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HAPPY NEW YEAR!  January , 2011 and my 33rd year of running river! This time of year while a number of folks have put on the snow ski’s, snow shoes & snow boards and hitting the slopes. We / GCE have started planning our 2011 river guides schedule. We started booking our 2011 season in April of last year and with bookings being very strong and with this incredible snow pack….  it truly is hard not to get excited! We all know what a wet, big snowy winters brings into the deserts of the Southwest……. lots of big water  and the  so very surreal, brightest colors of the desert!

Some desert plants have very shallow root systems and the desert perennials often survive by remaining dormant during dry periods of the year, then springing to life when water becomes available, very little moisture is needed to “light up ” the desert. Red rocks, bright blue sky, the spring colors all together with the roar of the Colorado river….is all anyone will need to put them one step away from “paradise”. Spring trips in Grand Canyon are cooler, with lots of vegetation and for our fair haired guests, a great time to see the canyon. Early March we will bring our crews together for our “re-certification” training on our Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course. The National Park Service has a number of specific requirements and guidelines for all Grand Canyon Outfitters to abide by. Our concerns are our not only our guests safety but, our guests overall Grand Canyon experience, both being the top priorities. Grand Canyon Expeditions is proud to say we have been an authorized concessinaire outfitter with the National Park Service for over 45 years!

April, our boats will feel the chilly waters at Lees Ferry and our 2011 river season will officially begin! Until then,  we will keep you posted on our GCE crew and our 2011 season as it unfolds. …….counting down the days till our canyon turns us loose.  So, right now, that’s the way it looks from the  back of the raft.

Capt. Marty

Just floatng downstream, river mile 42..... on a Monday afternoon in Grand Canyon National Park

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  1. How much rowing is required on the dories? My husband is 75 years old, in excellent shape and avid hiker. Does one need extra upper body strength to manuver the dories?
    I am looking forward to your reply.
    Thank you.

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