Trip Insurance

Trip insurance and emergencies? Grand Canyon Expeditions strongly encourage all trip participants to purchase trip cancellation insurance to protect your vacation investment.

At times, various situations occur when a guest needs to cancel their trip. In these situations, we generally do not have time to refill the space, yet, we have already spent considerable time, money, and energy preparing for your trip. Because of our short season and a very limited number of available seats, we cannot afford the financial loss that cancellations cause. With that said, Grand Canyon Expeditions is strongly recommending short-term travel cancellation and accident insurance. We do regret we cannot make exceptions for personal emergencies. We ask that consider the investment you are making in your vacation and whether or not you can afford the loss if you did have to cancel. So we recommend you research the best option to fit your travel plans.

Policies can be purchased to cover the length of your vacation and include personal accident coverage and/or luggage and person effects. In addition, check with your insurance agent to see if your homeowner's policy covers loss or damage to your camera, luggage, etc. Following are a few agencies supplying travel insurance:

Tripmate, Inc - Trip Assure

Automobile Association of America (AAA) 

Allianz Travel insurance

You can also input your trip information and find travel insurance that is perfect for you by clicking here.

Although we spare no effort to assure a safe trip, a river expedition or a canyon hike is not without some risks. We are equipped to handle emergency first aid. In case of illness or accident, Grand Canyon Expeditions will attempt to provide aid and arrange evacuation when your guide determines evacuation is necessary. We cannot assume responsibility for injury to passengers or personal belongings, or for time or expenses incurred from the negligence of others. The cost of specialized means of evacuation, such as helicopters, and medical care beyond first aid are the financial responsibility of the ill or injured person.