What Our Guests Have To Say

My rafting trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon with Grand Canyon Expeditions was one of the best vacations I have ever had. It was an amazing experience. The service provided by the guides and swampers was incredible. They were all very hard workers, from preparing meals, providing stories and history of the Grand Canyon to making sure our personal needs were meet; they did it all! The dinners were delicious, and I couldn't believe all the meals we ate while camping. This was in addition to the gourmet breakfast and lunch served daily, along with horderves served before our dinner meal. Ice for evening cocktails was a plus. I can't say enough about how good the food was, it makes me want to go out and buy a Dutch oven! The rafting was excellent, with a great variety of rapids, some challenging and incredibly exciting, and others more calm. Every hike had something new and adventurous waiting for us to experience. It was the perfect mix of rafting and hiking. All the while the scenery around every bend in the river was like something off of a postcard.
Paul Cameron
Portland / Oregon
My trip was absolutely incredible. I was told to expect the "trip of a lifetime" and that is exactly correct. The weather was ideal, the water was clear for the entire route and the canyon geology was stunning. Add in the total professionalism of our boatmen Zach and Bacco and their swampers, Mark and Matt, and the recipe for perfection was complete. The wonderful camaraderie of my fellow travelers was the icing on the cake. My memories are forever.
Rick Reed
Charleston / Illinois
The rafting trip is a great way to experience the incredible beauty of the Grand Canyon. Now that I’m back home and have had time to reflect on the trip, I'm almost overwhelmed by all of the wonderful memories.
Tom Haglund
Ogden / UT
Dave, Glade, Angela, and Danny were awesome! Always went above and beyond to meet our needs and make everyone happy! It truly was the trip of a lifetime! Thank you!
Nancy Zoltowski
Cedarburg / WI
Awesome trip (our 3rd)!!! Marc, Adam, Kyle and Mason were fantastic. We'll be back for a 4th trip!!
Colette Thoreau
Genesee / Colorado
Great trip! Wonderful people to meet and fantastic crew. Good food and comfortable camping.
Charleston / South Carolina
It was FABULOUS. We loved every minute of it. We are seasoned private raft trippers but not on a river the size of the Colorado/Grand Canyon, and having the peace of mind of very capable captain and swamper (Glade and Tabatha) made it so enjoyable, and "glamping" just increased the fun and enjoyment so much more. The side hikes are a favorite part of the trip as well.
Kay Stratman
Jackson / Wyoming (WY)
My experience with this group was superlative. Every single aspect of this entire trip was incredibly well planned and executed. The guides were among the most experienced in the business, and were extremely friendly and instructive at all times. The food was exquisite. I do not see how I could have had a better experience.
Byron Hatcher
Atascadero / California
The trip exceeded our expectations! As did the staff...Emily, Dan, Adam and Shelley. They were skilled boatsmen and women and great cooks and wonderful companions for the trip. They were professional and helpful, always keeping our safety in mind. All the equipment seemed to be in good condition. Excellent would be my rating! And we were lucky with the weather!! Thank you!
Monte Gaillard
Asheville / United States
Once in a lifetime experience!! Great trip, staff professional, food was excellent and sleeping under the stars and full moon, magical. The sites are breathtaking.
Palmer Gaillard
Wadmalaw Island / SC
This was a great trip and the best way to experience the Grand Canyon. We were fortunate to have guides that were not only experienced river runners but also experts on the Grand Canyon who had hiked and explored throughout the region. if you are looking for a total Grand Canyon experience, including the quiet,GCE dories are the way to go.
Timothy Greening
Chicago / Illinois
Excellent trip!!!
Terry Coen
Denver / Colorado
A great trip. I was thrilled with how everything went. The guides/rowers were very experienced which reduced the anxiety of the rapids for me (a whitewater novice). Everything was perfect. Thanks
Paul Houston
Pittsfield / MA
This holiday was amazing. Den and Shelley were fantastic, controlling the dingy and cooking the most amazing meals. I have so many brilliant memories of the holiday, the Rapids, the company, the camping, the walks, the food, the toilet(!) etc. It was so well organised. I don't know how those girls did it!!!! I have so many fab photos choosing one is very difficult!!
