What Our Guests Have To Say

GCexGC…. natural beauty displayed in it’s finest grandeur.EX….. EXpeditions with Exceptional and EXtraorinarily Experienced guides.Their talents abound. Beyond being highly skilled oarsmen, the team’s intimate knowledge of the geology and geography of the river was impressive. Additionally, their commitment to the best possible adventure included amazing meals, readings of beautiful poetry, personal writings of river stories and guitar melodies. They were warm and personable, always attentive to our comfort and safety.The dedication and pride in sharing the wonders of the Grand Canyon through GCex guarantee a remarkable EXpedition!!!Eternally grateful, Dee Davis (Morristown, NJ)
Dee Davis
Morristown / NJ
It was a trip I had wanted to do for many years and it did not disappoint. Glade our guide and Max ( the swamper and hat rescuer) were just wonderful, knowledgeable and a lot of fun. I had not camped in many years but found sleeping under the stars every night magnificent, except for the night I had to chase my air pillow down a hill when it got caught in a gust of wind, a comedic moment for sure. The people I met on the trip and in our boat were fun and interesting, adding to the experience. It truly is the only way to see the Grand Canyon. I'd do it again in a minute, but maybe with a different pillow next time.
Leisa Stalnaker
Richmond / Virginia
Ben, Julie, Vernon, Adam, and Shelly were a great team--experienced and knowledgeable with a sense of humor and concern for individuals. Excellent cooks as well!
Mark Howland
Somerville / MA
We just finished the last 8 day motorized raft trip 0f 2019, and even after one week, we are still missing the River. The "trip of a lifetime" can't describe the every day incredible excitement of the Grand Canyon. Our raft was guided by Glade Zarn who was very professional and continually ensured our safety while making sure we enjoyed every second. His swamper Max was very personable and helpful. The 2nd raft of boatman Zach and swamper Brendis were so knowledgeable and were amazing to be around. My husband and I both teared up at the end. Thank you Grand Canyon Expeditions! Oh, and yes, the food was amazing. Did we mention it was the trip of a lifetime?....
Jim & Jane Findarle
Modesto / CA
This is an amazing gorgeous trip like no other. The food was excellent, the side trips superb, and the rafting itself is SO FUN and just visually stunning in a way you are not prepared for unless you have done it before. The guides are excellent human beings, as well as being thoroughly knowledgeable and skillful. I always felt safe and well cared for. We made new friends that felt like family by the end of the trip. Thank you Grand Canyon Expeditions, especially Duffy, Bob, Tony and Regan!
Dana Garrison
Blue Mounds / WI
Stop reading these reviews and just book it! This was a life changing trip for our group and was truly unforgettable. GCEX is definitely the company to go with when going down the Canyon. We were a private charter group of first timers and they took care of everything! It was so nice to not have to do any planning or decision making on the trip because the guides had it all taken care of. Thanks Glade and Tab! Our group was genuinely sad for this trip to end and would’ve loved to do it all over again as soon as it ended. Thanks for an unforgettable trip, incredible food and for doing what you do! Get outside friends!
Claire Williams
Dallas / TX
All guides were exceptional, their knowledge of canyon history and lore as well as concern for all of us was outstanding. Best expedition ever. Hats off to Zach Dustin , James and Joe
Rick Simmons
New York
Our Boatmen and Swampers (Jalynda, Den, Rhye and DD) we attentive, fun, knowledgeable and professional. The crew combined with the Canyon and River made it a trip of a lifetime. Thank you so much and happy trails!
C.J. Winke
Chicago / Il
Everything about the rafting trip was so orderly and well executed. Jim and Hanna are professionals in captaining the rafts and managing groups of people, their attention to details made for a memorable experience. The food was excellent, the choice of hiking and camp sites were to everyone's liking. I have recommended this trip to several friends and would consider taking a similar trip in future.
Michael Lee
Excellence. Professionalism. Vigilance. Compassion. Intelligence. Hilarity. Preparedness. Support. Kindness. Passion. Inclusiveness. Respect. Accommodating. Patient. Talent. These are words that come immediately to mind when I consider my tremendous good fortune to have booked with GCEX. I was happy with this experience from the very first inquiry to beyond the finish-I’m pining yet, 3 full weeks after the adventure ended, wanting only to return again ASAP. This is a “soft to medium hard” outdoor expedition; the company absolutely takes as good care of you as possible given that you are a mile deep in a remote, wild canyon, but you will get sand EVERYWHERE. You might get hot. Or cold. And wet & dirty. Or feel sore from stretching your physical, financial & emotional envelope. But you will have traveled 277 miles on the Colorado River in one of the world’s most astonishing places. For me, it was the adventure of a lifetime (and as a commercial, corporate Hot Air Balloon pilot of over 30 years, I have been around the proverbial adventure block) which left me only wanting more of this exact experience. I can’t get back there fast enough. Thank you Roger Patterson, Jim Hall (you poet, you), Chris & Moki-I love & miss you all - to Shelly, Nan, Taylor, and ALL the office folk with whom I spoke a dozen times, thank you. This was a life affirming and life changing experience. We are so blessed by you offering this extraordinary service. Keep up your good & important work.
