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How do you believe “Rapids”are created?

“Rapids” form where the water hits a sudden slope. The grander the slope, the faster the water flows. At certain points where the land falls away, it ceases to be a rapid and becomes a waterfall!

“Rapids” are simply formed by obstructions that the river faces on its travel downstream. Such as rocks, canyon walls, sharp turns etc. Anything that causes friction to the flow of water will cause a rapid. Normally side canyons are involved and “flash floods” help to carry the boulders and additional debris into the mainstream.

“Rapids” are stretches of fast-flowing water tumbling over a rocky-shallow riverbeds. They are formed when the water goes from one hard rock that resists the water’s erosion (igneous rocks) to a softer rock (limestone and sandstones) that are easier eroded. Over time, rapids are formed.

“Rapids” are formed when river water flows forcefully between stationary objects such as boulders, or when the rivers with strong flows from higher flows to lower flows. The lower flows expose additional debris to be avoided while running the rapid.

The term “whitewater” also has a broader meaning, applying to any river or creek itself that has significant number of rapids such as the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. The term is also used as an adjective describing boating on such rivers, such as “whitewater” rafting, “hydro wrangler” or heavy “Maytag” action……

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