Helen Messenge
Bristol / UK
The trip has been run by SPICE for 17 plus years and all who have been on the trip stated it changed their lives. Well yes it does, an extraordinary, awesome trip with idyllic beaches as campsites, wonderful blue within blue Little Colorado, amazing waterfalls, wildlife and plants. Not to forget the main reason for my trip, running the rapids, which was more than I could have imagined, the scale, the power, the beauty, the cold, the heat, the fear and excitement all at the same time, the laughter and the hanging on for dear life as the water lifts you off the ground, the trip should be on everyone's bucket list. Then the crew, Den and Shelly were outstanding in their combined knowledge of the rapids, the canyon, the river, the wildlife and the rocks and plants. Den read us a poem or story related to river running every day, which enhanced this very special place. How you get the food prepared for three meals a days is extraordinary and making cakes every day is crazy. The trip was a 10 out of 10 for me and everyone else on the trip. You turned a holiday into a true adventure.
robert sharples
cardiff / Uk
I would rate our trip 10 stars if I could (14 day dory). One of the incredible experiences of my life. GCE and their guides did a remarkable job. I sat wondering with my cousin, how could GCE have made this trip any better? Could not come up with anything. Special thanks to our boatmen, y'all are amazing.
Chris Healy
San Diego / CA
Den McCormick and Jim Hall were a terrific RiverGuides/Swamper team. Also very glad to have Alton Wasson - to bring us together as a community.
Sandi Albertson-Shea
Amherst / MA
The 8 days spent motorizing through the Grand Canyon were magical. The river and the canyon were described by another as "the roofless tabernacle" and I concur. Grand Canyon Expeditions provided the most professional crew, schedule and equipment, making our journey first class. We saw multiple rafting companies along our trip downstream and none compared in comfort or gear to what we were experiencing. Our raft layout was well thought out for the passengers, our life jackets were comfortable, we had cushions to sit on while on the raft, our cots were easy to assemble & wide enough for sleeping restfully with a self inflating pad, sleeping bag & tarp, and our chairs in camp had backs. The food was delicious and never ending and there was great variety. Our guide, Trevin Johnson, & swamper, Joe French, were entertaining, cheerful and full of river lore which they generously shared with us, including reading us poetry as we floated along. Their skills captaining the raft were obviously exceptional and no one ever felt a lack of confidence, even in the toughest rapids, and we had no spills, just lots of big waves with thrills and squeals. The crew spoke to each of us at our level, showing interest in every guest from the 9 year old to the 68 year old. We hiked to 100' waterfalls, through slot canyons, to petroglyphs and swam up Havasu Creek's turquoise waters and played frisbee in Redwall Cavern and saw dozens of bighorn sheep. Not a minute of any day was dull. We slept under the most amazing display of stars every night and bathed in the Colorado daily. Not one person from our trip was ready to leave the river on the 8th day. Each of us said that we came on the trip as strangers and left as friends, continuing to stay in touch. GCE provided great service from the hotel at the beginning and ending of the trip, to the bus and jet boat rides to every detail on the river trip itself. I cannot recommend this trip highly enough and GCE in particular.
Damon Newsom
Salem / Virginia
Rafting with GCEC through the Grand Canyon was truly epic! Awesome rapids, majestic scenery, amazing wildlife, new-found knowledge, nights under starry skies, unforgetable time with family - and new friends! I loved every bit of it! Add this adventure to your bucket list - and then be sure to get it checked off!
Carrie Anders
Clovis / CA
What an epic trip! I'm a seasoned traveller but this was something truly special. Hard to put into words. Disconnect for 14 days...ride the waves...see the stars and the galaxy like never before...make amazing friends (especially with the guides, who have amazing life and canyon stories)...have numerous "once in a lifetime" experiences! I've been to 25+ countries, and rarely envision revisiting a place but I'd do this trip again in a heart beat. If you have the time to do a dory trip..do it! It's magical! You feel every wave...big and small! You bond with the boats, the passengers, the guides. Already dreaming of my next trip down the river again!
Rahul Palchaudhuri
Boston / MA
My family (husband, myself, and 16 year old twins) just finished the 8 day motorized trip which turned out to be our top family vacation so far. Guide Trevin and swamper Joe clearly enjoyed their time on the river and transferred that passion to our group of 14 (strangers at mile 0, friends exchanging contact information by the end). The pace was relaxed, food generous (even to my 16 year old son who often ate thirds) and delicious, scenery spectacular. The days were varied with boating, hiking, swimming, and relaxing. Trevin's knowledge of the river and area was expansive and added depth to our experience. Everything was top quality from start to end with attention to detail. We did not want it to end - even after our return to Las Vegas our group got together for one last dinner and chance to relive the fun we had and bonds we shared. The trip was special, fun and magical.
