAZING GEOLOGY that I find so endlessly amazing. Sara, Allison, Chase and Adam - THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting us accompany you on your Family vacation! Shaun - For doing what you do purely for the love of it! (You had better damned well be a full-on boatman the next time we meet!) And Marty - DUDE! I met you less than a month ago; I feel like you are one of my oldest friends! I cannot thank you enough for letting me ride with you in the "Command and Control Center" for the better part of a day!. To be able to see the way the boat experiences a rapid from back there was the highlight of the entire trip for me. THANK YOU, SO MUCH! And, also, PEANUT BUTTER! Everywhere, on everything!
Joseph Cottrell
Tooele / Utah
My 9 year old daughter and I took this fantastic trip with GCEX in 1979. The guides are the gold standard in the Canyon*** Each hour brought breathtaking vistas and whitewater thrills. We read John Wesley Powell's book before the trip so were primed for adventure. All the equipment is first class, the meals scrumptious, and it remains one of the BEST trips of my life. Thank you for vivid memories! I recommend GCEX to friends/family planning a Canyon water trip. So happy for your success!!
Margaret C.
Birmingham / AL
The Trip was gorgeous ! We feel honored to have experienced nature, beauty and landscape so close. Organization was perfect and the Crew summed up this one of a kind experience.
Not only was it a fun, physical, and educational trip, the meals were fresh and delicious and I can not say enough about Capains Ann Marie and Ben, as well as their swampers Shawn and Julie, who made this journey a pleasure. We are already discussing our next trip thru the canyon with your company
Steven Winckler
Riverhead / New York
I will HIGHLY recommend this company to family and friends looking for the experience of a lifetime. The scenery was breath-taking, guides amazing and the friendships I made will last forever. I went with a group of four (my 73 old father, and our two neighbors), but left the adventure with a WHOLE group of NEW friends and family. Loved our guides! Irv, Adam, Kyle and Ben made the whole experience that much more exciting. They made the event memorable with their expertise, education and infectious love of the river. Thank you for providing such a moving experience. BUCKET LIST ITEM - CHECK!!
Tami Dorraugh
Volcano / California
Den & Roger were amazing! Truly a trip of a lifetime. The boats were a blast. Hikes were breathtaking. And the food was great. Wished the bus would've taken us back to the start so we could've done it all over again. Thanks for everything.
Mesa / AZ
Everything was amazing and wonderful! Ben, Julie, Glade and Tony were awesome! It was so exciting! Good food, great drivers, and having Q was the topping on the cake! We absolutely loved every minute of our trip!
Karen West
Layton/Kanab / Utah

Our Grand Canyon River Trips

You don’t want to miss anything on this once in a life time experience. This is why here at GCEX we only offer “all inclusive full Grand Canyon Expeditions”, and we do this with the highest quality and best value on the river! So please take a look at our trips below and feel free to call us with any questions you have. We are happy to help, so come and see it all!


8 & 9 Day Motorized River Trip

An out-of-this-world adventure. In eight memorable days, you will cover approximately 277 river miles, negotiating nearly 200 exciting white water rapids in safety and first-class comfort.


14 & 16 Day Dory River Trip

We also offer a rowing trip for those who want a longer, more in-depth and up-close experience. Since most people raft the Grand Canyon only once, it makes sense to have time to drift, to wander, and to ponder.

  Grand Canyon River Trip with GCEX

Experience areas of Grand Canyon that are only found from the water, explore side canyons that hide emerald pools, hidden waterfalls, beautiful flowers and plants, and wildlife that is just as laid back as you are. Relax and enjoy sleeping under the endless tapestry of stars, eating delicious meals, and letting life on the Colorado River become part of who you are. Grand Canyon Expeditions rafting tours create memories that last a lifetime.

Join us on the Colorado River and see what over 53 years of rafting the Grand Canyon brings. Our intimate knowledge of the Grand Canyon and its breathtaking geologic features, rich historical sites, and hidden wonders, make your vacation an experience, and not just a Colorado River whitewater trip. Take the opportunity to raft 277 scenic miles through Grand Canyon on our 8 & 9 day motorized and 14 & 16 Day Dory Trips. During your Grand Canyon rafting experience our guides will take you on tours that include everything from hiking and swimming in side canyons to running class IV whitewater rapids that spray refreshing jets of liquid diamonds into the air.

Let our experienced guides show you the wonders of the Grand Canyon on one of our guided raft tours. Our guests may choose a traditional river tour on one of our motorized rafts or a more leisurely experience on one of our Dory expeditions. We also provide special interest trips focusing on the canyon’s archeology, ecology, geology, and history. Call us or book online today to book the adventure of a lifetime – a Grand Canyon rafting trip with Grand Canyon Expeditions!

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