14 & 16 Day Dory Expeditions

River rafting excursions through the Grand Canyon have been our specialty for years. Folks love our motorized trip, but we also offer a rowing trip for those who want a longer, more in-depth experience. Since most people raft the Grand Canyon only once, it makes sense to have time to drift, to wander, and to ponder.

Our Dory trips are incredible. From the moment we board the boats at Lees Ferry, we feel each boil and eccentricity of the current. We hear, too, the river's voice, the spiraling call of the Canyon Wren and the growing roar of the next rapid. By running the river in a Dory, time is on our side and lots of it. We have time to visit many of the lesser-known side canyons. We have time to have a second cup of coffee in the morning. We have time to appreciate the billion-year-old rocks in a millions-of-years-old canyon, which let us know that the worries and urgencies of the so-called real world are, well, maybe not such a big deal after all. Maybe this is the real world.

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Grand Canyon Dory Tour

Our Grand Canyon Dory trips are more than just sightseeing tours. We leave the world behind and leave ourselves open to discovery: the beauty of a particular spot that everyone else walked right by; the peculiar way lizards do push-ups; the way light and form ripple across the water; parts of yourself that you had long forgotten. Away from the modern world, you will enjoy experiences such as stargazing on the beach, viewing ancient Anasazi ruins, or watching a sudden summer cloudburst turn into a series of raging red waterfalls. On our rowing trips, we decided we wanted our guests to run the river much like Major John Wesley Powell experienced it in 1869. Powell's group used hard-hulled boats not designed for the rigors of the Colorado River's white water. 

For the next seventy years, explorers that followed Powell tinkered with designs and techniques, refining to a science the art of rowing hard-hulled boats in white water. The World War II-era produced the inflatable raft, which were inexpensive, tough, forgiving and easy to patch and transport. By the end of the 1960s, hardly anyone used the old hard-hulled boats, except for a few adventurous boatmen, including conservationist and writer Martin Litton. Litton introduced the Dory to the Grand Canyon after rowing similar boats on the Mackenzie River in Oregon. The Dory exhibits the grace and heritage of the old hard-hulled boat, providing an exhilarating, responsive ride that only a rigid boat can give. They demand full respect for the river, its currents, and obstacles, but in turn, passengers feel each nuance of the riffles and can rocket off the top of some of the greatest waves in the canyon. If you yearn for the adventure of a lifetime, contact us today to book a Grand Canyon Expeditions Dory trips, rated among Peter Guttman's "Top Ten Most Thrilling Adventures in North America."

Dates and Rates

2023 Dory Trip Info

14-Day Trip Price: $4,899 + Fees per person
16-Day Trip Price: $5,199 + Fees per person

** A $500/person deposit is required to reserve your space

2023 Dates
2024 Dory Trip Info

14-Day Trip Price: $4,899 + Fees per person
16-Day Trip Price: $5,199 + Fees per person

** A $500/person deposit is required to reserve your space

2024 Dates

"Away to the west are lines of cliff and ledges of rock — not such ledges as you may have seen where the quarryman splits his blocks, but ledges from which the gods might quarry mountains...and not such cliffs...where the swallow builds his nest, but cliffs where the soaring eagle is lost to view ere he reaches the summit" -- John Wesley Powell