Debbie Amos
Anacortes / WA
Fourteen members of our family went on a 8 day motorized rafting trip in July 2017 with Grand Canyon Expeditions, GCEX, and every single detail of the trip was impeccable. Our youngest was 11 and our oldest was 75 and everyone had a fantastic time. Another family of 10 sailed on the second raft and they ranged from 75 to 10.The trip leader Bobby has been leading trips for over 30 years and it showed. The second raft was piloted by Den who was also incredibly skillful. Each raft also had volunteers so our "rafting family" numbered 30.I have nothing but praise for GCEX. At every stage of the process they continued to amaze me with their kindness, skill, preparation and care. Let me comment on some of the elements that particularly impressed me: They put safety and hygiene first The raft and camping equipment was sturdy, easy to pitch camp and comfortable The food was FANTASTIC. Each evening when we pitched camp they unloaded a full operating kitchen and prepared sumptuous meals. We had ice the whole trip! The day hikes were great; they chose good campgrounds; and all along the route they educated us on what we were seeing. The buses were comfortable. They even arranged for a pit stop at Walmart so people could get whatever they forgot. I have been traveling the world for over 50 years and only experienced one other hospitality company who delivered such impeccable service and that was a very high end safari company in South Africa. If you are considering rafting the Grand Canyon, I recommend GCEX without reservation. Adam Engle August 2017
Adam Engle
Boulder / CO, USA
This was an incredible trip. And they made things as easy as possible for everyone. We are a large family group and they were able to work with us on our needs. The food was amazing. They led hikes up into waterfalls and slot canyons. It was a great experience and I'm grateful to have worked with gcec.
Lowery smith 2
St Paul / Minnesota
I don't have words. One of the best vacations I've ever had. The canyon is beyond Grand. The sights were superb. The food and our guides were excellent. The people were fantastic. It was 8 short days, not nearly enough time. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
Konrad Knoeferl
Bakersfield / California
THE ULTIMATE FAMILY ADVENTURE TRIP! The Canyon was awesome. The river was powerful yet beautiful. The food was exquisite. The guides were fantastic in all ways. Our Boatman Ann-Marie was never without a smile and her Swamper Steven was always willing to serve our needs. They guided our boat with extreme precision and confidence. I tell people everyday that the trip exceeded my expectations in all manner of ways. EPIC!!
Brian Gualano
Asheville / NC
What is it like to receive 5 star treatment in a backcountry setting? Join this trip and find out. The customer service was excellent from the moment we first made contact. The packing list and all of the other information was spot on and no needs were left unmet.I was humbled by the hard work the guides did with smiles the whole trip. They cared for the people and the environment at every step and ripple. They love the Canyon, the River and the history and it shines through in all they do. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been with Grand Canyon Expeditions on this bucket list trip. They share the experience with love and passion and it makes a huge difference for those of us who also care deeply. Thank you.
Kupono McDaniel
Keaau / HI
The GCE trip,June 8-15, 2017 was my eighth Colorado River rafting adventure with Grand Canyon Expeditions. Maybe a ninth next year! How can I offer a greater, more glowing testimonial for GCE than this?
Howard Capito
Knoxville / Tennessee
What a great trip, Well organized GCEX had everything dialed in. Our guides were wonderful. Friendly, knowledgeable, highly experienced, and truly passionate about the canyon. You can tell it is more than a job to them and their swampers. My 17 year old son and I had a wonderful experience. I have hiked the canyon before but this was truly over the top. I will recommend GCEX to all who ask and have already talked about it to everyone who will listen. GREAT JOb!!! thx
Jim Mog
Rancho Cucamonga / CA
At Mile 0, I was a little hesitant, worried about no contact with the "rim" world, worried about no bathroom, worried about no showers, worried about not having enough clothes, worried about getting along with my trip mates, etc. By Mile 277, none of that mattered, and I felt like I had just finished a week-long vacation with family. I had no idea the Grand Canyon was so beautiful and had so much to see, so I was pleasantly surprised by that and thoroughly enjoyed all of the hiking that we were able to do, but I also thoroughly enjoyed interacting with so many different people with so many different personalities and so many different stories to tell. It was very nice to have no distractions and just be able to sit down and really listen to people and what they had to say.Our guides, Ben and Irv, were nothing short of amazing. They knew all of us by name from Day 1, quickly learned and adapted to 28 different personalities, and were full of knowledge and excited about sharing that knowledge with us. Their swampers, Julie and John, were just as great. I've never seen four people work as tirelessly and as hard as they did those eight days, and there's no doubt that they were a big part in us having such a wonderful trip.I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to view the Grand Canyon from end to end and from the bottom up and would definitely encourage everyone to add it to their bucket list if it's not already on there. Thanks Grand Canyon Expeditions Company for the trip of a lifetime!