Williamsport / PA
I would do it again starting tomorrow. Save your money and do this trip. At least once. The boatmen know every inch of the river and canyons and they can take you on a wild ride with superior confidence. The hikes in the side canyons, the food, everything about this trip is 5 star. Don't get me wrong, it is pretty hard core camping as you are in the sand and heat for several days, but so worth it. You need to be in reasonable shape to get the most out of the trip, but the boatmen/swampers do their best to accomdate various fitness levels. Met the most amazing people that I will remain friends with. Sleeping outside under the stars, no cell service....no one even missed it. I cannot recommend this highly enough. I've been to Europe several times and loved it, but not like this. The river gets in your head. Also- if you're thinking of going read all the literature you can find. Start with "The Emerald Mile", then "There's This River" and the account of John Wesley Powell's "Down the Great Unknown" by Edward Dolnick. Also read Edward Abbey. And pack the sarong. Guys and gals need a sarong. Everyone at Grand Canyon Expeditions is super pro and they have these trips dialed in, from your stay in Vegas to the equipment, the food (unbelievable) the jet boat ride at the end.....these people are passionate about what they do and lucky for us they are willing to share their love of this river with us.
Constance Kretschmer
Wellington / NV
I was continually impressed by Grand Canyon Expeditions and all of their staff. The pre-trip meeting was informative and the lead of the meeting was full of energy and excited for our trip. The boatmasters were so helpful and knowledgeable. They continually did things to make our trip more fun, more comfortable. They have a ton of energy. They looked out for everybody in our family from the youngest to the oldest. Our group spanned 13 to 77 years old.
Mike Fillat
San Diego / CA
We had a blast on the 8-day trip. Bobby and Glade were our 2 boatmen on the tandem trip. Hikes. Great food. Knowledgeable. Trustworthy. Made our trip! Would highly recommend this trip. There are a lot of moving parts and GCE has it wired.
lynn morgan
Den, Kyle, Steven & Preston gave us an adventure we will never forget. Their knowledge, guidance, skills, and care for our well being was VERY impressive. The cooking setup was brilliant and the meals just kept getting better everyday. Whoever came up with the little blue buckets at night was simply perfect.Den and Kyle's river knowledge, skills, and ability to know how and what to do to teach, protect and care for everyone on the trip - never ceased to amaze us. Steven is coming up right behind them in all those areas as well. Also was fun to see what Steven would wear for dinner. Only thing he was missing was the tuxedo. (-: This was Preston's first trip as a swamper and would say he is a natural. Enjoyed his pioneer outfit too.When we needed a lift up or a little encouragement they were always there with out stretched arms. Was pretty impressive to watch them all fly around the boats, never missing a beat. And last, but not least, was the music in the canyon and under the stars was very special. We are still dreaming about being in the Canyon and on the river, it is a magical place, we don't ever want to forget.
Rick & Carolyn Kaup
Scottsdale / Arizona
Our 27 family members had the time of our lives! Every need was met, every concern addressed. Glade, Adam, Shelly and Geiger made sure that we absorbed and enjoyed all that the Canyon has to offer. I researched all of the commercial companies and GCEX, by far, offers the best opportunities and adventures for their customers. We are all spread around the country, but the 27 of us are still sharing this fabulous adventure with each other two weeks after it’s conclusion. You guys are fabulous!
Steve Ellis
Columbus / MS
Trip of a lifetime
Beth Hyde
Moores hill / Indiana
Trip was awesome !! Guides were great - friendly, attentive to detail, very helpful. Food was delicious with great variety - steaks, pork chops, spaghetti, Mexican, Chinese for dinner; eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit for breakfast; fantastic sandwiches for lunch. Spectacular side canyon hikes just about every day ending at waterfalls or swimming holes. The topper was the geologist that accompanied the trip. What a learning experience !! Would do the trip again in a heartbeat.