We went in September. Sleeping on cots under the stars with perfect temps and no bugs was awesome. Food was great, guides were great, scenery and short hikes were perfect. In addition to the knowledge from the guide, I was fortunate to have a couple near me that were geologists to answer questions as well. I had an Apple Watch and iPhone for pics and was able to keep them charged on airplane mode the whole time with two juice packs. The transportation from Las Vegas hotel to Lee’s Ferry to speed boat at the end to small bus for rough roads to large fancy bus back to Las Vegas was well coordinated. Nice complimentary duffel bag and hot/cold mug. First class operation.
Jonathan Marks
Highland Village / Texas
nice time made some good friends.
Darren Earl
St George / United States
bucket list trip and it lived up to every expectation. how great it was to be able to see such a prehistoric and beautiful setting with so little remnants of human kind having been there. the views and the location lived up to everything it was supposed to, but I have to credit this company for making it very special. Our guides for this trip (Kyle and Tabitha) were incredibly knowledgeable of the geography, the environment, the importance of keeping the land pristine, but they had personalities that related to all of us. Oh, and did I mention they were fabulous story tellers as well. Just amazing that you can still find people with such a passion. We loved the entire trip.
jon and jennifer buschman
mckinney / texas
Loved this trip SO much. Have never experienced the Grand Canyon in such vivid color. Our guide, Den, and swamper, Mark, were absolutely brilliant. Best river cooks ever. These guys made the trip so comfortable. I would recommend this trip to everyone. Just remember that it is an expedition rather than a vacation. The weather and the river rule. Thank you Grand Canyon Expedition Company for introducing me to thrilling way to travel. Do NOT wait, go as soon as possible.
Scott Giles
Waco / TEXAS
This is my third trip down the Colorado River with Grand Canyon Expeditions. I went twice as a kid and brought my children this time, and it was just as adventurous and magical 30 years later!
Cindy Kuechle
Lexington / MA
This trip had been on my bucket list for years, and with the cancelling of overseas travel, I decided it was now or never. I am so glad it was "now". This is an experience of a lifetime. I learned so much, met some wonderful new friends, worked hard, and ate some amazing meals. The staff of Zach, Faith, and Brendyce were the absolute best!! I've never seen 3 people work so hard to make this a great experience for us, and yet seem to have so much fun! Thank you!
Irene DeHuff
Reno / Nevada
This is our 3rd trip with the same company. Each time it has exceeded our expectations this last trip by far the best...totally recommend!
Nellie McGarry
merced / ca
We had a most amazing trip! Everything was extremely well organized and the team leaders (Zach, Hannah, Faith, Tony and Eddie) are friendly, hard-working, knowledgeable and committed to making every trip special for their guests. We were in great hands with a team that knew the canyon well and provided our group with hikes and experiences that matched our capabilities. We are already talking about when we can go back with some other friends/family. Without a doubt, we will use Grand Canyon Expeditions again (and, hopefully, meet up with some of our new guide-friends again)!!
Suzanne Mackey
Haddonfield / NJ
14 Day Dory (summer 2020) - look no further for the PERFECT river expedition. This was my 2nd trip with GCEX (8 Day Motor - summer 2019). Both trips have an exclusive niche & are over the top worth doing. From ease of booking to navigating safely through legendary rapids to cooking steaks to tending the groover (sanitary toilet), GCEX does it all with professionalism, skill, humor, competence, expertise, intelligence, humility and class. Find the money & book a trip; it’s worth every penny & much more. I only wish GCEX ran the country, not just the river. Best company, best people, ever.
Rebecca Elkins
Williamsport / PA
Did the 14 day Dory Trip, and it was phenomenal! Loved the wild rides through the rapids, but loved the hikes, the geology, anthropology, botany and boating history just as much or more. The guides were totally competent on the water, but all were amazing teachers and storytellers too, each with their own unique perspective.
This was my 2nd Grand Canyon River Trip, 1st with Grand Canyon Expeditions. It will not be my last trip and I will now only go with Grand Canyon Expeditions. I loved my first trip, that's why I went again, however, this trip was something special. Ben & Julie were amazing, with COVID-19 the trip was small and more intimate, I loved that!! I absolutely love the philosophy and schedule of Grand Canyon Expedition. The trip far exceeded my expectations! THANK YOU!!
Marilee Jackson
Evanston / WY
This indeed was a trip of a lifetime! It was so much more than I had expected, and I have recommended this trip and this company to multiple friends already.
Chris Montesano
Morrison / CO
This trip was truly one of the best adventures I have ever been on. I am fortunate enough to travel extensively for work and I have been to a lot of places and on a lot of different organised trips and tours. This one stands on its own in every way. GCE did an amazing job from the early stages of planning and answering my many questions, all the way up to the very end of our trip when we picked up our room keys at the hotel in Vegas. The logistics of this trip are quite involved and it all just worked, seamlessly. The Grand Canyon is a magical place and I cannot fathom a better way to experience that then by immersing yourself in it on the river. Our guides were phenomenal. They had a ridiculous amount of experience running whitewater and knowledge of the Canyon. They were constantly taking care of everyone with a positive attitude, a sense of humor, and going above and beyond to make sure everyone was able to just sit back, take a breath, and truly revel in the majesty of being in the heart of the Canyon. Their passion for what they do was obvious and the trip would not have been the same without that. Our geologist was pretty amazing too with her knowledge of the geological history of the Canyon. Really makes the mind boggle and I'll never look at cliffs, canyons or rocks the same way again. I'll be back one day for another adventure, that's for sure! Big ups to Duffy, Den, Kirsten, Jeremiah, and Sue 🙂
Sarah W
What an amazing journey/trip this was! It exceeded my expectations! All of our guides were great too! They fed us great food/meals like kings.
Mike Graham
Lake Havasu City / Arizona
I went on the trip assuming I would enjoy the rafting part but might not be able to participate in the hiking & extras. Due to MS & some previous injuries, I have very little feeling in my lower legs & feet and have a left leg that is not always cooperative. In short, I am awkward when moving around. The guides and fellow guests were patient & helpful when I was moving around the raft and in getting on & off. In addition, because of the encouragement & spotting from the guides (who were perfect in just about every way), I was able to do some hikes that I never would have imagined doing; I saw waterfalls and rock formations that I'll never forget. In these times of uncertainty, the trip was rejuvenating and inspiring. In addition, the food was amazing and the companionship was restful.
Jan Kirk Bunch
Bellingham / Washington
This was the 2nd time we have rafted the canyon, last time was about 12 years ago, that trip was very good and the company that we went with was good, but we have to say this was even better and your guides and swampers were top notch. We were a little older this time, 85 and 82, but we did it and will remember every mile, what a great crew we had, and the rest of the traverlers with us were wonderful, 4 of the nicest teenagers were along, we had such a great group. I wish everybody could do this trip, IF YOU ARE A LITTLE OLDER GO FOR IT.
joan vilinske
I don't think words can ever do this trip justice...it was that good! Our entire raft would agree that fate brought us to this place. It was a trip we have wanted to take for years, but we were just waiting for our youngest to be old enough to enjoy the trip. We shared this trip idea with our dear friends, and we decided that we would do it together. After the years of planning and waiting, coronavirus hit and shut down the Grand Canyon and the rest of the world! We patiently waited, and it paid off! Our trip was scheduled for June 19, and after a 2.5 month delay, the National Park service opened the Grand Canyon for river trips on June 14! Yes! We were on our way! We were then blessed with the best crew we could have wished for! Trevin, Kyle and Jeremiah are amazing! Between Trevin and Kyle we had 22 years of experience in the canyon. Jeremiah was on his first adventure in the canyon, and his excitement to experience it with us was part of the fun! Words cannot express the beauty of the canyon. Do NOT take a trip that only takes you to half the canyon. It is ever changing along the 277 mile journey and I don't know how you could pick only one segment. Trevin and Kyle's breadth of knowledge is amazing. They are historians, geologists, astronomers and wildlife experts on top of their abilities to guide a raft through class 10 rapids! Oh, and they are amazing chefs too! These guys can cook!!! Our food was amazing. They handled some dietary restrictions beautifully (starting with Nan in the office), and morning to night we ate great food! For 8 days, we were never hungry...there was no time! Before you could consider being hungry, there was another snack or another meal. We even had gourmet desserts, including professional marble cake! Every day was a fabulous adventure. We experienced the famous rapids of the Colorado River, but we also got to experience all of the well known sites, and some of the less known sites in the Grand Canyon. From the rim, you would never know what amazing spots exist at the canyon floor. We hiked, jumped off waterfalls, canyoneered in a slot canyon, cliff jumped and climbed to a beautiful hidden grotto. We had an afternoon to ourselves playing games on the beach and riding the currents of the Little Colorado River. Our guides showed us more than we could have ever dreamed of seeing. We miss them and the Grand Canyon already!
Matt and Jennifer Smith
St. Louis / MO
As others have said "it's a trip of a lifetime" and it was to me. I've had a number of exciting things in my life including catapulting off carriers in a jet plane (and then landing it after on heaving decks), sky diving, scuba diving, back packing, etc. But this trip was right at the top of all that. Scenery of exquisite beauty around every bend, excellent knowledge of the boatman and swamper, food that was just amazing considering the conditions it had to be prepared in. I stumbled upon this company and its one of the most serendipitous events to happen to me. This company is just the gold standard in planning and making it's guests comfortable. Can't say enough good. Plan to go again in the near future and this time bring my daughters.
Dan Bach
Madison / Wisconsin
Norman Sanders and I did the trip in May 2014. In these troubled times, I have been looking over found my photobooks of trips we have done. The Grand Canyon is still up there as one of the best! We were given mugs for our early morning coffee. Even the mugs were of the best quality - I still use it when in the garden, and keeps my coffee hot!
Clifford Jones
Swansea / Swansea
Still always think it was the greatest adventure ever!
Marc Pease
Wonderful guides Hannah and Emily with so much women's power, amazing nature, very good food, fantatic nights under the stars, great hikes, everything was perfect! Thank you for this unbelievable trip, it's forever in my heart!
Britta Lieder
Arnsberg / Germany
This was a life changing experience! The guides were absolutely amazing, cooked amazing food, provided a great atmosphere and made our trip down the Grand truly magical. My wife and I will do this again with the same company. If you want to float the Grand, GCE is the company to use!
Ryan Leach
GCex GC…. natural beauty displayed in it’s finest grandeur. EX….. EXpeditions with Exceptional and EXtraorinarily Experienced guides. Their talents abound. Beyond being highly skilled oarsmen, the team’s intimate knowledge of the geology and geography of the river was impressive. Additionally, their commitment to the best possible adventure included amazing meals, readings of beautiful poetry, personal writings of river stories and guitar melodies. They were warm and personable, always attentive to our comfort and safety. The dedication and pride in sharing the wonders of the Grand Canyon through GCex guarantee a remarkable EXpedition!!! Eternally grateful, Dee Davis (Morristown, NJ)
Dee Davis
Morristown / NJ
It was a trip I had wanted to do for many years and it did not disappoint. Glade our guide and Max ( the swamper and hat rescuer) were just wonderful, knowledgeable and a lot of fun. I had not camped in many years but found sleeping under the stars every night magnificent, except for the night I had to chase my air pillow down a hill when it got caught in a gust of wind, a comedic moment for sure. The people I met on the trip and in our boat were fun and interesting, adding to the experience. It truly is the only way to see the Grand Canyon. I'd do it again in a minute, but maybe with a different pillow next time.
Leisa Stalnaker
Richmond / Virginia
Ben, Julie, Vernon, Adam, and Shelly were a great team--experienced and knowledgeable with a sense of humor and concern for individuals. Excellent cooks as well!
Mark Howland
Somerville / MA
We just finished the last 8 day motorized raft trip 0f 2019, and even after one week, we are still missing the River. The "trip of a lifetime" can't describe the every day incredible excitement of the Grand Canyon. Our raft was guided by Glade Zarn who was very professional and continually ensured our safety while making sure we enjoyed every second. His swamper Max was very personable and helpful. The 2nd raft of boatman Zach and swamper Brendis were so knowledgeable and were amazing to be around. My husband and I both teared up at the end. Thank you Grand Canyon Expeditions! Oh, and yes, the food was amazing. Did we mention it was the trip of a lifetime?....
Jim & Jane Findarle
Modesto / CA
This is an amazing gorgeous trip like no other. The food was excellent, the side trips superb, and the rafting itself is SO FUN and just visually stunning in a way you are not prepared for unless you have done it before. The guides are excellent human beings, as well as being thoroughly knowledgeable and skillful. I always felt safe and well cared for. We made new friends that felt like family by the end of the trip. Thank you Grand Canyon Expeditions, especially Duffy, Bob, Tony and Regan!
Dana Garrison
Blue Mounds / WI
Stop reading these reviews and just book it! This was a life changing trip for our group and was truly unforgettable. GCEX is definitely the company to go with when going down the Canyon. We were a private charter group of first timers and they took care of everything! It was so nice to not have to do any planning or decision making on the trip because the guides had it all taken care of. Thanks Glade and Tab! Our group was genuinely sad for this trip to end and would’ve loved to do it all over again as soon as it ended. Thanks for an unforgettable trip, incredible food and for doing what you do! Get outside friends!
Claire Williams
Dallas / TX
All guides were exceptional, their knowledge of canyon history and lore as well as concern for all of us was outstanding. Best expedition ever. Hats off to Zach Dustin , James and Joe
Rick Simmons
New York
Our Boatmen and Swampers (Jalynda, Den, Rhye and DD) we attentive, fun, knowledgeable and professional. The crew combined with the Canyon and River made it a trip of a lifetime. Thank you so much and happy trails!
C.J. Winke
Chicago / Il
Everything about the rafting trip was so orderly and well executed. Jim and Hanna are professionals in captaining the rafts and managing groups of people, their attention to details made for a memorable experience. The food was excellent, the choice of hiking and camp sites were to everyone's liking. I have recommended this trip to several friends and would consider taking a similar trip in future.
Michael Lee
Excellence. Professionalism. Vigilance. Compassion. Intelligence. Hilarity. Preparedness. Support. Kindness. Passion. Inclusiveness. Respect. Accommodating. Patient. Talent. These are words that come immediately to mind when I consider my tremendous good fortune to have booked with GCEX. I was happy with this experience from the very first inquiry to beyond the finish-I’m pining yet, 3 full weeks after the adventure ended, wanting only to return again ASAP. This is a “soft to medium hard” outdoor expedition; the company absolutely takes as good care of you as possible given that you are a mile deep in a remote, wild canyon, but you will get sand EVERYWHERE. You might get hot. Or cold. And wet & dirty. Or feel sore from stretching your physical, financial & emotional envelope. But you will have traveled 277 miles on the Colorado River in one of the world’s most astonishing places. For me, it was the adventure of a lifetime (and as a commercial, corporate Hot Air Balloon pilot of over 30 years, I have been around the proverbial adventure block) which left me only wanting more of this exact experience. I can’t get back there fast enough. Thank you Roger Patterson, Jim Hall (you poet, you), Chris & Moki-I love & miss you all - to Shelly, Nan, Taylor, and ALL the office folk with whom I spoke a dozen times, thank you. This was a life affirming and life changing experience. We are so blessed by you offering this extraordinary service. Keep up your good & important work.
Williamsport / PA
I would do it again starting tomorrow. Save your money and do this trip. At least once. The boatmen know every inch of the river and canyons and they can take you on a wild ride with superior confidence. The hikes in the side canyons, the food, everything about this trip is 5 star. Don't get me wrong, it is pretty hard core camping as you are in the sand and heat for several days, but so worth it. You need to be in reasonable shape to get the most out of the trip, but the boatmen/swampers do their best to accomdate various fitness levels. Met the most amazing people that I will remain friends with. Sleeping outside under the stars, no cell service....no one even missed it. I cannot recommend this highly enough. I've been to Europe several times and loved it, but not like this. The river gets in your head. Also- if you're thinking of going read all the literature you can find. Start with "The Emerald Mile", then "There's This River" and the account of John Wesley Powell's "Down the Great Unknown" by Edward Dolnick. Also read Edward Abbey. And pack the sarong. Guys and gals need a sarong. Everyone at Grand Canyon Expeditions is super pro and they have these trips dialed in, from your stay in Vegas to the equipment, the food (unbelievable) the jet boat ride at the end.....these people are passionate about what they do and lucky for us they are willing to share their love of this river with us.
Constance Kretschmer
Wellington / NV
I was continually impressed by Grand Canyon Expeditions and all of their staff. The pre-trip meeting was informative and the lead of the meeting was full of energy and excited for our trip. The boatmasters were so helpful and knowledgeable. They continually did things to make our trip more fun, more comfortable. They have a ton of energy. They looked out for everybody in our family from the youngest to the oldest. Our group spanned 13 to 77 years old.
Mike Fillat
San Diego / CA
