14 & 16 Day Dory Expeditions

River rafting excursions through the Grand Canyon have been our specialty for years. Folks love our motorized trip, but we also offer a rowing trip for those who want a longer, more in-depth experience. Since most people raft the Grand Canyon only once, it makes sense to have time to drift, to wander, and to ponder.
Our Dory trips are incredible. From the moment we board the boats at Lees Ferry, we feel each boil and eccentricity of the current. We hear, too, the river’s voice, the spiraling call of the Canyon Wren and the growing roar of the next rapid. By running the river in a Dory, time is on our side and lots of it. We have time to visit many of the lesser-known side canyons. We have time to have a second cup of coffee in the morning. We have time to appreciate the billion-year-old rocks in a millions-of-years-old canyon, which let us know that the worries and urgencies of the so-called “real world” are, well, maybe not such a big deal after all. Maybe this is the real world.

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“Away to the west are lines of cliff and ledges of rock — not such ledges as you may have seen where the quarryman splits his blocks, but ledges from which the gods might quarry mountains…and not such cliffs…where the swallow builds his nest, but cliffs where the soaring eagle is lost to view ere he reaches the summit” — John Wesley Powell

Dory Row Boats in Grand CanyonOur Grand Canyon Dory trips are more than just sightseeing tours. We leave the world behind and leave ourselves open to discovery: the beauty of a particular spot that everyone else walked right by; the peculiar way lizards do push-ups; the way light and form ripple across the water; parts of yourself that you had long forgotten. Away from the modern world, you will enjoy experiences such as stargazing on the beach, viewing ancient Anasazi ruins, or watching a sudden summer cloudburst turn into a series of raging red waterfalls.

On our rowing trips, we decided we wanted our guests to run the river much like Major John Wesley Powell experienced it in 1869. Powell’s group used hard-hulled boats not designed for the rigors of the Colorado River’s white water. For the next seventy years, explorers that followed Powell tinkered with designs and techniques, refining to a science the art of rowing hard-hulled boats in white water.

The World War II-era produced the inflatable raft, which were inexpensive, tough, forgiving and easy to patch and transport. By the end of the 1960s, hardly anyone used the old hard-hulled boats, except for a few adventurous boatmen, including conservationist and writer Martin Litton. Litton introduced the Dory to the Grand Canyon after rowing similar boats on the Mackenzie River in Oregon. The Dory exhibits the grace and heritage of the old hard-hulled boat, providing an exhilarating, responsive ride that only a rigid boat can give. They demand full respect for the river, its currents, and obstacles, but in turn, passengers feel each nuance of the riffles and can rocket off the top of some of the greatest waves in the canyon.

If you yearn for the adventure of a lifetime, contact us today to book a Grand Canyon Expeditions Dory trips, rated among Peter Guttman’s “Top Ten Most Thrilling Adventures in North America.”

Grand Canyon Expeditions Dory Trips Rated in Peter Guttman’s List of Top Ten Most Thrilling Adventures in North America. See listing

Although the trip was exceptionally well organized and professionally run, the thing that made me the most comfortable and really enhanced my enjoyment of the trip was the fact that the guides were having as much, if not more, fun than I was. I'll be back for sure with as many family and friends as I can muster. Thanks to Mike and the whole gang. September 2012 Dory Trip.
Sam Touchet
Houston, Texas
It has been almost a year since we went on the most amazing river experience I can think of. For our 25th anniversary my husband and I did the 14 day dory trip in late May 2011. We were honored to have what we think were the greatest co- travelers and GCEX boats men and mothership staff I can imagine. The people really made the trip in some ways with the camaraderie of the group ( we still keep in touch ) and the knowledge, expertise (the word really does not capture the depth and breath of what the guides know) and \"fun\" of the staff. Always felt very safe and cared for even in big water and us not being great swimmers and as we hiked up side canyons with sheer drops. There are really no words to describe the incredible beauty, grandeur, and peace of a trip down the canyon with no motors. The food was great and gear more than sufficient. Can't say enough good things about our experience and the company was great from first to last contact. Would love to go back and if we are able it will definitely be with GCEX.
Cynthia Patton
Fayetteville, Arkansas
What can I say! They say its the thrill of a lifetime and going through Lava was. I've been many places in my mountaineering and long distance backpacking \"career\" and had seen many parts backpacking in the G.C., but this tops them all, and gave me a totally new perspective of the Greatest Place on Earth. Make sure you ask for Lew and the Hard Core Chicks, Amy and Kate. I lucked out and stumbled upon their legend in the making.
David Cossa
PORT ORCHARD, Washington
FANTASTIC, Best holiday ever. Erv- Ann-marie and the other two ladies. New there stuff looked after us realy well, They worked realy hard nothing was too much for them the food was Fantastic I could not fault one thing. Would love to come back on a longer trip the dory's look such fun. Thank you, Brian.
brian skelton
ilford, essex, england, United Kingdom
Life is way too short to miss this one. Absolutely the most amazing thing I have ever done. The people, the food, the hikes, the camping, the views, the stars, and let\\'s not forget the dories... were amazing. Kudos to the crew and the company for allowing us to experience this. I will definitely travel with you guys again. I can not say thank you enough. Thank you.
Chance McGuire
Boulder City, Nevada
Our 3rd dory trip with GCE in Colorado River was just as well organized with delicious meals and fresh bake cakes every supper for dessert, fun, exciting and very adventurous as the 2\\'nd and the 1\\'st time. We have traveled and seen some nature highlights of five Continents but nothing compared to this intensive 16-18 days personal experience with nature that GCE makes possible. For us it is always an extraordinary nature experience with very special nature loving GCE team.
Walter & Lily Buesser
9453 Eichberg, Switzerland

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Dates and Rates

2018 Fourteen Day Dory Trip Info

Trip Price – $4,199 per person

**A $500/person deposit is required to reserve your space.

2018 14-Day Trip Dates

  • May 8 – May 21
  • June 19 – July 2
  • July 24 – Aug 6

2018 Sixteen Day Rafting Trip Info

Trip Price – $4,499 per person

**A $500/person deposit is required to reserve your space.

2018 16-Day Trip Dates

  • April 10 – April 25
  • April 16 – May 1
  • Sept 2 – Sept 17

2019 Fourteen Day Dory Trip Info

Trip Price – $4,199 + Fees per person
**A $500/person deposit is required to reserve your space.

2019 14-Day Trip Dates

  • May 7 – May 20
  • June 18 – July 1
  • July 23 – Aug 5

2019 Sixteen Day Rafting Trip Info

Trip Price – $4,499 + Fees per person
**A $500/person deposit is required to reserve your space.

2019 16-Day Trip Dates

  • April 9 – April 24
  • April 18 – May 3
  • Sept 12 – Sept 27

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