Marsha Wills
Gonzales / Louisiana
Outstanding journey!!..and I thought I was just going on a river trip. Experienced, fun, warm, and helpful crew--a dream team--Emily, Jalynda, Hannah, and Ry; gorgeous scenery and exciting day trips (Nankoweap, Little Colorado, Deer Creek Hike/Falls, Havasu...); fantastic fellow passengers--supportive, interesting, and welcoming (started out solo, but had a family of 32 at the end); delicious, fresh, and healthy food throughout--even fresh lettuce salad on day 7! Finished trip over 2 weeks ago, and still savoring the trip multiple times daily and dreaming about returning. Just book it...you won't regret it, and it may even change your life 🙂
Jacqueline Wittmeyer
Salt Lake City / Utah
What a week! I joined our leaders Emily and Jalynda with half the group New Zealanders (including me) and half from USA. We had a wonderful week of varied fun, sleeping under the stars, learning about geology, shooting the rapids, going up side canyons and eating DELICIOUS food. The toileting arrangements provided us all with much hilarity over the week, and getting to know some delightful people made the whole week one of my most memorable ever. Thank you to all involved.
Jackie Hoffman
Nelson / New Zealand
My wife, Marsha, gifted me this trip despite my apprehension to joining total strangers for a raft of a lifetime through the Grand Canyon. Individuals from all walks of life from many different states(8 I think). I quickly became amazed how we bonded and brought about a cohesiveness in a short period of time that we carried throughout the entire trip. Each person played a significant roll in making this week in my life a "bucket list". The Guides.....Marsha and I were on Ben and Julie's boat and Irv and John drove the our sister boat. These four collected 28 strangers and in their own way made a connection with each of us, shared their love, respect, and eco-knowledge of the Canyon. Ben is a massive nut that I completely appreciated and I can't imagine another trip without him and Julie. Irv owes me another horseshoe game. This dude manned the camp kitchen, woke us up with 5am coffee, fed us, led us down the the river and on hikes. Irv was truly an added blessing to me and his nickname is "Oak Tree", pass that on for me. Bottom line, these guides brought our experience to another level. The Grand Canyon....No words describe it, no pictures capture its beauty. You must feel it. Touch it. Breath it. In you own way, connect with it, and you will. Every turn in the river is a different scene, another color, none the same. I will end by stating I met awesome friends on an awe inspiring 8 day trip through the beautiful landscaped Grand Canyon that I will cherish forever.
Jason Wills
Gonzales / Louisiana
Exceeded expectations. Always felt safe with our skilled raft guides Emily, Jalynda, Hannah and Ry. They are the best!!
Colin Heinz
Christchurch / New Zealand
Took the motor trip. GREAT Trip! Captains Den and Duffy were outstanding guides, and were Cleeda and Kerstin. They were all technically proficient as well as professional and fun. The food was tasty, well prepared and plentiful. The Canyon and River of course were both spectacular. Thanks!
Bob Howard
Phoenix / AZ
This trip was fabulous in every aspect, even a couple of evenings of rain!! The Canyon is so much more than photos can convey-- the peace, the quiet, the turquoise water of the Little Colorado, and the majesty of the canyon walls are incomparable. I loved the great white water every day, the hikes, and our campsites. Emily, Marty, Skye, and Adam were the best river guides and hosts I have had the pleasure of floating with! They attended to our every need, provided amazing meals, and were fonts of information about the Canyon, its history, and folklore. I did not want for anything! We enjoyed all of the guests-- a fun and diverse group of people. I recommend this trip-of-a-lifetime without reservation, as well as Grand Canyon Expeditions!