We had a blast on the 8-day trip. Bobby and Glade were our 2 boatmen on the tandem trip. Hikes. Great food. Knowledgeable. Trustworthy. Made our trip! Would highly recommend this trip. There are a lot of moving parts and GCE has it wired.
lynn morgan
Den, Kyle, Steven & Preston gave us an adventure we will never forget. Their knowledge, guidance, skills, and care for our well being was VERY impressive. The cooking setup was brilliant and the meals just kept getting better everyday. Whoever came up with the little blue buckets at night was simply perfect. Den and Kyle's river knowledge, skills, and ability to know how and what to do to teach, protect and care for everyone on the trip - never ceased to amaze us. Steven is coming up right behind them in all those areas as well. Also was fun to see what Steven would wear for dinner. Only thing he was missing was the tuxedo. (-: This was Preston's first trip as a swamper and would say he is a natural. Enjoyed his pioneer outfit too. When we needed a lift up or a little encouragement they were always there with out stretched arms. Was pretty impressive to watch them all fly around the boats, never missing a beat. And last, but not least, was the music in the canyon and under the stars was very special. We are still dreaming about being in the Canyon and on the river, it is a magical place, we don't ever want to forget.
Rick & Carolyn Kaup
Scottsdale / Arizona
Our 27 family members had the time of our lives! Every need was met, every concern addressed. Glade, Adam, Shelly and Geiger made sure that we absorbed and enjoyed all that the Canyon has to offer. I researched all of the commercial companies and GCEX, by far, offers the best opportunities and adventures for their customers. We are all spread around the country, but the 27 of us are still sharing this fabulous adventure with each other two weeks after it’s conclusion. You guys are fabulous!
Steve Ellis
Columbus / MS
Trip of a lifetime
Beth Hyde
Moores hill / Indiana
Trip was awesome !! Guides were great - friendly, attentive to detail, very helpful. Food was delicious with great variety - steaks, pork chops, spaghetti, Mexican, Chinese for dinner; eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit for breakfast; fantastic sandwiches for lunch. Spectacular side canyon hikes just about every day ending at waterfalls or swimming holes. The topper was the geologist that accompanied the trip. What a learning experience !! Would do the trip again in a heartbeat.
This trip started as a dream trip for my husband and became the best family vacation EVER!!! Best trip to explore, relax, and escape! Amazing views only a few get to experience! A trip of a lifetime❤️
Mark, Angelia, and Reece Maxeiner
Quincy / IL
More like 100 stars! We departed on July 4th both our tour guides in red white and blue flag outfits. Jalynda and her sister Coco made us feel welcome and safe. They took care of every need before we knew what we needed. They managed to make working hard look like they were doing nothing. Taking care of everything.
Karen Black
Selbyville / Delaware
If you want to have your soul smoothed and polished take this trip with GCEX. The sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures of the Grand Canyon will seep into you and never leave. GCEX makes this possible with their top notch operation and personal. They take care of EVERYTHING, all you have to do take the Canyon in.
Coatesville / PA
The best trip I have been on so far! Amazing weather, great people, awesome guides, excellent food, gorgeous waterfalls and canyons, this trip was perfect! I don't use the word 'perfect' very often, but I can't think of anything that I'd change to make it better. Adam, Brody, Bob, and Bill were all great and provided a lot of humor and info throughout the trip. I know it's dubbed as one of those "once in a lifetime trips" but I'm already of dreaming of making this trip again. Someday. Until then, I'll just have to live off my memories 🙂
Campton / NH
Pros: 1) Guides were excellent!!! Thanks Hannah & Art June 22nd, 2019 trip. Randy & Eddie made excellent helpers! 2) Could tell no holds were barred on the food. Thanks for the excellent cuisine. 3) Camp cots and pads were unexpectedly comfortable. Suggestions: 1) Would have liked to have more numerous, but shorter stops as you went down the canyon. We stopped at a number of waterfalls and such, but would often spend 2-3 hours there. A bit too long. It would have been nicer to stop for perhaps an hour and then go on down river and make another short stop. That way you could see more. 2) Would have love to have done more hikes. Perhaps other times of the year are more conducive to this, but an early morning hike out of camp before hitting the water for the day would have been really nice even if it was too hot to do that in the afternoon. 3) Perhaps include some evening talks or "classes" ? Would have been neat to hear even more stories about the canyon lore, learn how to "read" the river, what rafting was like in the old days, plants and animals in the region Equipment Suggestions: 1) Include carabiner clips (1 or 2) on your packing list. Would have been very helpful to have along for clipping water bottles and/or day packs to tie points on raft. 2) Communal day bag wasn't really big enough to hold everyone's day pack. Let folks know when packing before the trip that their day pack may need to be clipped on (hence the carabiner) and will likely be wet. That way they can take steps to waterproof ahead of time if they want. 3) Suggest that maybe flip flops would be a good evening camp shoe since camp sites are sandy. Flip flops were discouraged in the literature for hiking (as they should be!) but would have provided a comfortable lounging foot wear around camp.
Becky Woodward
Great trip, excellent food.
Ann Anderson
Baja Mexico
2019...my third trip with GCEX and this time to celebrate my 60th birthday! Dreams do come true- how blessed I was to spend this adventurous time with some friends and get to make new ones. Our guides, Ben and Kyle, and swampers, Julie and Kayla, were exceptional- they took care of everything (and then some) including making sure we were safe and HAD FUN! Heartfelt gratitude for the dance party and the special Lemon Cake from Kyle's grandma's recipe- over the top!
Jennifer Weinert
Papaikou / Hawai'i
The trip was amazing, we couldn't have asked for better weather, fellow rafters and guides. The food was AMAZING, they did a great job cooking for us. Duffy's hummus was awesome. It was so great to hear the history of the river and canyon along with seeing it so close. I know feel people really miss seeing the best parts if they just hike and especially if they just view it from the top. We will plan on going again!
Rachel Stewart
Phoenix / AZ
Great time! Great support staff and guides. Well organized. There is a store at orientation that has the essentials. Way easier than searching the internet. The logo sunshirt is a must(photo), a buff, a sarong and carabiners all sold there. The rain suit sold there also.
Fantastic experience! Ben and Julie, and Kyle and Kayla were the best guides. Great knowledge of the history of the canyon, incredibly patient, and a blast to be around. Could not have had better crew. Once in a lifetime adventure that I encourage all to experience. GCEX really takes care of their guests all the way through. Thank you.
Park City / Utah
An unbelievable experience! The crew was knowledgeable on everything about the canyon. The food was excellent, the hikes were amazing. Sleeping out under the stars was wonderful. I would highly recommend this as a once in a lifetime experience!
Cory Walsworth
Salt Lake City / Utah
The passion and love this company has for the Canyon and River translate into customer care like like you've never seen.
Clemson / SC
The trip was over the top. More than I could have possibly imagined. Our guides were the best that I have ever had. Bobby has been doing this for 40 years and he is excellent. His personality and his stories are unforgettable. Scotty, our other guide was incredible as well. Without them, the trip would have still been great, but with their help, it was unforgettable. I was ready to go back the next week.
Jeffrey Marquis
Oakton / VA
It was an awesome trip. Zack, Hanna, Eddie, Kate were an excellent crew. They worked together like they had known each other for years and years. They were knowledgeable, answered all our questions, very helpful, patient, a sense of humor and always had a smile. I was apprehensive about taking this trip but their encouragement but me at ease and I enjoyed this trip immensely. The food was fantastic and very nourishing.
Catherine COOK
This trip was a life-changing experience. One that I will never forget. I hope to return one day to this special place. Den, DD, Ben,and Julie were phenomenal. Even the rainy/hail storm day on the rapids was unforgettable. I can't thank you all enough!!
Adriana Vernon
Castle Rock / Colorado
The most amazing trip!!! From start to finish GCEX is a top notch company. Sign up was easy, pre-trip info gave you all the information you needed to be prepared, and hotel accommodations were great. Now for the trip. Our guides, Jim and Trevin, did everything they could to make our trip the trip of a lifetime. They had thorough knowledge of the river, gave us daily geology lessons, and worked their butts off to provide us the best breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that would rival many restaurants. It was obvious from day 1 that they have a passion for their jobs and the river/canyon! Rick and Tammy, our swampers, were also a big part of making us feel comfortable in the canyon environment. I was unsure about 8 days off the grid prior to the trip, but once you leave Lee's Ferry you get immersed in the canyon. The views of the canyon walls, the river, the rapids, hikes, and your river "family" quickly make you forget about the outside world. A day on the river is like no other. I couldn't believe how quick the days went as you spent the time enjoying the views, hitting the rapids, learning some history, hiking, eating, packing and unpacking the boats, and having time at night to have a few drinks and visit with your family! Our weather was perfect so we had the opportunity for 7 nights to fall asleep looking at the stars and Milky Way!! The trip can be a somewhat tiring. It does take some effort to help load and unload the boats (it's a team effort), get your camp set up at night and taken down in the morning, and pack and unpack at the start and end of each day, but all that is forgotten as you proceed on your journey! There was some apprehension about the "groover" (toilet) situation before the trip, but you get a thorough explanation of the process on day 1 and in all honesty it wasn't as bad as expected. It gets located in a fairly remote part of your evening camp site and the entrance easily marked. Everyone on our trip followed the explained "process" and we had no issues. For the most part you are private and after the first day or so you become fairly comfortable with it! As for the food, you can not believe the amount and quality of the food that we had. Breakfasts included eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausages, along with many breads and accompaniments, and coffee. Lunches, once set up, looked like you walked into a deli with cold cuts, cheeses, breads, lettuce, tomatoes, veggies, chips, pickles, etc etc etc! Dinners were unbelievable! Chicken parm/pasta, mahi mahi, shrimp, pork chops, steaks, and more, and dessert each night! They actually baked a birthday cake for one of our rafters, including candles!!! You won't go hungry!!! Finally, and most importantly, is being prepared for the trip. I found that following the checklist and optional checklist they provided pre-trip gets you at 99.9% prepared. I read many reviews before the trip and got some additional tips from previous rafters that took care of the .1%. Many of those additions were personal recommendations, but some did come in handy. We found we somewhat overpacked, so I would recommend packing a little lighter. Rainsuits are a must!! All in all this was a fantastic trip. GCEX does everything it can to make it an experience of a lifetime. I know there are other outfitters that run the river, but I would highly recommend this company for your rafting adventure. Thank you GCEX, Jim, Trevin, Tammy, and Rick!!!
Gary Glosser
Rochester / New York
This was an amazing trip! Our guide, Kyle was the reason we had so much fun. His enthusiasm, always happy attitude, positive outlook on life and concern for our safety and comfort was awesome. The other 3 guides were also incredible. They all started working at 4 am and did not stop until around 9 pm! The scenery is so diverse and awe inspiring. The campsites were all so pretty and the dinners varied from spaghetti, to mexican night, to 1 inch thick steaks on the last night. Yum... We also had hot cooked breakfasts and tasty wraps or sandwiches for lunch each day. One suggestion for all those getting ready for the trip is the day pack should be listed as required, not optional and definitely have good rain gear and hat lanyards. Also, understand you will be setting up your own tent and cot each night and reversing that the next morning (coffee at 5:15 am), everyone helps load and unload the boat each evening too. It is all fun, you just need to be ready for it.
Debbie Hebron
Excellent, historical and fun adventure with Capt. Zach, Capt. Adam, Tabitha and Alan! The food, hikes, and white water rafting was over the top!
Linda Presley
iola / TX
Pretty much the best experience with the best crew and guests you can imagine. Den, Ben, Julie & DD were so gracious, fun, and knowledgable. The company provided all the little details to make the trip comfortable. The other guests were so much fun to meet and spend time with. Overall a great experience! No need to look any further than GCEX. 11 out of 10.
George Sargeant
Park Ridge / IL
WOW! Words couldnt even begin to describe how incredible this trip was. Duffy, Kiersten & Den were our Raft Guides - SO knowledgable, funny, and kind - they made the trip for my mom, sister and I. The food was incredible, the hikes were spectacular, and the late night conversations and non-stop laughs were unforgettable. I would absolutely recommend GCE to anyone interested in exploring the Grand Canyon.
Mia Mineghino
Austin / Texas
This is the second trip for me and my daughter. Emily and Faith were truly exceptional guides. Even when the weather wasn't perfect, they added humor and camaraderie for the group. Food was truly amazing. My body is telling me ( I will be 74) that 2 trips are enough, but I am seriously considering doing this next year! GCEX is the BEST outfitter, bar none!
Don Richards
Vail / Arizona
One word describes this trip ……. EXCEPTIONAL! From day 1 in the misty rain through our last day in the sun, this trip was truly the trip of a lifetime. I cannot say enough good about Emily, Bacco, Randy, and Faith. Not only did they guide us safely through wonders of the Grand Canyon, they were full of the knowledge and stories (with just a hint of embellishment) about the Grand Canyon that kept us all asking for more. In addition, the quality of the meals was incredible; not a small feat in this world apart from normal civilization. As an ecology trip we also enjoyed the wisdom and enlightenment of Carri and Dylan; knowledge that would have gone unnoticed had they not been along on our trip. Finally, I believe that we had an exceptional group of travelers to share this adventure. Everyone pitched in to make the trip enjoyable. It's fantastic when a large group of strangers on day 1 can leave on day 8 as new friends looking forward to meeting again some day in the future. All-in-all GCE has done an excellent job in making this a trip of a lifetime.
Jim Collins
Cornville / AZ
If I could give our trip more than 5 stars I would. I cannot say enough about how truly perfect our trip was with Greg and Tom on May 2-9. They were the best boatman and swamper ever!!! The other passengers on the trip definitely made it super fun. I didn't believe 8 days on the river could make such an impact on me. I did not want to leave. It does something to you being IN the canyon ON the river. You cannot understand the feeling until you experience it for yourself. Definitely the trip of a lifetime, for sure! Thank you for one of my best trips ever!
Chris Ratches
Kanab / UT
Loved the Canyon loved the guides. Food was exceptional and never ran out I will be back. Trip was like coming home after a long absence.
Barbara Howard
Boise / Id
Where do I begin? First of all, my husband and I had been on a 9 day rafting trip, 22 years ago, from Phantom Ranch to Diamond Creek. I had always described that trip as the most fun I've had in my life. We had the good fortune to nab two spots (off of the waitlist), and take a 16 day dory trip. This September dory trip was a gazillion times more fun and has now cemented a place as lifetime number one experience. We knew several people on the trip, and became fast friends with the rest of the group. I credit the expertise, the big hearts, and the knowledge of the boatmen and women who guided us, played with us, and shared their love of the river and the Grand Canyon with us. Floating through such a rich landscape and learning about the geology and history, hearing stories of past trips and adventures, and being treated to three delicious meals a day was just marvelous. The rapids were thrilling, the peaceful floating down the river was restorative to the soul. Hiking in the beautiful side canyons, catching a glimpse of a Peregrine falcon or Kestrel, a Western Kingbird (first time I'd seen one!), deer, bighorn sheep, and was that tiny bird flying waaaaay high a condor?, were all highlights of the adventure on top of the water and rapids. I live in a city and the only stars I get to see at night are the big dipper, maybe Venus or Mars if lucky, Orion in the late night... so getting to lie in a cot under the stars each night was unforgettable. I would count shooting stars, "one more, just one more before I close my eyes" and watch for satellites passing overhead. Being away from the world is a very powerful experience. No news, no email or phone. Just the wonderful people and boatmen, a merry band of friends collected for this 16 days, and the adventures we had along the way. I found that I wanted to take everyone home to continue friendships. I plan on more trips, more exploring, more starry night skies, for as long as I can manage it. I understand the hook the Grand Canyon sets in a person. I feel that pull still and there is a piece of my heart left there in that beautiful place. I thank the boatmen we travelled with: Andy, Lew, Jim, Doc, Coop, Hanna and Gretchen. I look forward to the time we may meet again, for more fun boating!
Lesley Jacobs
Seattle / WA
Thank you. I had an amazing holiday. The rafting was everything I expected with the excitement of the rapids along with grazing at the ever-changing landscape. Then the unexpected - swimming under waterfalls and star grazing seeing the milky way.
Claire Robinson
Lichfield / England
My trip took place during my fifty-fifty birthday celebration in May, 2000. SIMPLY A SENSATIONAL experience and adventure. I'm a foodie, TREMENDOUS breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Our final night dinner included TASTY steaks and all the trimmings. A MAGNIFICENT life experience. Our fellow rafters met as strangers and departed as friends. The scenery needs no attempt to describe. Mind numbingly beautiful. The Colorado River in May...ICE COLD. Don't worry, the sun dries you off in a few minutes. Come with A POSITIVE ATTITUDE, kick back and enjoy this remarkable adventure !!
E Paul Lian
Phoenix / Arizona
