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GCEX has been an authorized concessionaire of the National Park Service from 1964-2020.

That’s 56 years of the doing our thing, running river in the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River! In our continued effort to run the best grand canyon river trips we now pick up your room before and after your trip. This makes your Grand Canyon river trip truly worry free. All you have to do it enjoy this incredible trip.

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This was my 2nd Grand Canyon River Trip, 1st with Grand Canyon Expeditions. It will not be my last trip and I will now only go with Grand Canyon Expeditions. I loved my first trip, that's why I went again, however, this trip was something special. Ben & Julie were amazing, with COVID-19 the trip was small and more intimate, I loved that!! I absolutely love the philosophy and schedule of Grand Canyon Expedition. The trip far exceeded my expectations! THANK YOU!!
Marilee Jackson
Evanston / WY
This indeed was a trip of a lifetime! It was so much more than I had expected, and I have recommended this trip and this company to multiple friends already.
Chris Montesano
Morrison / CO
This trip was truly one of the best adventures I have ever been on. I am fortunate enough to travel extensively for work and I have been to a lot of places and on a lot of different organised trips and tours. This one stands on its own in every way. GCE did an amazing job from the early stages of planning and answering my many questions, all the way up to the very end of our trip when we picked up our room keys at the hotel in Vegas. The logistics of this trip are quite involved and it all just worked, seamlessly. The Grand Canyon is a magical place and I cannot fathom a better way to experience that then by immersing yourself in it on the river. Our guides were phenomenal. They had a ridiculous amount of experience running whitewater and knowledge of the Canyon. They were constantly taking care of everyone with a positive attitude, a sense of humor, and going above and beyond to make sure everyone was able to just sit back, take a breath, and truly revel in the majesty of being in the heart of the Canyon. Their passion for what they do was obvious and the trip would not have been the same without that. Our geologist was pretty amazing too with her knowledge of the geological history of the Canyon. Really makes the mind boggle and I'll never look at cliffs, canyons or rocks the same way again. I'll be back one day for another adventure, that's for sure! Big ups to Duffy, Den, Kirsten, Jeremiah, and Sue 🙂
Sarah W
What an amazing journey/trip this was! It exceeded my expectations! All of our guides were great too! They fed us great food/meals like kings.
Mike Graham
Lake Havasu City / Arizona
I went on the trip assuming I would enjoy the rafting part but might not be able to participate in the hiking & extras. Due to MS & some previous injuries, I have very little feeling in my lower legs & feet and have a left leg that is not always cooperative. In short, I am awkward when moving around. The guides and fellow guests were patient & helpful when I was moving around the raft and in getting on & off. In addition, because of the encouragement & spotting from the guides (who were perfect in just about every way), I was able to do some hikes that I never would have imagined doing; I saw waterfalls and rock formations that I'll never forget. In these times of uncertainty, the trip was rejuvenating and inspiring. In addition, the food was amazing and the companionship was restful.
Jan Kirk Bunch
Bellingham / Washington
This was the 2nd time we have rafted the canyon, last time was about 12 years ago, that trip was very good and the company that we went with was good, but we have to say this was even better and your guides and swampers were top notch. We were a little older this time, 85 and 82, but we did it and will remember every mile, what a great crew we had, and the rest of the traverlers with us were wonderful, 4 of the nicest teenagers were along, we had such a great group. I wish everybody could do this trip, IF YOU ARE A LITTLE OLDER GO FOR IT.
joan vilinske
I don't think words can ever do this trip was that good! Our entire raft would agree that fate brought us to this place. It was a trip we have wanted to take for years, but we were just waiting for our youngest to be old enough to enjoy the trip. We shared this trip idea with our dear friends, and we decided that we would do it together. After the years of planning and waiting, coronavirus hit and shut down the Grand Canyon and the rest of the world! We patiently waited, and it paid off! Our trip was scheduled for June 19, and after a 2.5 month delay, the National Park service opened the Grand Canyon for river trips on June 14! Yes! We were on our way! We were then blessed with the best crew we could have wished for! Trevin, Kyle and Jeremiah are amazing! Between Trevin and Kyle we had 22 years of experience in the canyon. Jeremiah was on his first adventure in the canyon, and his excitement to experience it with us was part of the fun! Words cannot express the beauty of the canyon. Do NOT take a trip that only takes you to half the canyon. It is ever changing along the 277 mile journey and I don't know how you could pick only one segment. Trevin and Kyle's breadth of knowledge is amazing. They are historians, geologists, astronomers and wildlife experts on top of their abilities to guide a raft through class 10 rapids! Oh, and they are amazing chefs too! These guys can cook!!! Our food was amazing. They handled some dietary restrictions beautifully (starting with Nan in the office), and morning to night we ate great food! For 8 days, we were never hungry...there was no time! Before you could consider being hungry, there was another snack or another meal. We even had gourmet desserts, including professional marble cake! Every day was a fabulous adventure. We experienced the famous rapids of the Colorado River, but we also got to experience all of the well known sites, and some of the less known sites in the Grand Canyon. From the rim, you would never know what amazing spots exist at the canyon floor. We hiked, jumped off waterfalls, canyoneered in a slot canyon, cliff jumped and climbed to a beautiful hidden grotto. We had an afternoon to ourselves playing games on the beach and riding the currents of the Little Colorado River. Our guides showed us more than we could have ever dreamed of seeing. We miss them and the Grand Canyon already!
Matt and Jennifer Smith
St. Louis / MO
As others have said "it's a trip of a lifetime" and it was to me. I've had a number of exciting things in my life including catapulting off carriers in a jet plane (and then landing it after on heaving decks), sky diving, scuba diving, back packing, etc. But this trip was right at the top of all that. Scenery of exquisite beauty around every bend, excellent knowledge of the boatman and swamper, food that was just amazing considering the conditions it had to be prepared in. I stumbled upon this company and its one of the most serendipitous events to happen to me. This company is just the gold standard in planning and making it's guests comfortable. Can't say enough good. Plan to go again in the near future and this time bring my daughters.
Dan Bach
Madison / Wisconsin
Norman Sanders and I did the trip in May 2014. In these troubled times, I have been looking over found my photobooks of trips we have done. The Grand Canyon is still up there as one of the best! We were given mugs for our early morning coffee. Even the mugs were of the best quality - I still use it when in the garden, and keeps my coffee hot!
Clifford Jones
Swansea / Swansea
Still always think it was the greatest adventure ever!
Marc Pease