Martha Kupferschmidt
Park City / Utah
We went into the May 13, 2017 motorized raft trip with high expectations and found that our expectations were exceeded daily. The white water was a given---some really big (hang on with both hands) and frequent. When GCEX recommends a good rain suit they are not kidding. The scenery and geology were spectacular. It constantly reminded you of your place as a speck in the universe. The boats and equipment were first class and all in top shape. What really made this trip special were the guides on the trip. Their constantly friendly and outgoing demeanor along with their "customer comes first, second etc." approach was remarkable to see, especially given the older and slightly needy group on this trip. Their cooking was a wonder to behold as we ate better on this trip than we normally do at home or in most restaurants. Tents were provided but largely ignored as sleeping under the stars in a bug free star filled night was awesome. As I write this, I wish I was back on the river and am planning on doing another trip with GCEx with my kids in 2019. I researched the other companies doing GC trips and believe that these folks really do have the best value. It was the trip of a lifetime, at least until the next time.
Dan Corti
Missoula / MT
We just finished our Grand Canyon rafting trip. What an amazing trip! The scenery, whitewater, hiking, waterfalls, food....all superb. The best part of this trip was time spent with my amazing family and the people we shared the journey with. This wonderful experience was facilitated by our outstanding team of Trevin and Duffy and their "swampers": Clinton and Kerstin (Duffy's lovely and talented wife). I can't stop thinking about and talking about this fabulous adventure!
Beverley Springstead
Pittsburg / Texas
Hi everyone, I have just returned from the early April 16 day dory trip. Having previously run Grand Canyon in June 2015 and September 2016 I can definitely say that the absolutely best time of year to do this trip is early April! We drove through snow to the put in but the weather was in general warm and pleasant and most of us did not once pitch a tent. We were also able to complete fairly strenuous hikes in comfort. The river was relatively quiet and most times we got our leader's preferred camp site. Best of all however were the absolutely amazing flowers and shrubs which will soon be over and not seen again until next year. It was, as I was expecting, yet another wonderful trip with a fantastic crew (Jim, Lew, Doc, Glade and Tony) and not such a bad load of fellow travellers! I am so glad early April was recommended to me on a previous trip!
Trip was absolutely fabulous! our guide, Greg, gets the highest marks available.
Paulette Sherrell
Carson City / NV
My 16-day dory trip ended 2 weeks ago and I still can't stop thinking about it. What a wonderful experience! The boatmen were amazing. Regan Dale, Chuck Wales, Tim Cooper, Steve "Doc" Nicholson, Jim Hall, Hannah Hall with trip leader, Lew Steiger, took good care of us and taught us so much about the Canyon. We were like little kids listening intently when they would tell us a River story. And the dories! What wonderful little boats they are!
Gabrielle Accatino
Boulder / Colorado
I have to begin by saying that I cannot begin to say how perfect our trip was. It was one of those events where all the stars (SO many stars!) aligned, and every little detail dropped into place in perfect harmony. First of all, eternal KUDOS to GCEX for handling so many of the details that so often get overlooked on a journey of such extraordinary magnitude (down to the bandaids I should have brought with me!). COTS! The cots! Despite the initial issues with their seemingly idiotic design, the COTS are a transformational item in the inventory of Just What Makes GCEX the Foremost River Journey Outfitter in the canyon: forget the sleeping pads, forget the sleeping bag, GOOD GOD FORGET the tent! . . . to lie back at night, suspended ABOVE the scorching hot river sand (OMG, the SAND!) and watch the stars appear above you, one by one, until the full glory of the Heavens is revealed . . . without having to be distracted by how hot and sweaty you are... I have not seen skies like that since my days in the U.S. Navy, back in the eighties, in the Indian Ocean, a thousand miles from Nowhere...Our River Guides: Captain Trevin and Captain Marty - I can't imagine how you guys are ever going to come close to equalling the knowledge, experience and authenticity the two of you (and I can't picture an expedition where ANYBODY could possibly surpass the level of experience and enthusiasm you two have for The River) brought to what was, for us, the perfect trip of a lifetime... except that it isn't, 'cause we'll be coming back again!The Food! O.M.G.! The FOOOOD! Breakfast every day, following the cry of "HOT COFFEE!" from Trevin - that in itself is worth the entire experience. I have NEVER slept so soundly (outdoors!) as I have on this trip... no, it's not a "trip," it's an "expedition," and the meals provided are worth the entire investment.Trevin: Thanks for all of your limitless knowledge of the geology - THE ENDLESS AMAZING GEOLOGY that I find so endlessly amazing. Sara, Allison, Chase and Adam - THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting us accompany you on your Family vacation! Shaun - For doing what you do purely for the love of it! (You had better damned well be a full-on boatman the next time we meet!) And Marty - DUDE! I met you less than a month ago; I feel like you are one of my oldest friends! I cannot thank you enough for letting me ride with you in the "Command and Control Center" for the better part of a day!. To be able to see the way the boat experiences a rapid from back there was the highlight of the entire trip for me. THANK YOU, SO MUCH! And, also, PEANUT BUTTER! Everywhere, on everything!