This trip started as a dream trip for my husband and became the best family vacation EVER!!! Best trip to explore, relax, and escape! Amazing views only a few get to experience! A trip of a lifetime❤️
Mark, Angelia, and Reece Maxeiner
Quincy / IL
More like 100 stars! We departed on July 4th both our tour guides in red white and blue flag outfits. Jalynda and her sister Coco made us feel welcome and safe. They took care of every need before we knew what we needed. They managed to make working hard look like they were doing nothing. Taking care of everything.
Karen Black
Selbyville / Delaware
If you want to have your soul smoothed and polished take this trip with GCEX. The sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures of the Grand Canyon will seep into you and never leave. GCEX makes this possible with their top notch operation and personal. They take care of EVERYTHING, all you have to do take the Canyon in.
Coatesville / PA
The best trip I have been on so far! Amazing weather, great people, awesome guides, excellent food, gorgeous waterfalls and canyons, this trip was perfect! I don't use the word 'perfect' very often, but I can't think of anything that I'd change to make it better. Adam, Brody, Bob, and Bill were all great and provided a lot of humor and info throughout the trip. I know it's dubbed as one of those "once in a lifetime trips" but I'm already of dreaming of making this trip again. Someday. Until then, I'll just have to live off my memories 🙂
Campton / NH
Pros: 1) Guides were excellent!!! Thanks Hannah & Art June 22nd, 2019 trip. Randy & Eddie made excellent helpers! 2) Could tell no holds were barred on the food. Thanks for the excellent cuisine. 3) Camp cots and pads were unexpectedly comfortable.Suggestions: 1) Would have liked to have more numerous, but shorter stops as you went down the canyon. We stopped at a number of waterfalls and such, but would often spend 2-3 hours there. A bit too long. It would have been nicer to stop for perhaps an hour and then go on down river and make another short stop. That way you could see more. 2) Would have love to have done more hikes. Perhaps other times of the year are more conducive to this, but an early morning hike out of camp before hitting the water for the day would have been really nice even if it was too hot to do that in the afternoon. 3) Perhaps include some evening talks or "classes" ? Would have been neat to hear even more stories about the canyon lore, learn how to "read" the river, what rafting was like in the old days, plants and animals in the regionEquipment Suggestions: 1) Include carabiner clips (1 or 2) on your packing list. Would have been very helpful to have along for clipping water bottles and/or day packs to tie points on raft. 2) Communal day bag wasn't really big enough to hold everyone's day pack. Let folks know when packing before the trip that their day pack may need to be clipped on (hence the carabiner) and will likely be wet. That way they can take steps to waterproof ahead of time if they want. 3) Suggest that maybe flip flops would be a good evening camp shoe since camp sites are sandy. Flip flops were discouraged in the literature for hiking (as they should be!) but would have provided a comfortable lounging foot wear around camp.
Becky Woodward
Great trip, excellent food.
Ann Anderson
Baja Mexico
2019...my third trip with GCEX and this time to celebrate my 60th birthday! Dreams do come true- how blessed I was to spend this adventurous time with some friends and get to make new ones. Our guides, Ben and Kyle, and swampers, Julie and Kayla, were exceptional- they took care of everything (and then some) including making sure we were safe and HAD FUN! Heartfelt gratitude for the dance party and the special Lemon Cake from Kyle's grandma's recipe- over the top!
Jennifer Weinert
Papaikou / Hawai'i
The trip was amazing, we couldn't have asked for better weather, fellow rafters and guides. The food was AMAZING, they did a great job cooking for us. Duffy's hummus was awesome. It was so great to hear the history of the river and canyon along with seeing it so close. I know feel people really miss seeing the best parts if they just hike and especially if they just view it from the top. We will plan on going again!
Rachel Stewart
Phoenix / AZ
Great time! Great support staff and guides. Well organized. There is a store at orientation that has the essentials. Way easier than searching the internet. The logo sunshirt is a must(photo), a buff, a sarong and carabiners all sold there. The rain suit sold there also.
Fantastic experience! Ben and Julie, and Kyle and Kayla were the best guides. Great knowledge of the history of the canyon, incredibly patient, and a blast to be around. Could not have had better crew. Once in a lifetime adventure that I encourage all to experience. GCEX really takes care of their guests all the way through. Thank you.
Park City / Utah
An unbelievable experience! The crew was knowledgeable on everything about the canyon. The food was excellent, the hikes were amazing. Sleeping out under the stars was wonderful. I would highly recommend this as a once in a lifetime experience!
Cory Walsworth
Salt Lake City / Utah
The passion and love this company has for the Canyon and River translate into customer care like like you've never seen.