What, no 6 star ratings available..??? The trip with Adam/Shelly, Jim/Tom was even more memorable than our first in 1984, which was bitchin'. Galloway was my raft. I felt a kindred spirit with Jim, and besides, we're both big-time geologist enthusiasts. This little ditty, sung at the Low/No Talent night (favorite..!), sums up my second memorable time on this special water. GRAND RIVER An ode to Gallo/Jim/Tom and Dubie/Adam/Shelly, and friends on a most excellent escapade Sung (loosely) to Moon River Grand River, mile after mile, we’re traveling in style, this day… With guides skillful, ever cheerful, each morning they greet us the very same way..! Great coffee, and hearty breakfast too, then off to use the loo, (… but only for a poo) (… with such a Groovy view) Days drifting, with friends both old and new, multi-generational too, … lessons ‘neath the storied spires … of which we never tire … and tails of which I‘m sure are true (!) Camp’s chosen, when the day’s run’s done, post zipper-line we crack a brew Gourmet dinners, our chef’s, winners, then afterwards maybe a wren-run or two … and a circular raucous ensues Trip’s closing, sad to see it end, I’ll miss you all my dear old farts Once more an adventure, has gathered us together, more wonderous memories to hold in our hearts Grand River, mile after mile, we’re traveling in style, this day With guides skillful, ever cheerful, so grateful we had you to show us the wayyyyyy. Humbly, DMT I'll be sending this Ode to Jim as he asked. He may have some fun with it, and he knows we have a dream to dory down with him... En masse, the group loved the trip. And for us older ones, we were our parents in 1984, and to expose our kids to what we were exposed to, well, check off that item off the big list. Thanks for all you do. It worked again. Cheers, Dave
David Trigg
we surely chose the best company for our trip. guides were terrific ,food great. the whole experience could not have been better.
jan ogletree
pagosa springs / colorado
"Come roll in all the riches around you and for once, never wonder what they're worth..." - Alan Menken (Colors of the Wind from Disney's Pocahontas) There are no words that can express my experience with the Grand Canyon Expeditions company (GCEX), the Canyon, the River, or the energy and spirits that captivated me. My eyes widen and a huge smile gushes across my face thinking of my voyage. Many factors (weather, my own mindset, river flows, fellow rafters) beyond anyone's control went into my trip, but I must say that GCEX played a huge role in making it absolutely amazing. The crew at GCEX is outstanding! I had been longing for this trip for 18 years since I first hiked the Havasupai trail and am so glad I went with this company over my other options! My guides during the trip included Marc (Lead for the trip w/ many years of experience- his actions showed confidence and leadership), his Swamper- Ron (sympathetic and kind who always took extra care of anyone in need- sprained ankles to vegetarians), my boat guide Kyle (extremely knowledgeable about the canyon and funny, but most importantly he showed kindness and respect to the animals and land), and his Swamper- Jeremiah (first timer on the River- went overboard literally to pick up other people's trash out of the water and was hilarious keeping everyone in good spirits) were all amazing!!! I booked a specialized Geology trip so that I could absorb as much Canyon as I could- Sue was our Geologist and she was absolutely enlightening being packed with so much knowledge (and cheesy rock jokes) my brain needed a nap just to process all of the content! Again words lack in expression in attempting to explain the Grand Canyon to someone who has not indulged. Even those that have indulged still lack the vocabulary for conveying its richness and splendor. Thank you
Kristi Shorette
Las Vegas / NV
Loved this trip! It truly was a trip of a lifetime!!! Our guides and swampers were amazing, knowledgeable, friendly, funny, fun and very educated in Geology, and all things River! They can also cook the best meals in no time flat! The beauty was endless and amazing creating memories I will carry for ever. Thank you GCEX.
Marsha Stultz
Portland / Maine
Fantastic trip, well organised, food was great. Anne Marie and Lyndsey good company and very informative. Wonderful experience!
jane strongman
bretx / france
My husband and I went on a trip last year and before we got out of the river we knew we had to go again. I just got back from my second trip - I just cannot stay out of the canyon. GCEX is an amazing company and will give you an experience you will forever cherish. They ensure everyone of the guests are having the best possible time. The food is unbelievably superior to many restaurants. Sleeping on cool, clean beaches without the crowds is amazing. Rafting the many rapids is so much fun, all you need to do is hold on. I have shared this trip of a lifetime with two different groups and have so many new friends and wonderful memories. We were lucky to have O C, a legend on the river, join us last week. Emily and Kyle were our guides and they made the trip so remarkable. I recommend this company to make this a trip of your lifetime. Get it off your bucket list now and sign up. The only problem is exiting the canyon is so hard that you will want to get back as quickly as possible
Yvonne Settle
Elkton / MD
A friend told us we had to raft down the Grand Canyon. He has gone three times with GCEX. We decided to to do it and made the reservation. Once we booked, GCEX started communicating and giving us advice on the trip. I emailed several times and always had a response within 24 hours. Packing was worrisome and we were afraid we would not have enough clothing articles to fit into the bag. Wasted worries. We filled the bag and didn't need half the clothes. From the pre-meeting with Shelly to the delivery to the boats everything was organized and professional. We met our crew at Lee's Ferry and were on our way. The Crew were professional, fun, informative and kept us filled with great food and snacks all day. I am sure that there are other companies that can do this, but this was 5 stars all the way. Great food, great hikes that were both educational and fun and we always felt safe on the river, even at Lava Falls. Eight days is a long time to be on the river...But we look back and realize how fleeting it was. We rafted the entire Grand Canyon. The waterfalls, Bighorn sheep and rapids will be reminisced and bragged about forever. We actually feel bad for the people who booked with companies who only do a few days.
Mick and kathy
Thousand Oaks / CA
Loved every moment of this adventure from the first moment to the last. The crew did everything to meet every request in order to make the river experience a most memorable vacation. I’ve hiked extensively throughout the Grand Canyon but the beauty of the Canyon from the river is truly a spiritual experience and sleeping out under the stars each night is amazing. Loved the hike to the Granary and floating the rapids on the Little Colorado. Refreshing under the waterfalls and diving in at Pumpkin Springs was unforgettable fun.
Marti Demetriou
Simi Valley / Ca
I really don’t have any special experience from the trip the whole trip was exceptional I can’t imagine changing anything the guides Bob and Tabatha and Ben and Julie were terrific I enjoyed every day
Marshall Updyke
I've done this trip several times and I'm always amazed at what is new and what is the same. The competence and ingenuity of the guides is outstanding. They read each group and make plans about what this new group will like; long hikes perhaps, or plenty of play time on the beach. Quite the highlight of my year. Pro-tip: If you see Glade walking into Blacktail Canyon with a guitar, cancel your plans and follow him.
Adam Harris
Austin / TX
Where shall I begin... First and foremost our crew of Jim, Regan, Ben and Julie were the best I've been with on any of my bucket list trips over the years. This team is heard working and EXTREMELY knowledgeable of the experience throughout the 280 mile journey through the Grand Canyon. The entire trip was filled with excitement and learning. Not to mention a lifetime of memories with our family. We meet some amazing people along the way and we look forward to our next trip with our grandkids the the years to come! Every morning I awake hearing Jim and Ben’s voice: HOT COFFEE…. And TEA!! Music to my ears! Until next time - Cheers, Steve, Amy, Phil, Colton, Jake and Zach
steve sulgrove
Frisco / Texas
amazing trip, wonderful guides. this was my third trip and there continues to be new things to do and see each trip! my limits were tested with the insane weather - thunder, lightening, rain, wind, sandstorms, extreme heat. hopefully will be back again one day!
Allison McDermott
San Jose / CA
This was our second trip with this company, and it didn’t disappoint! The boatmen have so much river experience and knowledge, that the passengers are free to soak up all the scenery and geological information as it presents itself.
Kutztown / PA
The trip exceeded my expectations with personable, fun, knowledgable guides. They did an amazing job preparing delicious meals and helping us enjoy the breathtaking scenery. I have recommended the trip to several friends.
Jeannine Florance
Bend / OR
Nothing will ever compare to this trip. I have hiked the Bright Angel and Kabab Trails to Phantom Ranch and also hiked from the North to the South Rim in all seasons. But seeing it in a different perspective was amazing. Those who only stand on the rim and stare for a few moments or hours have not experienced all the Grand Canyon has to offer! The staff in the office and the crew on the boats were incredible. Every detail was thought of. Meals were awesome! The stars, full moon and the Milky Way were so close I felt we could touch them. The wildlife was abundant. The rapids were many! Will definitely go again.
San Diego / USA
This was the best vacation my family has ever had. All 14 of us had a great time. Julie and Ben were superb guides and cooks. I can't think of a thing you could improve. Thanks a million!!
Jean H Triol
Kalsipell / MT
Hands down the most awesome trip we have ever experienced. Our Guides and Swampers- Adam, Jim, Shelly O and Tom- were amazing. The rapids, the hikes, the food - all beyond our expectations.
Tricia Fidrych
Port Royal / SC
I lived in Phoenix in the late 80s and had the chance to visit the Grand Canyon several times - we even hiked to the bottom and back in one day one time (not recommended!). From that time, I added a river trip through the Canyon to my bucket list of things to do. After many years (and two children), we finally got around to the process. Our friends Ken and Suzanne from Atlanta had recently completed a trip with you and they were effusive in their praise of the professional job and well-organized trip that they had with GCEX. So, we didn't even "shop" around to other outfitters - we knew that GCEX was for us. We originally tried to get an entire boat but ended up with five of us. The process of scheduling the trip went well. The arrangements in Las Vegas both prior to and after the trip were great - nice to be in a hotel not on the Strip but close enough if one wants to check that out. The trip itself - we can say enough about it. It exceeded all my expectations. Everything was handled so professionally by our guides. The food was great - camping was a lot of fun and of course the rafting was exciting and beautiful with all of the grandeur of the Grand Canyon. All five of us have said we would like to do the trip again because we know there is so much more to experience and it would be fun knowing what we know now. Our thanks to everyone at GCEX and especially our guides Den and Roger and our "swampers" Brianne and Patti. They worked so hard to provide us with this great experience!
Jon Utterback
Dahlonega / Georgia
The entire trip was very well organized. The guides were very knowledgeable. Lots of points of interest were brought to our attention. There was plenty of good food especially the evening meals. I will recommend this trip to my friends.
Gary Becker
Butte / Mt
I completed my trip in June of 2018. What a spectacular experience. From the very beginning the planning and organization was excellent. The Grand Canyon Expedition boatmen and swampers, Roger, Den, Bree, and Patty were wonderful. They were not only supremely confident in their day-to-day operations, but are genuine and caring people whose wonderful attitude set the tone for the entire trip. Each day when you wake up from a canopy of stars you can expect a wonderful breakfast and a day on the river filled with spectacular rapids and breathtaking scenery. At the end of the day there is yet another gourmet meal and great comradeship with your fellow passengers. In all, the Grand Canyon Expedition experience exceeded all expectations and, when your journey is complete, you will be left with wonderful memories of spectacular scenery and great people.
Charles Roth
Phoenix / Arizona
I loved everything about this trip. The scenery was surreal, the rapids a blast, the freedom of being outdoors for 8 whole days, the absolutely delicious meals, the hikes up side canyons and tributaries, the knowledge, humour and passion of the crew, sleeping under the stars, the camaraderie of the group, ... The experience of Grand Canyon Expeditions is evident in the way everything works like clockwork, everything managed so well, yet still every day is an open slate with its own schedule.
Shawna Mason
Winnipeg / Manitoba, Country
Just finished our trip June 16, 2018 This was a trip of a lifetime although there were other passengers with us on their fourth trip. GCEX is an exceptional company leaving no stone unturned. They cover every possible detail. Our crew Ann Marie ( leader ) boatman Adam, swampers Shaun and Lori were beyond words exceptional. No harder workers you will find. Even though we have hiked the canyon and Havasupai twice you see and experience so much more rafting it. All of our fellow travelers were great fun and become family sharing a great trip. The food was great the first day and got better on each day after. The rapids, hikes, and education on the canyon by the crew was beyond great. Can’t say enough good things about this company, if your deciding on this trip don’t hesitate.
Doug McAllister
Lake Havasu City / Arizona
Thank you so much to our fabulous guides Ben and Julie ,Marty and Kyle for an unforgettable river experience !! Everything was great and we were so well taken care of ...We were so lucky to have Marty with us ,so much fun and so much knowledge about all aspects of the trip...
Sue Mason
Lethbridge / Alberta ,Canada
My rafting trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon with Grand Canyon Expeditions was one of the best vacations I have ever had. It was an amazing experience. The service provided by the guides and swampers was incredible. They were all very hard workers, from preparing meals, providing stories and history of the Grand Canyon to making sure our personal needs were meet; they did it all! The dinners were delicious, and I couldn't believe all the meals we ate while camping. This was in addition to the gourmet breakfast and lunch served daily, along with horderves served before our dinner meal. Ice for evening cocktails was a plus. I can't say enough about how good the food was, it makes me want to go out and buy a Dutch oven! The rafting was excellent, with a great variety of rapids, some challenging and incredibly exciting, and others more calm. Every hike had something new and adventurous waiting for us to experience. It was the perfect mix of rafting and hiking. All the while the scenery around every bend in the river was like something off of a postcard.
Paul Cameron
Portland / Oregon
My trip was absolutely incredible. I was told to expect the "trip of a lifetime" and that is exactly correct. The weather was ideal, the water was clear for the entire route and the canyon geology was stunning. Add in the total professionalism of our boatmen Zach and Bacco and their swampers, Mark and Matt, and the recipe for perfection was complete. The wonderful camaraderie of my fellow travelers was the icing on the cake. My memories are forever.
Rick Reed
Charleston / Illinois
The rafting trip is a great way to experience the incredible beauty of the Grand Canyon. Now that I’m back home and have had time to reflect on the trip, I'm almost overwhelmed by all of the wonderful memories.
Tom Haglund
Ogden / UT
Dave, Glade, Angela, and Danny were awesome! Always went above and beyond to meet our needs and make everyone happy! It truly was the trip of a lifetime! Thank you!
Nancy Zoltowski
Cedarburg / WI
Awesome trip (our 3rd)!!! Marc, Adam, Kyle and Mason were fantastic. We'll be back for a 4th trip!!
Colette Thoreau
Genesee / Colorado
Great trip! Wonderful people to meet and fantastic crew. Good food and comfortable camping.
Charleston / South Carolina
It was FABULOUS. We loved every minute of it. We are seasoned private raft trippers but not on a river the size of the Colorado/Grand Canyon, and having the peace of mind of very capable captain and swamper (Glade and Tabatha) made it so enjoyable, and "glamping" just increased the fun and enjoyment so much more. The side hikes are a favorite part of the trip as well.
Kay Stratman
Jackson / Wyoming (WY)
My experience with this group was superlative. Every single aspect of this entire trip was incredibly well planned and executed. The guides were among the most experienced in the business, and were extremely friendly and instructive at all times. The food was exquisite. I do not see how I could have had a better experience.
Byron Hatcher
Atascadero / California
The trip exceeded our expectations! As did the staff...Emily, Dan, Adam and Shelley. They were skilled boatsmen and women and great cooks and wonderful companions for the trip. They were professional and helpful, always keeping our safety in mind. All the equipment seemed to be in good condition. Excellent would be my rating! And we were lucky with the weather!! Thank you!
Monte Gaillard
Asheville / United States
Once in a lifetime experience!! Great trip, staff professional, food was excellent and sleeping under the stars and full moon, magical. The sites are breathtaking.
Palmer Gaillard
Wadmalaw Island / SC
This was a great trip and the best way to experience the Grand Canyon. We were fortunate to have guides that were not only experienced river runners but also experts on the Grand Canyon who had hiked and explored throughout the region. if you are looking for a total Grand Canyon experience, including the quiet,GCE dories are the way to go.
Timothy Greening
Chicago / Illinois
Excellent trip!!!
Terry Coen
Denver / Colorado
A great trip. I was thrilled with how everything went. The guides/rowers were very experienced which reduced the anxiety of the rapids for me (a whitewater novice). Everything was perfect. Thanks
Paul Houston
Pittsfield / MA
This holiday was amazing. Den and Shelley were fantastic, controlling the dingy and cooking the most amazing meals. I have so many brilliant memories of the holiday, the Rapids, the company, the camping, the walks, the food, the toilet(!) etc. It was so well organised. I don't know how those girls did it!!!! I have so many fab photos choosing one is very difficult!!
Helen Messenge
Bristol / UK
The trip has been run by SPICE for 17 plus years and all who have been on the trip stated it changed their lives. Well yes it does, an extraordinary, awesome trip with idyllic beaches as campsites, wonderful blue within blue Little Colorado, amazing waterfalls, wildlife and plants. Not to forget the main reason for my trip, running the rapids, which was more than I could have imagined, the scale, the power, the beauty, the cold, the heat, the fear and excitement all at the same time, the laughter and the hanging on for dear life as the water lifts you off the ground, the trip should be on everyone's bucket list. Then the crew, Den and Shelly were outstanding in their combined knowledge of the rapids, the canyon, the river, the wildlife and the rocks and plants. Den read us a poem or story related to river running every day, which enhanced this very special place. How you get the food prepared for three meals a days is extraordinary and making cakes every day is crazy. The trip was a 10 out of 10 for me and everyone else on the trip. You turned a holiday into a true adventure.