Joseph Cottrell
Tooele / Utah
My 9 year old daughter and I took this fantastic trip with GCEX in 1979. The guides are the gold standard in the Canyon*** Each hour brought breathtaking vistas and whitewater thrills. We read John Wesley Powell's book before the trip so were primed for adventure. All the equipment is first class, the meals scrumptious, and it remains one of the BEST trips of my life. Thank you for vivid memories! I recommend GCEX to friends/family planning a Canyon water trip. So happy for your success!!
Margaret C.
Birmingham / AL
The Trip was gorgeous ! We feel honored to have experienced nature, beauty and landscape so close. Organization was perfect and the Crew summed up this one of a kind experience.
Not only was it a fun, physical, and educational trip, the meals were fresh and delicious and I can not say enough about Capains Ann Marie and Ben, as well as their swampers Shawn and Julie, who made this journey a pleasure. We are already discussing our next trip thru the canyon with your company
Steven Winckler
Riverhead / New York
I will HIGHLY recommend this company to family and friends looking for the experience of a lifetime. The scenery was breath-taking, guides amazing and the friendships I made will last forever. I went with a group of four (my 73 old father, and our two neighbors), but left the adventure with a WHOLE group of NEW friends and family.Loved our guides! Irv, Adam, Kyle and Ben made the whole experience that much more exciting. They made the event memorable with their expertise, education and infectious love of the river.Thank you for providing such a moving experience. BUCKET LIST ITEM - CHECK!!
Tami Dorraugh
Volcano / California
Den & Roger were amazing! Truly a trip of a lifetime. The boats were a blast. Hikes were breathtaking. And the food was great. Wished the bus would've taken us back to the start so we could've done it all over again. Thanks for everything.
Mesa / AZ
Everything was amazing and wonderful! Ben, Julie, Glade and Tony were awesome! It was so exciting! Good food, great drivers, and having Q was the topping on the cake! We absolutely loved every minute of our trip!
Karen West
Layton/Kanab / Utah
I was privileged 46 years ago to take a river trip with my father. We hiked down the Kaibab trail and met two motor rafts at Phantom Ranch. Our trip leader was Ron Smith. The next week was an amazing adventure through the mid , and lower canyon. My faded memories include thrilling rapid rides through Crystal, and Lava Falls, Camping on pristine sandy beaches, and the cowboy camaraderie of the evening campfires. So when my brother invited me to come along this year I jumped at the chance. The trip is still one of the most amazing experiences we mere humans can have. to be able to travel along geological time ,and witness nature closely is more than inspiring. The care ,and comfort that GCEX provides along the way is exemplary to the ideals that were shown to me that first trip. Respect what surrounds you. Revel in it's energy, and practice the lessons that you learn along the way.
James "Flash" Quinby
San Rafael / California
Rafting 280 miles down the Colorado River, camping under the stars, exploring beautiful side canyons, eating delicious meals prepared by the crew - these are just a few of the reasons this experience is so special. Irv and Chuck were knowledgeable and made great decisions about what we saw each day, where we camped, and were the ultimate professionals. Ultimately what we keep mentioning when people ask about our trip was the special group of people with whom we traveled. From several countries and states, we learned about each other, laughed often, and shared a week that we will never forget.
Lisa Bauer
Clay Center / KS
A Life Changing Experience!! Our 8-day journey was filled with a variety of one-of-a-kind adventures, including hiking to ancient native cliff granaries, excursions to waterfalls (free personal showers), visiting unique geological formations and mineral pools, ponds and small rivers where we could enjoy water sport activities. From the first morning announcement -- "Coffee's Ready!" to the hour we all turned in at night, our Grand Canyon experience was filled with entertaining and educational activities. Our Professional River Guides and their First Mates presented us with a most enjoyable time, including highlights of the history of the Grand Canyon's formation and modern discovery by nineteenth and early twentieth century adventurers. Of course, there are some river life details that you must experience yourselves…. Our group was fun and friendly, and many new acquaintances have become good friends as a result of our mutual experiences. Did I mention the rapids were awesome?? When can we come back for an encore?
Dan Mostacciuolo
Clifton / VA