Our Grand Canyon River Trips

You don’t want to miss anything on this once in a life time experience. This is why here at GCEX we only offer “all inclusive full Grand Canyon Expeditions”, and we do this with the highest quality and best value on the river! So please take a look at our trips below and feel free to call us with any questions you have. We are happy to help, so come and see it all!


8 & 9 Day Motorized River Trip

An out-of-this-world adventure. In eight memorable days, you will cover approximately 277 river miles, negotiating nearly 200 exciting white water rapids in safety and first-class comfort.


14 & 16 Day Dory River Trip

We also offer a rowing trip for those who want a longer, more in-depth and up-close experience. Since most people raft the Grand Canyon only once, it makes sense to have time to drift, to wander, and to ponder.

  Grand Canyon River Trip with GCEX

Experience areas of Grand Canyon that are only found from the water, explore side canyons that hide emerald pools, hidden waterfalls, beautiful flowers and plants, and wildlife that is just as laid back as you are. Relax and enjoy sleeping under the endless tapestry of stars, eating delicious meals, and letting life on the Colorado River become part of who you are. Grand Canyon Expeditions rafting tours create memories that last a lifetime.

Join us on the Colorado River and see what over 53 years of rafting the Grand Canyon brings. Our intimate knowledge of the Grand Canyon and its breathtaking geologic features, rich historical sites, and hidden wonders, make your vacation an experience, and not just a Colorado River whitewater trip. Take the opportunity to raft 277 scenic miles through Grand Canyon on our 8 & 9 day motorized and 14 & 16 Day Dory Trips. During your Grand Canyon rafting experience our guides will take you on tours that include everything from hiking and swimming in side canyons to running class IV whitewater rapids that spray refreshing jets of liquid diamonds into the air.

Let our experienced guides show you the wonders of the Grand Canyon on one of our guided raft tours. Our guests may choose a traditional river tour on one of our motorized rafts or a more leisurely experience on one of our Dory expeditions. We also provide special interest trips focusing on the canyon’s archeology, ecology, geology, and history. Call us or book online today to book the adventure of a lifetime – a Grand Canyon rafting trip with Grand Canyon Expeditions!

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