robert sharples
cardiff / Uk
I would rate our trip 10 stars if I could (14 day dory). One of the incredible experiences of my life. GCE and their guides did a remarkable job. I sat wondering with my cousin, how could GCE have made this trip any better? Could not come up with anything. Special thanks to our boatmen, y'all are amazing.
Chris Healy
San Diego / CA
Den McCormick and Jim Hall were a terrific RiverGuides/Swamper team. Also very glad to have Alton Wasson - to bring us together as a community.
Sandi Albertson-Shea
Amherst / MA
The 8 days spent motorizing through the Grand Canyon were magical. The river and the canyon were described by another as "the roofless tabernacle" and I concur. Grand Canyon Expeditions provided the most professional crew, schedule and equipment, making our journey first class. We saw multiple rafting companies along our trip downstream and none compared in comfort or gear to what we were experiencing. Our raft layout was well thought out for the passengers, our life jackets were comfortable, we had cushions to sit on while on the raft, our cots were easy to assemble & wide enough for sleeping restfully with a self inflating pad, sleeping bag & tarp, and our chairs in camp had backs. The food was delicious and never ending and there was great variety. Our guide, Trevin Johnson, & swamper, Joe French, were entertaining, cheerful and full of river lore which they generously shared with us, including reading us poetry as we floated along. Their skills captaining the raft were obviously exceptional and no one ever felt a lack of confidence, even in the toughest rapids, and we had no spills, just lots of big waves with thrills and squeals. The crew spoke to each of us at our level, showing interest in every guest from the 9 year old to the 68 year old. We hiked to 100' waterfalls, through slot canyons, to petroglyphs and swam up Havasu Creek's turquoise waters and played frisbee in Redwall Cavern and saw dozens of bighorn sheep. Not a minute of any day was dull. We slept under the most amazing display of stars every night and bathed in the Colorado daily. Not one person from our trip was ready to leave the river on the 8th day. Each of us said that we came on the trip as strangers and left as friends, continuing to stay in touch. GCE provided great service from the hotel at the beginning and ending of the trip, to the bus and jet boat rides to every detail on the river trip itself. I cannot recommend this trip highly enough and GCE in particular.
Damon Newsom
Salem / Virginia
Rafting with GCEC through the Grand Canyon was truly epic! Awesome rapids, majestic scenery, amazing wildlife, new-found knowledge, nights under starry skies, unforgetable time with family - and new friends! I loved every bit of it! Add this adventure to your bucket list - and then be sure to get it checked off!
Carrie Anders
Clovis / CA
What an epic trip! I'm a seasoned traveller but this was something truly special. Hard to put into words. Disconnect for 14 days...ride the waves...see the stars and the galaxy like never before...make amazing friends (especially with the guides, who have amazing life and canyon stories)...have numerous "once in a lifetime" experiences! I've been to 25+ countries, and rarely envision revisiting a place but I'd do this trip again in a heart beat. If you have the time to do a dory trip..do it! It's magical! You feel every wave...big and small! You bond with the boats, the passengers, the guides. Already dreaming of my next trip down the river again!
Rahul Palchaudhuri
Boston / MA
My family (husband, myself, and 16 year old twins) just finished the 8 day motorized trip which turned out to be our top family vacation so far. Guide Trevin and swamper Joe clearly enjoyed their time on the river and transferred that passion to our group of 14 (strangers at mile 0, friends exchanging contact information by the end). The pace was relaxed, food generous (even to my 16 year old son who often ate thirds) and delicious, scenery spectacular. The days were varied with boating, hiking, swimming, and relaxing. Trevin's knowledge of the river and area was expansive and added depth to our experience. Everything was top quality from start to end with attention to detail. We did not want it to end - even after our return to Las Vegas our group got together for one last dinner and chance to relive the fun we had and bonds we shared. The trip was special, fun and magical.
Debbie Amos
Anacortes / WA
Fourteen members of our family went on a 8 day motorized rafting trip in July 2017 with Grand Canyon Expeditions, GCEX, and every single detail of the trip was impeccable. Our youngest was 11 and our oldest was 75 and everyone had a fantastic time. Another family of 10 sailed on the second raft and they ranged from 75 to 10. The trip leader Bobby has been leading trips for over 30 years and it showed. The second raft was piloted by Den who was also incredibly skillful. Each raft also had volunteers so our "rafting family" numbered 30. I have nothing but praise for GCEX. At every stage of the process they continued to amaze me with their kindness, skill, preparation and care. Let me comment on some of the elements that particularly impressed me: They put safety and hygiene first The raft and camping equipment was sturdy, easy to pitch camp and comfortable The food was FANTASTIC. Each evening when we pitched camp they unloaded a full operating kitchen and prepared sumptuous meals. We had ice the whole trip! The day hikes were great; they chose good campgrounds; and all along the route they educated us on what we were seeing. The buses were comfortable. They even arranged for a pit stop at Walmart so people could get whatever they forgot. I have been traveling the world for over 50 years and only experienced one other hospitality company who delivered such impeccable service and that was a very high end safari company in South Africa. If you are considering rafting the Grand Canyon, I recommend GCEX without reservation. Adam Engle August 2017
Adam Engle
Boulder / CO, USA
This was an incredible trip. And they made things as easy as possible for everyone. We are a large family group and they were able to work with us on our needs. The food was amazing. They led hikes up into waterfalls and slot canyons. It was a great experience and I'm grateful to have worked with gcec.
Lowery smith 2
St Paul / Minnesota
I don't have words. One of the best vacations I've ever had. The canyon is beyond Grand. The sights were superb. The food and our guides were excellent. The people were fantastic. It was 8 short days, not nearly enough time. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
Konrad Knoeferl
Bakersfield / California
THE ULTIMATE FAMILY ADVENTURE TRIP! The Canyon was awesome. The river was powerful yet beautiful. The food was exquisite. The guides were fantastic in all ways. Our Boatman Ann-Marie was never without a smile and her Swamper Steven was always willing to serve our needs. They guided our boat with extreme precision and confidence. I tell people everyday that the trip exceeded my expectations in all manner of ways. EPIC!!
Brian Gualano
Asheville / NC
What is it like to receive 5 star treatment in a backcountry setting? Join this trip and find out. The customer service was excellent from the moment we first made contact. The packing list and all of the other information was spot on and no needs were left unmet. I was humbled by the hard work the guides did with smiles the whole trip. They cared for the people and the environment at every step and ripple. They love the Canyon, the River and the history and it shines through in all they do. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been with Grand Canyon Expeditions on this bucket list trip. They share the experience with love and passion and it makes a huge difference for those of us who also care deeply. Thank you.
Kupono McDaniel
Keaau / HI
The GCE trip,June 8-15, 2017 was my eighth Colorado River rafting adventure with Grand Canyon Expeditions. Maybe a ninth next year! How can I offer a greater, more glowing testimonial for GCE than this?
Howard Capito
Knoxville / Tennessee
What a great trip, Well organized GCEX had everything dialed in. Our guides were wonderful. Friendly, knowledgeable, highly experienced, and truly passionate about the canyon. You can tell it is more than a job to them and their swampers. My 17 year old son and I had a wonderful experience. I have hiked the canyon before but this was truly over the top. I will recommend GCEX to all who ask and have already talked about it to everyone who will listen. GREAT JOb!!! thx
Jim Mog
Rancho Cucamonga / CA
At Mile 0, I was a little hesitant, worried about no contact with the "rim" world, worried about no bathroom, worried about no showers, worried about not having enough clothes, worried about getting along with my trip mates, etc. By Mile 277, none of that mattered, and I felt like I had just finished a week-long vacation with family. I had no idea the Grand Canyon was so beautiful and had so much to see, so I was pleasantly surprised by that and thoroughly enjoyed all of the hiking that we were able to do, but I also thoroughly enjoyed interacting with so many different people with so many different personalities and so many different stories to tell. It was very nice to have no distractions and just be able to sit down and really listen to people and what they had to say. Our guides, Ben and Irv, were nothing short of amazing. They knew all of us by name from Day 1, quickly learned and adapted to 28 different personalities, and were full of knowledge and excited about sharing that knowledge with us. Their swampers, Julie and John, were just as great. I've never seen four people work as tirelessly and as hard as they did those eight days, and there's no doubt that they were a big part in us having such a wonderful trip. I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to view the Grand Canyon from end to end and from the bottom up and would definitely encourage everyone to add it to their bucket list if it's not already on there. Thanks Grand Canyon Expeditions Company for the trip of a lifetime!
Marsha Wills
Gonzales / Louisiana
Outstanding journey!!..and I thought I was just going on a river trip. Experienced, fun, warm, and helpful crew--a dream team--Emily, Jalynda, Hannah, and Ry; gorgeous scenery and exciting day trips (Nankoweap, Little Colorado, Deer Creek Hike/Falls, Havasu...); fantastic fellow passengers--supportive, interesting, and welcoming (started out solo, but had a family of 32 at the end); delicious, fresh, and healthy food throughout--even fresh lettuce salad on day 7! Finished trip over 2 weeks ago, and still savoring the trip multiple times daily and dreaming about returning. Just book it...you won't regret it, and it may even change your life 🙂
Jacqueline Wittmeyer
Salt Lake City / Utah
What a week! I joined our leaders Emily and Jalynda with half the group New Zealanders (including me) and half from USA. We had a wonderful week of varied fun, sleeping under the stars, learning about geology, shooting the rapids, going up side canyons and eating DELICIOUS food. The toileting arrangements provided us all with much hilarity over the week, and getting to know some delightful people made the whole week one of my most memorable ever. Thank you to all involved.
Jackie Hoffman
Nelson / New Zealand
My wife, Marsha, gifted me this trip despite my apprehension to joining total strangers for a raft of a lifetime through the Grand Canyon. Individuals from all walks of life from many different states(8 I think). I quickly became amazed how we bonded and brought about a cohesiveness in a short period of time that we carried throughout the entire trip. Each person played a significant roll in making this week in my life a "bucket list". The Guides.....Marsha and I were on Ben and Julie's boat and Irv and John drove the our sister boat. These four collected 28 strangers and in their own way made a connection with each of us, shared their love, respect, and eco-knowledge of the Canyon. Ben is a massive nut that I completely appreciated and I can't imagine another trip without him and Julie. Irv owes me another horseshoe game. This dude manned the camp kitchen, woke us up with 5am coffee, fed us, led us down the the river and on hikes. Irv was truly an added blessing to me and his nickname is "Oak Tree", pass that on for me. Bottom line, these guides brought our experience to another level. The Grand Canyon....No words describe it, no pictures capture its beauty. You must feel it. Touch it. Breath it. In you own way, connect with it, and you will. Every turn in the river is a different scene, another color, none the same. I will end by stating I met awesome friends on an awe inspiring 8 day trip through the beautiful landscaped Grand Canyon that I will cherish forever.
Jason Wills
Gonzales / Louisiana
Exceeded expectations. Always felt safe with our skilled raft guides Emily, Jalynda, Hannah and Ry. They are the best!!
Colin Heinz
Christchurch / New Zealand
Took the motor trip. GREAT Trip! Captains Den and Duffy were outstanding guides, and were Cleeda and Kerstin. They were all technically proficient as well as professional and fun. The food was tasty, well prepared and plentiful. The Canyon and River of course were both spectacular. Thanks!
Bob Howard
Phoenix / AZ
This trip was fabulous in every aspect, even a couple of evenings of rain!! The Canyon is so much more than photos can convey-- the peace, the quiet, the turquoise water of the Little Colorado, and the majesty of the canyon walls are incomparable. I loved the great white water every day, the hikes, and our campsites. Emily, Marty, Skye, and Adam were the best river guides and hosts I have had the pleasure of floating with! They attended to our every need, provided amazing meals, and were fonts of information about the Canyon, its history, and folklore. I did not want for anything! We enjoyed all of the guests-- a fun and diverse group of people. I recommend this trip-of-a-lifetime without reservation, as well as Grand Canyon Expeditions!
Martha Kupferschmidt
Park City / Utah
We went into the May 13, 2017 motorized raft trip with high expectations and found that our expectations were exceeded daily. The white water was a given---some really big (hang on with both hands) and frequent. When GCEX recommends a good rain suit they are not kidding. The scenery and geology were spectacular. It constantly reminded you of your place as a speck in the universe. The boats and equipment were first class and all in top shape. What really made this trip special were the guides on the trip. Their constantly friendly and outgoing demeanor along with their "customer comes first, second etc." approach was remarkable to see, especially given the older and slightly needy group on this trip. Their cooking was a wonder to behold as we ate better on this trip than we normally do at home or in most restaurants. Tents were provided but largely ignored as sleeping under the stars in a bug free star filled night was awesome. As I write this, I wish I was back on the river and am planning on doing another trip with GCEx with my kids in 2019. I researched the other companies doing GC trips and believe that these folks really do have the best value. It was the trip of a lifetime, at least until the next time.
Dan Corti
Missoula / MT
We just finished our Grand Canyon rafting trip. What an amazing trip! The scenery, whitewater, hiking, waterfalls, food....all superb. The best part of this trip was time spent with my amazing family and the people we shared the journey with. This wonderful experience was facilitated by our outstanding team of Trevin and Duffy and their "swampers": Clinton and Kerstin (Duffy's lovely and talented wife). I can't stop thinking about and talking about this fabulous adventure!
Beverley Springstead
Pittsburg / Texas
Hi everyone, I have just returned from the early April 16 day dory trip. Having previously run Grand Canyon in June 2015 and September 2016 I can definitely say that the absolutely best time of year to do this trip is early April! We drove through snow to the put in but the weather was in general warm and pleasant and most of us did not once pitch a tent. We were also able to complete fairly strenuous hikes in comfort. The river was relatively quiet and most times we got our leader's preferred camp site. Best of all however were the absolutely amazing flowers and shrubs which will soon be over and not seen again until next year. It was, as I was expecting, yet another wonderful trip with a fantastic crew (Jim, Lew, Doc, Glade and Tony) and not such a bad load of fellow travellers! I am so glad early April was recommended to me on a previous trip!
Trip was absolutely fabulous! our guide, Greg, gets the highest marks available.
Paulette Sherrell
Carson City / NV
My 16-day dory trip ended 2 weeks ago and I still can't stop thinking about it. What a wonderful experience! The boatmen were amazing. Regan Dale, Chuck Wales, Tim Cooper, Steve "Doc" Nicholson, Jim Hall, Hannah Hall with trip leader, Lew Steiger, took good care of us and taught us so much about the Canyon. We were like little kids listening intently when they would tell us a River story. And the dories! What wonderful little boats they are!
Gabrielle Accatino
Boulder / Colorado
I have to begin by saying that I cannot begin to say how perfect our trip was. It was one of those events where all the stars (SO many stars!) aligned, and every little detail dropped into place in perfect harmony. First of all, eternal KUDOS to GCEX for handling so many of the details that so often get overlooked on a journey of such extraordinary magnitude (down to the bandaids I should have brought with me!). COTS! The cots! Despite the initial issues with their seemingly idiotic design, the COTS are a transformational item in the inventory of Just What Makes GCEX the Foremost River Journey Outfitter in the canyon: forget the sleeping pads, forget the sleeping bag, GOOD GOD FORGET the tent! . . . to lie back at night, suspended ABOVE the scorching hot river sand (OMG, the SAND!) and watch the stars appear above you, one by one, until the full glory of the Heavens is revealed . . . without having to be distracted by how hot and sweaty you are... I have not seen skies like that since my days in the U.S. Navy, back in the eighties, in the Indian Ocean, a thousand miles from Nowhere... Our River Guides: Captain Trevin and Captain Marty - I can't imagine how you guys are ever going to come close to equalling the knowledge, experience and authenticity the two of you (and I can't picture an expedition where ANYBODY could possibly surpass the level of experience and enthusiasm you two have for The River) brought to what was, for us, the perfect trip of a lifetime... except that it isn't, 'cause we'll be coming back again! The Food! O.M.G.! The FOOOOD! Breakfast every day, following the cry of "HOT COFFEE!" from Trevin - that in itself is worth the entire experience. I have NEVER slept so soundly (outdoors!) as I have on this trip... no, it's not a "trip," it's an "expedition," and the meals provided are worth the entire investment. Trevin: Thanks for all of your limitless knowledge of the geology - THE ENDLESS AMAZING GEOLOGY that I find so endlessly amazing. Sara, Allison, Chase and Adam - THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting us accompany you on your Family vacation! Shaun - For doing what you do purely for the love of it! (You had better damned well be a full-on boatman the next time we meet!) And Marty - DUDE! I met you less than a month ago; I feel like you are one of my oldest friends! I cannot thank you enough for letting me ride with you in the "Command and Control Center" for the better part of a day!. To be able to see the way the boat experiences a rapid from back there was the highlight of the entire trip for me. THANK YOU, SO MUCH! And, also, PEANUT BUTTER! Everywhere, on everything!
