Art On The Water

A Grand Canyon Expeditions Plein Air Artists’ Workshop and Art History Expedition

Few places are as inspiring or brilliant in color and geometry as the Grand Canyon.

Join us on a river trip with focused art workshops, and give yourself time to take in your surroundings! Get time during the day for sketching and painting in your medium and enjoy relaxed talks on the canyon’s rich art history. Then take a break and run some white water, stop and enjoy a waterfall and take your sketchpad hiking. Nothing is better than sitting by a creek where you can hear the water flowing and just painting what you see and experience.

Learn how to bring your craft of sketching and painting into a wilderness setting, focusing on capturing plein air work in a limited time frame and protecting artwork while in the outdoors. Beginners and professional artists and all 2-d mediums are welcome!

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This unique 9-day river trip is the first of its kind for GCE.

And thus, it is only available from August 24, 2024, to September 1, 2024.

Meet Ani Eastwood, Workshop Leader

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Ani Eastwood is a 4th generation Montanan. Her young life was spent camping, hiking, and caring for horses and animals. She river guided during her 20s and 30s for Arizona River Runners and Grand Canyon Expeditions until she had her wonderful children, Blake and Della. In her years as a guide, she found a special love for stories and the rich history of the canyon and had many years of attempting to capture the canyon’s beauty through art.

Creating artwork was a huge daily part of her upbringing and family, and she started taking painting and illustration seriously at a very young age. She started selling her work and having monthly exhibitions in her late teens and grew her business one brick at a time, both in the Southwest and Montana. Although Ani has taken considerable coursework during her bachelor's in art and anthropology at the U of M and has apprenticed in Balinese/Southeast Asian painting techniques, she is mostly self-taught. She utilizes and has experience with sketching, oils, acrylics, watercolor, and graphic design in her works. Just trying what works and what doesn’t and always exploring new techniques.

Currently, Ani runs a giclee printing business, Artists of Montana Giclee, for other professional artists and pursues her path as an active working artist in Montana. Her primary focus is bringing creativity and craftsmanship into her children’s and people’s lives as an important element of their happiness and voice. She has offered workshops to all ages and abilities and enjoys sharing the excitement of making artwork with everyone. She supports wild and scenic places like the Grand Canyon and increases awareness of their incredible value and beauty through art. She loves to share her experiences, knowledge, and tricks of the trade of creating artwork in the wilderness or studio setting with others.

A Little Inspiration.

Workshop Topics

Note: Weather and trip needs may bring about topic changes or amendments! Flexibility is key in Grand Canyon!!

  • Painting White Water, Side Canyons and Creeks: Capturing moving water and its immense beauty!
  • Grand Canyon Art History (historical and modern Grand Canyon artists)
  • Managing artwork in the wilderness, setting up quick compositions when limited time is available
  • Capturing Vegetation: How to bring a focal point into your piece and focus on the more minor elements of the canyon
  • Composing limited color palette works, and plein air landscape techniques
  • Southwest Designs and Styles- learning about design elements of native cultures of the Grand Canyon (Hopi, Anasazi, and Southwest design elements and how to incorporate them into artwork
  • Imagination: Bring your own illustrative elements into the Grand Canyon landscape
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