What You Need to Know About the Grand Canyon

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Every year, millions of tourists flock to the Grand Canyon to witness one of the most beautiful natural sights imaginable. Featuring scenic landscapes along with a huge variety of activities in store for its visitors, there is a reason why the Grand Canyon is still one of the most visited places in Arizona. For first time visitors, most are completely in awe as to how the Grand Canyon was formed.

How Was the Grand Canyon Made?

There is not unified view as to when and how the magnificent Grand Canyon was formed. Some geologists believe in this theory; The Earth comprises of continents and oceans have what you call “plates” which form jigsaw puzzles. 80 million years ago, two of these places had a collision at the west coast of North America. It created the Rocky Mountains as the Pacific plate collided with the North American Plate. Eventually, this created the Colorado Plateau. However, geologists still argue as to how the river combines with the rising plateau.

What You Need to Know About the Grand Canyon

On the other hand, there are scientists who believe that the Colorado River took about 4.5 million years to form the Grand Canyon. Based on further studies, scientists found out the canyons are young compared to the rocks. Now many ask, how did the river become so wide? Keep in mind that it was not the river that created the Grand Canyon although it cut down its channel.

Top Activities at Grand Canyon

Aside from the natural wonders that you get to witness when you visit the Grand Canyon, visitors can experience various activities that will surely pump their adrenaline. We might be a bit biased, but rafting the Colorado is one of the best ways to experience the Grand than anything else out there. Rafting the Grand is a challenging activity that everyone can enjoy as you attempt to manage the boat as you face the rapids, this truly is a once in a lifetime experience (don’t worry, it’s primarily our experienced river quides that do the real work on the rapids).

For those who are into more conventional activities, going out for a hike or setting a camp is also a great choice. The Grand Canyon has amazing hiking trails that are bound to bring out your physical side. The trails can be quite challenging. Then again, with everything that this place has to offer, all of the effort is worth it. See the pine forests and experience the so-called “time tunnel” which allows you to travel in time. Other fun activities that you can try include biking, stargazing and Grand Canyon IMAX among many others.

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  1. The Grand Canyon is truly spectacular! There are so many things you can do there, aside from staring at the beauty around you. Whenever I vacation, I always look for things to do outdoors and the Grand Canyon is all outdoors! Camping is fun, hiking is fun, rafting is fun, its all fun! There is so much to do, you just need to be willing to spend your vacation in the great outdoors.

  2. I love this photo of the family from Georgia. They were a great family. It was a pleasure to enjoy the Grand Canyon raft trip with them.

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