Joseph Cottrell
Tooele / Utah
My 9 year old daughter and I took this fantastic trip with GCEX in 1979. The guides are the gold standard in the Canyon*** Each hour brought breathtaking vistas and whitewater thrills. We read John Wesley Powell's book before the trip so were primed for adventure. All the equipment is first class, the meals scrumptious, and it remains one of the BEST trips of my life. Thank you for vivid memories! I recommend GCEX to friends/family planning a Canyon water trip. So happy for your success!!
Margaret C.
Birmingham / AL
The Trip was gorgeous ! We feel honored to have experienced nature, beauty and landscape so close. Organization was perfect and the Crew summed up this one of a kind experience.
Not only was it a fun, physical, and educational trip, the meals were fresh and delicious and I can not say enough about Capains Ann Marie and Ben, as well as their swampers Shawn and Julie, who made this journey a pleasure. We are already discussing our next trip thru the canyon with your company
Steven Winckler
Riverhead / New York
I will HIGHLY recommend this company to family and friends looking for the experience of a lifetime. The scenery was breath-taking, guides amazing and the friendships I made will last forever. I went with a group of four (my 73 old father, and our two neighbors), but left the adventure with a WHOLE group of NEW friends and family. Loved our guides! Irv, Adam, Kyle and Ben made the whole experience that much more exciting. They made the event memorable with their expertise, education and infectious love of the river. Thank you for providing such a moving experience. BUCKET LIST ITEM - CHECK!!
Tami Dorraugh
Volcano / California
Den & Roger were amazing! Truly a trip of a lifetime. The boats were a blast. Hikes were breathtaking. And the food was great. Wished the bus would've taken us back to the start so we could've done it all over again. Thanks for everything.
Mesa / AZ
Everything was amazing and wonderful! Ben, Julie, Glade and Tony were awesome! It was so exciting! Good food, great drivers, and having Q was the topping on the cake! We absolutely loved every minute of our trip!
Karen West
Layton/Kanab / Utah
I was privileged 46 years ago to take a river trip with my father. We hiked down the Kaibab trail and met two motor rafts at Phantom Ranch. Our trip leader was Ron Smith. The next week was an amazing adventure through the mid , and lower canyon. My faded memories include thrilling rapid rides through Crystal, and Lava Falls, Camping on pristine sandy beaches, and the cowboy camaraderie of the evening campfires. So when my brother invited me to come along this year I jumped at the chance. The trip is still one of the most amazing experiences we mere humans can have. to be able to travel along geological time ,and witness nature closely is more than inspiring. The care ,and comfort that GCEX provides along the way is exemplary to the ideals that were shown to me that first trip. Respect what surrounds you. Revel in it's energy, and practice the lessons that you learn along the way.
James "Flash" Quinby
San Rafael / California
Rafting 280 miles down the Colorado River, camping under the stars, exploring beautiful side canyons, eating delicious meals prepared by the crew - these are just a few of the reasons this experience is so special. Irv and Chuck were knowledgeable and made great decisions about what we saw each day, where we camped, and were the ultimate professionals. Ultimately what we keep mentioning when people ask about our trip was the special group of people with whom we traveled. From several countries and states, we learned about each other, laughed often, and shared a week that we will never forget.
Lisa Bauer
Clay Center / KS
A Life Changing Experience!! Our 8-day journey was filled with a variety of one-of-a-kind adventures, including hiking to ancient native cliff granaries, excursions to waterfalls (free personal showers), visiting unique geological formations and mineral pools, ponds and small rivers where we could enjoy water sport activities. From the first morning announcement -- "Coffee's Ready!" to the hour we all turned in at night, our Grand Canyon experience was filled with entertaining and educational activities. Our Professional River Guides and their First Mates presented us with a most enjoyable time, including highlights of the history of the Grand Canyon's formation and modern discovery by nineteenth and early twentieth century adventurers. Of course, there are some river life details that you must experience yourselves…. Our group was fun and friendly, and many new acquaintances have become good friends as a result of our mutual experiences. Did I mention the rapids were awesome?? When can we come back for an encore?
Dan Mostacciuolo
Clifton / VA
is there rating of 20 stars? we had the most amazing trip, unforgetable experience, forever lasting memories everything was so great, our photos dont justified the greatness and beauty of this land our 5 guides were amazing!!! the best ever!!!! thank you for everything Jana and Franco
Franco and Jana Casas
New York / NY
What an unbelievable experience! Grand Canyon Expeditions is a top notch organization. Every detail was accounted for. Emily Dale made everything so clear and easy. Hannah French was the perfect swamper. Together, they made the trip everything that it was. The food was outstanding. Each day the schedule was clear and enjoyable for everyone. More importantly, their combined experience and love of the Grand Canyon and the river brought the trip to an entirely different level. Words are not enough to thank them for all that they put into the experience.
Brian Harrison
Exeter / NH
What a fantastic trip again (did it seven years ago with GCEX). Nothing but professional people from start to finish. Booking the reservations with Nan and Taylor. Boatmen Capt. Bobby Skinner and Capt. Glade Zarn, swampers Alex and Shana bent over backwards for all our needs. Their knowledge and stories of the Grand Canyon are truly amazing. Thanks again. P.S. I'll probably go again in six or seven years.
Neil Scherrer
Lakewood / Colorado
We have been on the 8-day trip with Grand Canyon Expeditions twice now. This most recent trip, we were lucky enough to go with Marty and his family. I can honestly say that it was the best vacation we have ever experienced, including Europe, Caribbean and Mexico! No detail was left out, and the guests comfort and wishes were priority. The Grand Canyon can sell itself, however, the ultimate experience was with Marty and his family. They were professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and hardworking. Trevin and Shaun were great also.. I would give them more than 5 stars, if I could
Doris and Andy Scholte
Kanab / Utah
The Short Version: BEST. VACATION. EVER.
Joseph Cottrell
Tooele / Utah
Such an inspiring, amazing trip with so many wonderful aspects and perspectives it is difficult to know where to begin. No doubt that eight days on the Colorado River, through the expanse of time of the Grand Canyon is incredible. The majesty, wonder, and beauty are beyond mere words. But the best part of the experience by far were the people - with our family and to connect with new friends on a shared journey. Stories, laughter, helping one another, learning together, and sometimes just speechless. And then there was the crew - Trevin, Sean, and the whole Mathis clan. Their love of the place, the passion for what they do, and the hospitality and grace they showered on each of us. GECX is by far the best at what they do! Each day was an adventure. River and camp life were great - thrilling Rapids, side canyons, waterfalls, geology, history, a little fishing, and even relaxation. The food was simply awesome. And the fellowship so special. It was the best vacation we've had - and we've had some great ones. We were all somewhat sad when it was over - but know we will do it again (and again). For eight days we were immersed in a thing so, so special. As infamous boatman Buzz Holmstrom would say, it is "the doing of the thing." We cannot wait to do it again - with GECX.
Paul Young
Newnan / Georgia
may 12-19 2016 this was the trip of my life...about 30 years ago my son, daughter and I talked about doing this...but "things" always came up...finally one day I asked if they wanted to try...my daughter was free so we said "go for it" it was much more than I expected...beauty, history, comfort, information about what we were seeing, meals, care for personal needs, varied activities each day, great guides with a love and knowledge of the canyon... evident by the stories, geology, music and hikes...greg and meja were amazing with their organization and care of our group...a very memorable vacation
maryalice rogalski
camano island washington / washington
I can not begin to tell you what this trip was for me and my husband John. We have done many adventures but this was the ultimate. Adam and Den could not have been more helpful and fun. Our group was the best ever....and having Sue (geologist) with us was just extra frosting on the cake of life.
Londonderry / NH
The best trip I've ever taken the knowledge of Captain Marty, Captain Bob, and crew was remarkable. The people that were on the trip were the best. No worries, nothing but fun!!! Take this trip you won't be disappointed. Grand Canyon Expedition Company is the very best.
Larry Luers
Borrego Springs / CA
One of the best trips we ever took.
Jana and Bruce Hale
San Francisco / Ca
What a special trip! Our guides, Ann Marie and Adam, proved themselves not only to be excellent boatmen (their preferred term), but they were also good cooks and great entertainers. Ann Marie gave us insights into the history of exploration of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon and Adam had a good series of jokes for our evening pleasure. They impressed me with their commitment to the conservation and preservation of the nature and beauty of the Grand Canyon. The organization of the trip by Grand Canyon Expeditions was excellent, from the gourmet meals, which included ample fresh fruits and vegetables and delectable cuts of meat, to the gear that was provided to us (tents, cots, pads, sleeping bags). The final hour of the trip via fast, shallow motorized boat to get us out of the canyon and past the sand bars was captained by another very engaging guy, with a great sense of humor. I was also really impressed with the office staff, who had good follow-up on communications and was helpful both before and after the trip. A terrific experience.
Barb Sears
Haslett / Michigan
I agree with everyone on the beauty and drama of the Canyon and the experience of the guides (We had Adam and Ann Marie). This is the third trip we've taken down the river. All trips were equally competent, good food, great hikes, great guides, etc. So what differentiates them? On this trip we had tents and cots - a must in May. No one else offered cots, and they were a significant improvement in comfort. This trip leaves from Las Vegas. The takeout is a charming jet boat ride through the remainder of the canyon to the take out. We got to see the entire canyon - which is quite lovely. We didn't have the bone jarring, hot uncomfortable long ride out at Diamond Creek. We missed the fun helicopter ride out of the canyon - which leaves the river right after Lava Falls and misses much of the canyon. We did have a 5 hr bus ride on day one - leaving Vegas at 5:00am. I think any company you choose will give you a fabulous experience. So, chose based on geography and how you want to take out of the river.
Linda Sears
Cincinnati / Oh
I am late in sending this in but my trip will stick with me forever so wanted to send a note. Had such a fantastic, memorable time and the crew were beyond awesome! Appreciate a million times over all their hard, hard work. As many people say, it is impossible to put into words what a tremendous experience we had on this trip. Thanks so much. Hope to do it again!
Carolyn Haun
Sherwood, Oregon
Experiencing the Canyon for 8 days is one of life's more memorable experiences. Having professional support while enjoying the Canyon is essential as the day you leave Lee's Ferry you are in the wilderness and the things you take for granted in your day to day world are not a given. We were very pleased with Grand Canyon Expeditions from the time we had our initial meeting to stepping back off the bus at Las Vegas. What made the trip truly wonderful was our two capable boatmen, Marc and Glade and their swampers Shanna and Jackie. These four individuals truly made the difference from it being a good experience to one that was truly memorable.
Jim Schaefer
Spicewood, Texas
Great trip, and Roger and Den (along with Chris and Mike) were great. Whitewater was fun, even in the rain! The hikes were amazing -- I think they were just about my favorite part of the trip. The scenery is unbelievable, and Roger's geographic knowledge was very helpful in getting a sense of the place. This is a great trip, and I would highly recommend it. Ask Den to sing the Port-a-potty Blues!
le Lassen
Camarillo, California
I just finished the 8 day trip with Den and Roger. It was the most incredible trip I've ever been on. From wild exciting Rapids, daily hikes with amazing views and awesome waterfalls, to excellent meals, it was an incredible journey. Our guides shared their knowledge of the river and canyon while keeping us laughing with their stories. They made the best meals, and desserts were outstanding. We spent nights singing and talking about our day and then fell asleep under the stars. What a view. I would recommend them to anyone who wants the adventure of a life time. They were the best.
Ginny Robertson
Palm Harbor, Florida
Loved it I tell every one they have not seen the Grand Canyon until they float it.
Dolly Richardson
Yacolt, Washington
Glade and Den were amazing as boatsmen and as a resource to learn about the river and people who have been involved over the years, as cooks, and entertainers. They took us on great hikes which were even better when they played guitar and sang in the canyons. The food was perfect. I had no idea the Grand Canyon was so vast and so old! I have recommended the trip to anyone I meet! I am sure you will get future customers from our part of the world.
Fran Errington
Parksville, British Columbia
Best outdoor adventure available in the US! GCE ran a great trip. Boatmen Irv was an excellent river guide. Gerry and Kyle were great swampers. Food was very good. I wish I had taken this trip years ago. Keep up the good work!
Charlie Witte
Chula Vista, California
The trip through this monumental park was an awesome experience made more meaningful by the deep love, respect, and reverence for its great beauty by our guide, Bob Dye. My companions and I were able to savor the commentary while absorbing the natural beauty before us, ever changing, yet timeless, dumbstruck by what we saw but had not words to describe.
Charles Hicks
Eclectic`, Alabama
The most wonderful trip ever! Every day was a new adventure. Some were challenging and others simply a blast. So so much fun! The scenery was unbelievale. The boatmen and swampers could not have been more fun. Better than that, the knowlege and experience about river rafting as well as the science and history of the Grand Canyon that each of them shared with us made it so enjoyable. Loved the stories. Oh...the food...11 stars out of 10 for every meal! Thank you so much, Art, Freddy, Theresa, Adam and Logan you are the best.
Sharon Bourland
Houston, Texas
Our trip with Bob, Donna, Dustin, Dusty and Mrs. Dusty was really an adventure. Their knowledge of the canyon is so great, and they were able to translate its mysteries to us in such a enjoyable way. Food was wonderful, and the comraderie was the icing on the cake. Thanks to everyone at GCEX for making this trip available for us.
Steve Cassells
Longmont, Colorado
This wilderness trip - which we did for the second time - was an unforgettable adventure. Where else can you spend 8 days in untouched wilderness while enjoying the comfort of cots, tents and gourmet meals? The organization was perfect from A to Z, nothing was forgotten. The group may have been a little large (2 rafts, 25 guests), but everything was flawless, thanks to the expert guides Glade and Greg. We saw incredible landscape and enjoyed exciting rapids without being afraid. The hikes were diverse and interesting. The food was incredible, whether Mexican, Asian or juicy Filet Mignon. Five stars for GCEX, and we will do our best to get more Austrians to raft the Grand Canyon with you!
Michael Schnitzler
Vienna, Austria
It's not a cliche to say it definitely was the trip of a lifetime for me. The experience far exceeded my expectations; the professionalism and great personalities of Dustin, Kyle, and Don totally made the trip worthwhile. I have been telling everyone I know that they should contact GCEX and take this trip.
Bob Culver
New York, New York
I have nothing but positive things to say about our recent trip with GCE, whose staff took great care of our group from the moment we made our first enquiry, to the end. The service was truly exceptional throughout. Our guide, Bobby Skinner, and his helper, Jay Hey, were professionals in every respect. Their knowledge of the river, passion for their work, and excellent humor, transformed what was already going to be an amazing trip into a legendary one. I am truly grateful to them, as well as to all of the GCE staff, who made the trip happen so seamlessly. Thank you, and please know that I have already recommended your company to others, and will continue to do so.
Walton Denton
Nashville, Tennessee
30 years ago my wife and two daughters did a 6 day trip with another rafting company. We had a tremendous experience. Now 75 years old and in good health I wanted to share this unique experience my two brothers as a way for us to have some special time together so last July I researched several companies checked out the GCEX web site, talked a couple of times to Nan McCormick and was sold. Once the news of our planned trip was out several cousins, grandsons and a couple of special friends jumped on the chance to join this all male expedition and what a trip we had with our boatman and guide Bobby Skinner and his aid Jay Shea. It was a special time for all 13 of us and memories of a lifetime. Thank you GCEX.
Gus Denton
Memphis, Tennessee
Great trip! Every aspect was well organized and communicated. Starting with Nan McCormick a year in advance to the finish - 8 days in a really beautiful environment with our guides Bobby Skinner and his assistant Jay Hay. Bobby is an experienced boatman who made sure we were safe, but has a fun and exciting time, all the while learning about the environment and history of the canyon. I hope that in the future I can bring other members of our family for this special opportunity.
Chip Denton
Birmingham, Alabama
Our June 2015 trip was fantastic, exceeded expectations. Our guides Trevin, Johnny, Irv and Dave all were highly competent boatmen, cooks, tour guides and just good folks that made the trip fun for all. Our entire group enjoyed the journey, made memorable by the great rapids, canyon views, side hikes, cliff jump, night sky as well as the new friends made along the way. I would love to do this trip again some day and I highly recommend GCE to anyone looking for a great trip.
Edward Feragen
The Woodlands, Texas
