Top Ten Reasons to choose Us!

  • We are one of the few outfitters that raft the entire 277 miles of the Colorado River running through the Grand Canyon, ending at the headwaters of Lake Mead.

    Many other outfitters end their Grand Canyon rafting trips at river mile 188, leaving nearly 100 miles (more than one third) of the canyon’s stunning scenery unseen, including sites pertaining to its intriguing human history. We raft our guests below mile 240, where they board one of our jet boats for a fast and scenic ride across Lake Mead to the take-out. When you return from a GCE expedition, you will have memories that will last a lifetime and countless stories to tell. You will honestly be able to say that you experienced the entire Grand Canyon.

  • We offer ALL inclusive 8-day, 14-day and 16-day expeditions.

    When you go on a Colorado River rafting trip through the Grand Canyon with GCE, we provide all the meals, sleeping gear, tents, dry bags, personal storage boxes, and a detailed clothing list. GCE also provides transportation to and from Las Vegas. In addition when you book with us we cover your hotel room night for when you arrive and depart. No other Grand Canyon river company does this! When you book a Grand Canyon Expeditions trip you truly do not need to worry about anything. We have everything covered. All you really need to bring is something to wear other than your smile!
    PLEASE NOTE-Some restrictions do apply. We are unable to include hotel accommodations on any discounted or Travel Agent commissioned GCE trip.

  • All of our expeditions depart from and return to Las Vegas.

    Las Vegas has been our choice for years for beginning and ending our Grand Canyon river tours. It is the most conveniently located city to utilize as a transportation hub for our expeditions. Inexpensive flights to Las Vegas are available from practically every major city in the nation. If, for some reason, Las Vegas will not fit your travel plans, please contact our office to arrange other options.

  • We offer additional canyon activities.

    At Grand Canyon Expeditions, we know that our guests come to the Grand Canyon for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you come to hike and play in waterfalls, or sit quietly and read by the river’s edge, a Grand Canyon white water adventure offers precisely what you want. It is our task to lead you through a grand feast of the senses in comfort and safety. What you select from its peerless menu is up to you.

  • We offer various educational Special Interest Expeditions.

    At no additional cost to our guests, we organize special interest Grand Canyon river rafting expeditions, according to the group’s interests. On each of these trips, we provide a study leader with particular expertise in history, geology, ecology, archeology, or photography. The study leader accompanies each group during the day and gives informal talks at night, which is an ideal way to satisfy a hunger for additional information. These special interest excursions are some of our most popular!

  • We offer special charter rates.

    GCE offers a substantial discount on fares for those who are able to generate enough interest to get a large group together. If you decide that a charter is for you, GCE will provide you with your own raft and guide for your Grand Canyon rafting tour, with 14 guests per raft. Many of our repeat guests elect to charter, requesting a special interest study leader, favorite hikes and other points of interest, tailoring their own custom trip for a truly unique Grand Canyon white water experience.

  • We can accommodate special dietary needs.

    Our Grand Canyon raft guides are capable, within reason, of catering to our guests’ particular dietary requests. If you choose to bring your own food or snacks to supplement our catered meals, we will make a place to store those items onboard your raft.

  • Our departures are on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

    At Grand Canyon Expeditions, we take into account the fact that our departure days are ideal for anyone with a seven to 10-day vacation, since weekend days are included in every Grand Canyon river rafting trip we offer.

  • We Accept VISA and MASTERCARD

    Our guests enjoy the convenience of being able to book Colorado River rafting tours over the phone or through our website. Using credit cards also allows many guests to enjoy the additional benefits of airline miles, cash back rewards and trip interruption insurance.