I had a fantastic time indeed, and my needs as a diabetic and a vegan were met very well. What a gorgeous and luxurious trip! I've never gone on a trip before where everything was taken care of for me. Absolutely wonderful. And I'd always thought I'd prefer to participate in paddling on a 15-day trip, but discovered how nice it was to motor through the flat sections. I was also surprised to learn that I thought 8 days was just the right amount of time, and I did not feel a need to be there twice as long.
Janet Grossman
Prescott, Arizona
Excellent trip. Wonderful and amazing boatman and helpers.
Mark Cook
Fort Thomas, Kentucky
Our tour leader was Glade and his crew, Tony and Sean. They are absolutely topnotch and helped to make this a once in a lifetime experience. I understand that our boatman, Bachco (sp) was a last minute stand-in. It is obvious he was very well qualified and knew every ripple of the river. That is important! But we were mesmerized by his interest, knowledge and enthusiasm for sharing the history of the native peoples and geology of the Canyon. Good job everyone.
Carey Stanly
Willis, Texas
Trip exceeded my expectations. 28 wonderful, fellow passengers, including Sue, an exceptional Geologist and two great raft crews who met our every need. Will certainly recommend GCEC to those with similar interests. THANKS!
Johnny Hefner
Greenville, South Carolina
I didn't know what to expect on my trip with Grand Canyon Expeditions, but I must say the experience exceeded any thing I could have dreamed of. Our guides were incredible!! Donna, Bob and Art were fantastic guides and shared the wealth of their knowledge of the Canyon with us so completely. I can't say enough about the generous, delicious meals and snacks that we're provided for us. I haven't eaten that well in a long, long time. The ice for evening tails was unexpected but awesome! Our group if 28 were a delight to travel 8 days with on the river. We were so fortunate to have had such a happy and cohesive group. They are missed but we are staying in touch via email. Thank you so much for the trip of a lifetime. I will never forget it and will encourage others to experience it if they choose. I can highly recommend a Grand Canyon Expedtions to my family and friends. Thank you so much!!
Reggie Rieger
Columbia, Missouri
OMG - Best Vacation EVER!!!..If you were thinking of taking a vacation and maybe a little hesitant...Don't be...The guides were Amazing...Loved every minute of this vacation and would do it again in a heartbeat...Thank you for a wonderful experience! Paula
Paula Wood
Clarksville, New Hamphire
WOW!!! I have been wanting to do this trip for five years. All I can say is if you are thinking about doing this trip--don't wait. GCEX is a great company to do it with. The scenery, food, and staff were all top notch. Staff -- Art, Bob, and Donna worked very hard making sure we had a memorable trip. Their knowledge of the canyon was excellent. The side canyon hikes were great. The rapids were excillerating and refreshing. Thank you GCEX
Don Lodge
Clarksville, New Hamphire
We have just returned from an 8 day motorized raft trip of the Grand Canyon with 13 family members. My husband and I have traveled around the world extensively and have to say that this was one of the best trips ever! Grand Canyon Expeditions is extremely well organized with every aspect of the trip. Their packing list is bang on and the hotel in Vegas is an added bonus. As we fell into the rhythm of the river, Glade and Ben, our boatmen with the capable help of Tony and Julie, always had a story to tell or a new wonder to show us. Glade, you are the man! No one else makes Dutch Oven Chocolate Iced Cookies like you!! Meals were delicious and the scenery was breathtaking, even in the rain. The crew worked tirelessly to show us the Canyon they love so well. I want to thank everyone at GCEX for making this a vacation we will all remember! Wish we were back on the river, waking up to Glade's morning call of "Hot coffee - YEE HAW!!" PS - the jet boat trip for the last 30 miles was greatly appreciated as the temp was over 100 and we had left the beauty of the Canyon behind.
Magnolia, Texas
This was my third trip rafting the Colorado River. I have always had good guides but this trip we had exceptional guides. Bobby, Cash, Greg and Tom were so much fun, great storytellers, knowledgeable about the canyon and the geology and very good cooks. This trip leaves you with a lifetime of smiles looking back at the week on a mighty river.
Evie Bronikowski
Toccoa, Georgia
My wife and I just did the June 4-11 trip with Art & Bob & Donna. What a wonderful experience. This had been on my bucket list since the early 80's when I did a lot of rafting. But this is so much more than just rafting. The scenery is never ending. The guides are so knowledgeable about the canyon. Waking up to the sun showing of the upper canyon walls is spectacular. The hikes we went on were absolutely great. This is a MUST DO for anyone that visits the national parks. And Grand Canyon Expeditions is a world class outfit.
Russ Wood
Clarksville, New Hamphire
I had a great trip and highly recommend it to everyone! Our guides, Adam and Trevin were super!
Sandy Durham
Atwater, California
A month ago I was on a "trip of a lifetime" with my best friend, two wonderful boat captains (Greg and Bob), two amazing swampers and 26 strangers that would quickly become my friends. The beauty of the Canyon was what brought me there, but the experience is what guarantees that I will return again. Grand Canyon Expeditions Co. is top-notch and I would encourage anyone to take this journey with them. The rapids, the rafting, the hikes, the stories, the knowledge of our captains and the pure joy of being in areas that few people see should be experienced by everyone. And . . . did I say that the food was amazing! Plus, I have never seen so many stars. I can't begin to explain how awesome this trip ("journey") was. All I can say it "book it now". You will not be disappointed. Many thanks to the folks at GCEX for making this trip one to remember. From the registration, orientation, rafting and return, you made it spectacular! I'll see you again soon.
Lara Fleming
Knoxville, Tennessee
Wow. I cant believe the 8 day trip went by so fast! The crew, Glade, Ben, Julie and Tony, were beyond belief. The effort they put in and the knowledge they poured into us was phenomenal. Every meal was perfectly prepared and they will answer any question you throw at them. Even from the very start of trip planning, it was all so well organized and thought out! There were literally zero hitches. GCEX went above and beyond to make sure all events go smoothly and that you are always informed! Their packing list was spot on and i would definitely suggest bringing a cotton sheet, pillow, wet wipes, backpack and some sort of bandanna or scarf to cover your neck. All of the side trip hikes were perfectly picked by our guides and they planned every day so that we could experience as many of them as possible without the interruption of other groups. It takes a lot of pre-planning and was greatly appreciated! Also, do not be too afraid of the rain, if it happens. It will make for great cascading waterfalls around every bend! A good rain suit is highly recommended as well. You will not regret this trip! Book it with Grand Canyon Expeditions and their experience and expertise will not let you down!!
Brett Becker
Katy, Texas
My 19 year old son and I loved our 8 day motorized trip. Our guides Ani and Glade, and their assistants Renee and Dennis, were fantastic. They took such good care of us, doing everything necessary to keep us safe and comfortable. The trip provided an opportunity for me to spend an incredible week with my son. Spending that week on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon looking at the beautiful scenery, sleeping under the stars, with no phones, no internet, was wonderful. I felt a sense of peace on the trip that I cannot really describe. Thank you for providing a fantastic experience!
Linda Grasso
Tinton Falls, New Jersey
Amazing wonderful experience. I was a reluctant rafter after a traumatic experience on the Mokaka River in NZ which is now closed . Everything was professional, reassuring, controlled and only 3x I had my eyes closed! Superb boat guides ,incredible food, and such fun! Waking up under they sky with the sun on the Canyon was surreal and we keep saying that is is the best holiday we have ever had !!! Thank you so so muchxxx
Nelson, New Zealand
What an amazing trip. The scenery was spectacular, the food was delicious and the guides were all very knowledgeable. I felt in safe hands the entire time. Couldn't recommend it more. Fantastic!!
Lansing, Michigan
Excellent trip. Safe. Fun. Great guides, great food, great camping. Guides were professional, knowledgeable, safe and fun. They provided a quality experience. Guides - Ann Marie, Den, Bear, and Q. They readily shared their knowledge and love of the river and the guiding experience. They worked to insure our safety and comfort. It was a great trip.
Mike Mengak
Watkinsville, Georgia
A most enjoyable experience! Greg, Andy and Able were such wonderful boatmen. They took care of our every need, entertained is and made it such a fun trip! Everything about our trip was fabulous! The food, hikes, meeting other folks with common interests, and the boat excursions were wet and wild. I will recommend this trip to others and would love to do it again, myself. High marks all around!
Sandra Mims
Little Rock, Arkansas
Amazing experience. Its one that I will always remember. The guides were knowledgeable and made the trip unforgettable. Thank you Connie and Marc.
Melissa Kramer
Valencia, Pennsylvania
All I can say is THANK YOU. What a trip and even more so to be able to do with my son...and what turned out to be a wonderful group of people with whom to go down such a river. And what a river it is and what magnificence is the canyon - truly a spiritual experience. Ani and Greg were wonderful captains and guides. I never once feared for my life 🙂 Tom and Nancy were fab swampers. We all got along so very well. The meals were outstanding. Ani has mastered the dutch oven - chocolate cherry cake for she & Gregg's anniversary the last night on the river! Every day was a wonder. Just when I thought I had seen or done something which would be my favorite, we went around the bend and there was another. I did love putting my life jacket on upside-down & shooting the rapids in the Little Colorado though. The rapids were awesome. Even after a couple of weeks have gone by, I am still on the river in my mind right before I go to sleep at night.
Susan Meyer
Sedona, Arizona
I have to tell you this was one of the best and memorable vacations I have ever had!! The whole experience was phenomenal!! Your staff was truly outstanding, knowledgeable, especially Roger and fun with Irene and the three guys!! They were all so thoughtful and helpful, especially Randy!! The meals were fantastic!!
Eileen McWherter
Elk Grove Village, Illinois
I enjoyed every single moment of the trip, except saying goodbye to my newly found family. I can't wait to go down the river again with your awesome boat crews. I wouldn't change a thing period. The food and cooking on my trip are beyond words. The sights the sounds, everything was perfect. Irv, Ani, Jeri and Rene were awesome all the way around. The hikes were great. The water fights were EPIC. I came back in far better shape than when I left. Heck I wanna volunteer to be a swamper!!!!! I love Grand Canyon Expeditions and can't wait to see you folks again.
Jason Tomkins
Spring Valley, Arizona
I've rafted Grand Canyon many times, and Bear and Trevin were two of the top four guides I've ever had the pleasure being with. I also appreciated GCEX's having a duffle for us at the end of the trip (instead of a plastic bag) and arranging our rooms before and after the trip. This was one an excellent trip.
Bloomington, Minnesota
Professionally run and staffed. Overall just an incredible Trip, I would recommend GC Expeditions to anyone. Our guide Greg was a 10, he was a huge part of the positive experience.
Neil Botts
denver, Colorado
We participated in the July 18 -25, 2014 trip and have nothing but good things to say. Everything was seamlessly executed from beginning to finish. The team of Marty, Brad and Kyle worked relentlessly to ensure that we were safe and that our experience of this wonder was maximized. They were always attentive, informative and just great company. With the motorized trip there is no sense of hurry, the canyon just unfolds slowly and majestically around you. The speed boat trip at the end is a fun way to adjust to the pace of the world again. Thanks, and the best to all!
Poul Eriksson
San Francisco, California
GCEX was outstanding! Our guide, Greg, was amazing. This trip fulfilled a bucket list item. I highly recommend the 8 day motorized trip.
Steve Bogel
Benicia, California
Amazing adventure! I have already recommended the trip and GCEX to several people. I had been down the Canyon as a child over 30 years ago and going back was an experience all over again with my children. The staff, from the booking, the prep at the hotel/bus, and the river crew (and geologist) were professional, approachable, knowledgeable, and patient all the way. The scenery and vistas were unforgettable. Putting together meals like they did was impressive - still thinking about the food! I only wish I could wake up now to the slow call of, "Hot Coffeeee"!
Tony Hein
Corpus Chrisit, Texas
Had a wonderful and exciting trip. Our boatmen were two pair of brothers. Greg and Glade were our captains and Nick and J.D. were the swampers. It was a great combination and I would encourage to have them work together again. My adult children and my grandchildren were on this trip of a lifetime. The boatmen were especially attentive and helpful for the younger river rats. The combination of the crew and my family made for an unforgettable experience. I will recommend GCE to everyone.
Ron Culler
Hollister, California
This trip was superb in every way. The guides, food, camps, and sleeping arrangements were excellent. If you enjoy sleeping out under the stars - no mosquitos - seeing the Milky Way - then this trip is for you. To have the opportunity to unplug & fall into the rhythm of the river and the canyon; it is total relaxation. To be awed by nature and to realize how small you are in the timeline of the planet gives you a completely different perspective. If you enjoy being fairly grubby for eight days & using a chemical toilet or the river - again this trip is for you. We loved every minute and are planning to go again.
Greg & Laurie Peckham
Westfield, Indiana
Harry and I had a wonderful time on our trip down the Colorado River at the base of the Grand Canyon. We thought the whole trip exceeded our expectations. Our guides were top-notch. I would be surprised if there were others as skilled and knowledgeable as Irv and Treven were. Even the swampers, Phil and Casey, were personable, helpful, and fun to be with. The food was excellent! We were amazed what our cooks could create in a dutch oven and on a grill. Harry expects me to \"step up my game\" in the kitchen since he's seen what these guys can do. Filet mignon, coffee cake, birthday cakes, Chinese cuisine, sauteed mushrooms and onions, etc, etc. Great food! The excursions were fun and well suited for the fitness of our group. We both thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you so much for the trip of a lifetime. Harry and Vicki Crabtree
Harry and Vicki Crabtree
Hot Springs, Arkansas
A group of us decided to go on this trip together and had a fantastic time. Irv, Trevin, Phil and Casey were great, the food was amazing, and everything was so well planned and executed, what a well-run operation. The canyon and river were spectacular and each day there were excursions to side canyons that offered beautiful waterfalls, blue water to play in and enough hiking to give you a workout. Sleeping under the stars and watching the full moon rise over the canyon rim, falling stars, and satellites it was so beautiful. Meeting the other rafters made it even more memorable as there was always someone new to talk to and laugh with. This was truly a trip of a lifetime. Thanks for the memories.
Arlington, Virginia
Everything was very well organized, from pre-trip information, the hotel accommodations, pre-trip meeting, safety on the water, fun on the water, food and cooking, and great helpfulness and friendliness of the boatmen and swampers. The organization of setting up and breaking camp worked well -- everyone was glad to join in to help. All of the staff were a lot of fun, and the trip was inspirational as well as educational in a very enjoyable way.
West Richland, Washington
What a wonderful adventure! It was everything I dreamed it would be and more. Capt. Bobby and Cash made a great team. I never slept without a tent before and the night sky was awesome. If I close my eyes I can see it now. All the best to you guys (and gals).
Dan Sabino
Key West, Florida
I really enjoyed the eight day motorized trip thru the Grand Canyon. It was a trip of a life time.I had the pleasure of celebrating my 50th birthday with my sisters and good friends on the trip! We shared many laughs along the way and even met some very wonderful people. Our guides Adam and Trevin were awesome, they both shared many fun stories and experiences.Keep up the good work. We all took some incredible pictures and have shared them with love ones, who sit back in awe of our beautiful adventure the Grand Canyon. Thanks for a great trip!!!
Joanne Ramsay
Chico, California
This is truly a 'bucket list' adventure. A great vacation for families with teenagers too. Our family had the time of our lives. A first class mix of adventure, scenery, education, and relaxation. Would repeat this every year. Stupendous.
New Westminster, British Columbia
Thank you for 8 fabulous days on the river! Everything ran like clockwork and our guides were excellent. The food was delicious and plentiful. It amazed me how well we ate in the conditions we were in. We were part of a wonderful group of travelers of a good variety of ages. I love the west and rafting on the Colorada through the Grand Canyon filled all my expectations and the beauty brought tears at times. Fantastic!!!!!
Barbara Diener
Mount Joy, Pennsylvania
I expected an adventure, but I had no idea. The organization, personnel, schedule, food, and on-and-on, far exceeded what I imagined. The overnight accommodations were beyond description. I can't picture the trip being done any better. Your people (Guides & crew) are the best part - they are special. A real added plus on this trip was Carrie for the Ecology feature. She added so much, along with our two great pilots/river guides to the total experience and knowledge of the Canyon and it's history. WOW!
Roy Leonard
My wife and I joined Bob Skinner, his assistant Jay and 12 other guests on the May 1-8/14 run of the river. It was absolutely phenominal !!! I must confess that I was quite anxious and somewhat out of my comfort zone in agreeing to go on this trip and it was not until the orientation the night before that i finally decided to give it a try. It turned out to be, without question, one of the most fun, exciting, invigorating and well organized/managed holidays that i have ever experienced. Camping under the stars, outstanding quality of food, effort and flexibility of the GCEX staff, comraderie of the group, the visuals of the canyon, thrill of the rapids, history of the area....everything was sensational. We will do this again and bring our children and grandchildren with us....and hopefully Bob Skinner will still be running the river with his wit and humour that keeps you both interested and feeling a part of something truly special.
David Ail
Richmond, British Columbia
I did the photography trip with Roger and Beav as our river guides. Everything about the trip was amazing starting with the competency, organization, knowledge and good humor provided by Roger and Beav. We had some challenging weather, a sandstorm in addition to one rainy day. Roger and Beav provided hot drinks and meals under extreme conditions with smiles and expertise. There were many highlights. Two of the most memorable were Roger's morning stories and Beav's flute playing. I'll be back!
Pam Cole
Seattle, Washington
From start to finish and all in between, my experience with GCEX and the canyon itself were beyond all my expectations.
Lee Roversi
Kilauaea, Hawaii
Best trip ever! We've been to North and South Rim four times already. But rafting down the river was an unforgettable experience. Amazing scenery, great hikes to the waterfalls (especially to the Patio) and breathtaking rapids. Thanks to our fantastic guides Roger, Larry and Tyler for all the historical information, perfect organization and excellent cooking! You have made a dream come true.
Norbert and Luisa Derr
Ruedesheim, Germany
We had a fantastic trip. The guides were great, the food was terrific and the scenery was unparalleled. We met so many nice people from all over. I really enjoyed the side trip hikes to the waterfalls. It was certainly the trip of a lifetime, which we'll have many memories of for years to come. We feel lucky to have experienced something that so few people get to do.
Jody P Houghton
Guilford, Vermont
An unforgettable experience, one for the memory books! Our river guides were amazing and certainly well versed in running the river. Thank you for all the historical information to the great story telling, Bob and Jalynda. GCE runs a top-notch trip from the moment you arrive in Las Vegas and are transported to Lee's Ferry, all along the river with your sleeping options to the vast selections of well-prepared meals, to your trip back. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone looking for a trip of a lifetime.
Shannon Mueller
Hillsboro, Oregon
Our 8 day motorized rafting trip (Aug 23-Aug 31) was definitely a awesome lifetime experience. The weather was not perfect, but the crew and all the wonderful people made up for it. We enjoyed the camaraderie and not to forget the great food very much. Werner & Gisela
Werner & Gisela Volkmer
Moraga, California
My fiancé and I did the 8 day motorized trip at the end of August, 2013. We have NEVER repeated a vacation (there is just too much world to see) but would do this one again TOMORROW! Luxury camping, amazing scenery, exciting rapids, really nice fun people, and THE FOOD WAS EXTRAORDINARY! I gained 3 lbs in 8 days on the river! Irv/Jen and Trevin/Denilee made this a trip we will never forget. I have only the best to say about this TOP SHELF rafting company!
Emalyn Mercer
Key West, Florida
Hats off to Greg, our captain-guide-chef extraordinaire, and trusty side-kick Mija, for an incredible journey. I can't think of a better way to experience the splendor of the River and Canyon. I just blogged about my trip (Aug 29-Sept 5) at www.perfectoutings.com Thanks again for an outstanding adventure!
Yan Liu
San Francisco, California
My wife, daughter and I did this trip with GCE 15 years ago and it was so great, my best friend and I did it with them following year for our 50th Birthdays. My wife and I are planning on doing it again with our daughter, son-in-law and grand-daughter once she is old enough to meet the age requirements. We only have a few years left to wait and are counting down the months. We have been all over the world and this is truly one of the greatest experiences of any lifetime.
Bob Furge
Livermore, Colorado
We did this trip 15 years ago, and still talk about it. It was by far the most amazing adventure we have ever been on. The scenery was fantastic, and our guides were so knowledgeable, we truly felt like we were stepping back in time following in John Wesley Powell's path. We are glad to see you are still going strong!
Barbara & Tom Parent
Mt Laurel, New Jersey
Fantastic experience on several levels. The scenery, the rapids, the history, the people, the food, the stars. Really very hard to duplicate the experience. EXTREMELY good value and something that I would do again!
Charleston, West Virginia
Rafting down the Colorado river was the trip of a lifetime!! I never expected the extreme comradery and trust that formed between the group. The Grand Canyon was truly breathtaking, its vastness and timelessness can not be compared. I was and still am awestruck at my humbling experience, but what I will miss the most is all the people who I now call my friends.
Nashville, Tennessee
Iwill keep it simple!Trip of a lifetime! Great guides,scenery,rapids,food,hikes etc!Hope to be back again!!
Jim Evans
Quincy, Massachusetts
A really great trip. More intense than I anticipated, but much more exciting. Our guides, Bob and Donna, Bob Skinner and Eric, were great. Not only experts on the river but great at pulling a group together and keeping us all busy and entertained (and wet). Truly unforgettable
Dan Freeman
Brooklyn, New York
Can't suggest much to improve the experience. It was pretty **** good. The professionalism of Irv Callahan and his sister, Mel was awesome.
shelby and harry blunt
New London, New Hamphire
The trip was excellent. The organization, river guiding, and camp management were of very high professional standard. I was very pleased. The experience was so outstanding, I can't wait to go again, and I am recommending the expedition to all my friends.
Stuart Simmons
Salt Lake City, Utah
Best trip ever. Everyone should travel through the Grand Canyon on the river. Grand Canyon Expeditions provided the most organized and friendly trip possible. Promptly responded to all of my e-mail questions. Only praise for the guides Marty and Sally and their assistants. Fun time, great food and amazing experience.
Joy Colclough
Escondido, California
This was the trip of a lifetime. Thank you Roger for your cool and calm demeanor, for your jokes and patient advise, Adam for your fun and easy going charm, great smile and -no problem- attitude, Beav for your passion and love of the Colorado that helped us understand the meaning of the River and Tony for your quiet helpfulness and hard work. Everything was great. The weather was amazing. The colours of Little Colorado and Havasu were incredible! The food was excellent. Hard to believe that four River Rats could cook up such a feast. Everything was easy and simple. Things we had so much anxiety about were made human and we quickly relaxed and took things in stride. We loved every moment of the trip and would do it again in a heartbeat. GCEX rocks!!!
Justyna Tisseman
Mississauga, Ontario
My husband and I just returned home yesterday from an eight day motorized trip, It was BY FAR the best trip we have ever taken, words do cannot discribe the beauty, tranquility and joy we experienced. To Preacher Bob, Bobby, Eric and River Mamma Donna, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I dreamed about this trip for over 20 years, and you all made my dream come true. Sleeping under the stars, watching satellights and meteors, waking to the moon cresting over the canyon. The Food, what can I say....AMAZING!. The side trips, many times pulled me out of my comfort zone, but never failed to fill me with awe. We saw cliffs, canyons, white water, calm pools, big horn sheep, coyotes, deer, lizzards and a snake. The friends we made were a bonus I was not expecting. Eric, I want to thank you for teaching me to face my fears ,Look at them, Looking at you. Donna, Thank you for your calm nature and beautiful sole. Bob, your knowledge of the Canyon is unserpassed. Preacher Bob, Thanks for teaching me that you are NEVER to old to be a pirate!!! We will be back as soon as we can!
Hallie Moore
cocoa, Florida
May 2013 my husband and I went on our 8 day raft trip with GCE. This was on our bucket lists. The weather was perfect, not too hot and not cold. We thought the ideal was to travel with friends or family, but we went just the 2 of us. However, we met the most congenial group of wonderful people. They made the trip even more special. On our trip, we had 2 ladies who came alone, not knowing another person (very brave!) Our guide (Jalynda) and swamper (Trevin) were hard workers; their goal to make our trip special which they did. The food was exceptional, the stories and geological information was so interesting. It would be hard to say which was the most fun...the rapids or the side trips/hikes. My advise is to go now, you are not getting any younger! The sheer beauty of the river canyon, the wildlife, plants, waterfalls, springs. We feel privileged to have been able to take this wonderful trip. We saw up close the rafts of other companies. It made us very impressed at the design of GCE boats. This year, GCE added cots to the sleeping gear. We are appreciative of that. The trip, motel in Vegas, bus, jet boat, all were top notch. I can recommend GCE highly.
Marty Lakin
Bakersfield, California
I returned from the 8 day motorized trip just a few weeks ago, at the beginning of September 2012. It was incredible: the sights, the sounds, the rapids - everything about the whole 8 days gave me a whole new perspective on life. Already myself and a few others who met for the first time on this trip are making plans to do it again in a couple of years. Also wanted to say a big thank you to our guides, Art & Jalynda, and our Swampers, Katie & Margeaux for looking after us so well and making the trip as memorable as it was. Thanks guys!
Sian Midgley
London, United Kingdom
Although the trip was exceptionally well organized and professionally run, the thing that made me the most comfortable and really enhanced my enjoyment of the trip was the fact that the guides were having as much, if not more, fun than I was. I'll be back for sure with as many family and friends as I can muster. Thanks to Mike and the whole gang. September 2012 Dory Trip.
Sam Touchet
Houston, Texas
My husband I did the river raft for 8 days to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversay. We both love the Grand Canyon & we have both hiked twice & I muled once while he hiked with the guys in the group. This trip was lots easier & the food & guide was wonderful. If your not a water person and/or can't swim like myself, sit towards the back & you will have no issues. I eventually made it up front of the raft for a feww rapids & OMG what a thrill. I went down the Little Colorado before my husband which he thought I'd never do & that's with a couple of broken toes when I ran into the suitcase 2 days before the trip. Ready to do again for our 35th & 40th.
Suzzan & Nels
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
I did this trip in September, 1978 and I'm still talking about it. I also have the original (9-day-trip application and confirmation letters and invoice, along with the information letter indicating where we should stay (Royal Las Vegas Motor Hotel--does it even exist today?) and what to bring (only what will fit in one small water-proof bag). Back then the trip only cost $505.00. I also have some very old pictures showing some of the rapids, camp sites and tour guides. This trip. I'll never forget. I'm 66 yrs old now.
Tom Hodges
Merrillville, Indiana
It has been almost a year since we went on the most amazing river experience I can think of. For our 25th anniversary my husband and I did the 14 day dory trip in late May 2011. We were honored to have what we think were the greatest co- travelers and GCEX boats men and mothership staff I can imagine. The people really made the trip in some ways with the camaraderie of the group ( we still keep in touch ) and the knowledge, expertise (the word really does not capture the depth and breath of what the guides know) and \"fun\" of the staff. Always felt very safe and cared for even in big water and us not being great swimmers and as we hiked up side canyons with sheer drops. There are really no words to describe the incredible beauty, grandeur, and peace of a trip down the canyon with no motors. The food was great and gear more than sufficient. Can't say enough good things about our experience and the company was great from first to last contact. Would love to go back and if we are able it will definitely be with GCEX.
Cynthia Patton
Fayetteville, Arkansas
We did this trip in June of 2009. Two years later, all of us who were on the boat are still talking about it. Definitely a trip of a lifetime, primarily due to the personal attention of our guides, Butch & Tricia Shimpp. Their knowledge of the river, it's history, geology, flora & fauna was amazing. Great cooks, and funny to boot!
George Ellison
Sunnyvale, California
We did the eight day motorized trip with guides Beav and Roger in July 2009 and have not stopped thinking about it since! It was without a doubt the most worry-free vacation of our lives. Fantastic food, fabulous scenery, amazing new friends, and adventure. We are so pleased that we chose GCEX and have sent several new customer their direction over the last few years. Words can't describe this adventure of a lifetime!
Tulsa, Oklahoma
WOW! My husband and I did the 8 day motorized trip in July of 2010. I was so excited leading up to the trip, during the trip and still to this dayI get excited talking or thinking about it. Our guides Irv...aka Sean Connery, Adam and swampers Travis and Jeri were AMAZING. The sights, the sounds(or lack there of), adventure, people, food, etc....all of it was top notch. We will be back again!
Bend, Oregon
We got back from our trip on 9/17/10, and all I can say is this had to be one of the most incredible trips I have ever been on. GCEX certainly knows how to do it right! Our guides Benjie and Dave, our swampers Eric and Idaho, and our fellow guests were all fantastic. It's hard to describe the feeling of the Canyon from that perspective - absolutely breathtaking. Thank you all for the unforgettable memories.
Diana Koury
Utica, New York
I took this amazing trip 26 years ago in 1984 when I was only 13 years old. Now 26 years later married and have two daughters and I would love to give them and my husband the same experience I had. I am so glad this company is still in business. I remember we had the best guides, I can only remember one of there names, (Lars Niemi). I would love to post some pictures from 1984. I will be booking this amazing trip for my family in the future. I even remember they brought ice cream out to us the last day of the trip and it was the first time I had ever had guacamole.
Tracey Walker
West Palm Beach, Florida
Our love affair with GCE and the Grand Canyon began several years ago. It has resulted in some half-dozen return trips with GCE and with our youngest son, a Geology major turned medical student, also doing his share of additional volunteer trips for some of GCE's honored guests: native Americans whose ancestors were indigineous peoples to the Canyon. This spring, we even had the privilege of visiting the GCE warehouse in Kanab, Utah - where we witnessed first-hand why these trips are so fabulous AND so safe. The folks at GCE, top to bottom, simply are the best. That's why we're going back - AGAIN - in 2011. The St. Peter Family
Gary St. Peter
Providence, Rhode Island
My rafting trip was so amazing! i loved it so much that i never wanted to leave. My guides were so much fun and loved to have a great time. My favorite part would have to be seeing the shooting starts at night. I probably saw about 2 to 3 every night. If your contemplating about whether to go or not, I would recommend just doing it. You will not be dissappointed!!
Crown Point, Indiana
Big thanks to Irv, Anne-Marie, Alisa and Nancy for making my motorized trip 1st to 8th May 2009 (via Spice UK) so enjoyable. What a talented, pleasant and inspiring team! If any of these guys are on the crew you get allocated, you're in for a special treat... Enjoy! Best wishes, Jules
Julian Childs
London, United Kingdom
I attribute my extreme satisfaction with the trip in large part to Bob and Donna. They are not only outstanding river guides but also exceptional human beings. They are great assets to your organization, the park and the river experience. I only hope many others can experience the river with such capable and amazing people as Bob and Donna.
W Knuths
Denver, Colorado
What can I say! They say its the thrill of a lifetime and going through Lava was. I've been many places in my mountaineering and long distance backpacking \"career\" and had seen many parts backpacking in the G.C., but this tops them all, and gave me a totally new perspective of the Greatest Place on Earth. Make sure you ask for Lew and the Hard Core Chicks, Amy and Kate. I lucked out and stumbled upon their legend in the making.
David Cossa
PORT ORCHARD, Washington
FANTASTIC, Best holiday ever. Erv- Ann-marie and the other two ladies. New there stuff looked after us realy well, They worked realy hard nothing was too much for them the food was Fantastic I could not fault one thing. Would love to come back on a longer trip the dory's look such fun. Thank you, Brian.
brian skelton
ilford, essex, england, United Kingdom
My long awaited adventure through the Grand Canyon took place in 1997....already 12 years ago. To this day, it ranks at the top of many lifetime adventures I\\'ve been priviledged to experience. What a treat it was to have 28 passengers (two rafts) come together as strangers and leave as friends just 8 days later. The laughs and interesting stories were only rivaled by the awesome scenery. The food you ask?....sensational! The Dutch Oven produced dinners found at fine restaraunts. Our guides got the highest accolades, professional, caring, knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. I highly recommend \\\"Grand Canyon Expeditions\\\" !
E Paul Lian
Scottsdale, Arizona
My husband and I went on the eight day motorized expedition in Aug. of 2007. I will tell you we loved every minute of it. I had never slept out side in my life, but I loved that too. We had the best guides I believe anyone could have. They were Bob and Donna. Great people as well as great guides. I would go again in a minute. There was two boats went out that day. The guides on the other boat were Jarrid and Kellie. They were fantastic. We had the best food.It was as if we were eating at a fine restarant every night. And we had a view to die for!! If you are looking for an exciting trip, just go on this one. But, nothing you ever do again will ever compare.
C. Gibson
mt sherman, Kentucky
Life is way too short to miss this one. Absolutely the most amazing thing I have ever done. The people, the food, the hikes, the camping, the views, the stars, and let\\'s not forget the dories... were amazing. Kudos to the crew and the company for allowing us to experience this. I will definitely travel with you guys again. I can not say thank you enough. Thank you.
Chance McGuire
Boulder City, Nevada
Our 3rd dory trip with GCE in Colorado River was just as well organized with delicious meals and fresh bake cakes every supper for dessert, fun, exciting and very adventurous as the 2\\'nd and the 1\\'st time. We have traveled and seen some nature highlights of five Continents but nothing compared to this intensive 16-18 days personal experience with nature that GCE makes possible. For us it is always an extraordinary nature experience with very special nature loving GCE team.
Walter & Lily Buesser
9453 Eichberg, Switzerland
I went on an 8 day motorized trip in 2004. It was truly an amazing experience and I plan on returning within the enxt 5 or so years. i had never imagined myself whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon, or participating in many of the activites provided in this trip, such as jumping off cliffs, and swimming in hot water pool.s I\\'d recommend this trip to anyone.
Ken L.
NYC, New York
What an amazing trip! I loved every second of it. Can\\'t wait to do it next year.
John Johnson
Dallas, Texas

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