Clemson / SC
The trip was over the top. More than I could have possibly imagined. Our guides were the best that I have ever had. Bobby has been doing this for 40 years and he is excellent. His personality and his stories are unforgettable. Scotty, our other guide was incredible as well. Without them, the trip would have still been great, but with their help, it was unforgettable. I was ready to go back the next week.
Jeffrey Marquis
Oakton / VA
It was an awesome trip. Zack, Hanna, Eddie, Kate were an excellent crew. They worked together like they had known each other for years and years. They were knowledgeable, answered all our questions, very helpful, patient, a sense of humor and always had a smile. I was apprehensive about taking this trip but their encouragement but me at ease and I enjoyed this trip immensely. The food was fantastic and very nourishing.
Catherine COOK
This trip was a life-changing experience. One that I will never forget. I hope to return one day to this special place. Den, DD, Ben,and Julie were phenomenal. Even the rainy/hail storm day on the rapids was unforgettable. I can't thank you all enough!!
Adriana Vernon
Castle Rock / Colorado
The most amazing trip!!! From start to finish GCEX is a top notch company. Sign up was easy, pre-trip info gave you all the information you needed to be prepared, and hotel accommodations were great. Now for the trip. Our guides, Jim and Trevin, did everything they could to make our trip the trip of a lifetime. They had thorough knowledge of the river, gave us daily geology lessons, and worked their butts off to provide us the best breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that would rival many restaurants. It was obvious from day 1 that they have a passion for their jobs and the river/canyon! Rick and Tammy, our swampers, were also a big part of making us feel comfortable in the canyon environment. I was unsure about 8 days off the grid prior to the trip, but once you leave Lee's Ferry you get immersed in the canyon. The views of the canyon walls, the river, the rapids, hikes, and your river "family" quickly make you forget about the outside world. A day on the river is like no other. I couldn't believe how quick the days went as you spent the time enjoying the views, hitting the rapids, learning some history, hiking, eating, packing and unpacking the boats, and having time at night to have a few drinks and visit with your family! Our weather was perfect so we had the opportunity for 7 nights to fall asleep looking at the stars and Milky Way!! The trip can be a somewhat tiring. It does take some effort to help load and unload the boats (it's a team effort), get your camp set up at night and taken down in the morning, and pack and unpack at the start and end of each day, but all that is forgotten as you proceed on your journey! There was some apprehension about the "groover" (toilet) situation before the trip, but you get a thorough explanation of the process on day 1 and in all honesty it wasn't as bad as expected. It gets located in a fairly remote part of your evening camp site and the entrance easily marked. Everyone on our trip followed the explained "process" and we had no issues. For the most part you are private and after the first day or so you become fairly comfortable with it! As for the food, you can not believe the amount and quality of the food that we had. Breakfasts included eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausages, along with many breads and accompaniments, and coffee. Lunches, once set up, looked like you walked into a deli with cold cuts, cheeses, breads, lettuce, tomatoes, veggies, chips, pickles, etc etc etc! Dinners were unbelievable! Chicken parm/pasta, mahi mahi, shrimp, pork chops, steaks, and more, and dessert each night! They actually baked a birthday cake for one of our rafters, including candles!!! You won't go hungry!!! Finally, and most importantly, is being prepared for the trip. I found that following the checklist and optional checklist they provided pre-trip gets you at 99.9% prepared. I read many reviews before the trip and got some additional tips from previous rafters that took care of the .1%. Many of those additions were personal recommendations, but some did come in handy. We found we somewhat overpacked, so I would recommend packing a little lighter. Rainsuits are a must!! All in all this was a fantastic trip. GCEX does everything it can to make it an experience of a lifetime. I know there are other outfitters that run the river, but I would highly recommend this company for your rafting adventure. Thank you GCEX, Jim, Trevin, Tammy, and Rick!!!
Gary Glosser
Rochester / New York
This was an amazing trip! Our guide, Kyle was the reason we had so much fun. His enthusiasm, always happy attitude, positive outlook on life and concern for our safety and comfort was awesome. The other 3 guides were also incredible. They all started working at 4 am and did not stop until around 9 pm! The scenery is so diverse and awe inspiring. The campsites were all so pretty and the dinners varied from spaghetti, to mexican night, to 1 inch thick steaks on the last night. Yum... We also had hot cooked breakfasts and tasty wraps or sandwiches for lunch each day.One suggestion for all those getting ready for the trip is the day pack should be listed as required, not optional and definitely have good rain gear and hat lanyards. Also, understand you will be setting up your own tent and cot each night and reversing that the next morning (coffee at 5:15 am), everyone helps load and unload the boat each evening too. It is all fun, you just need to be ready for it.
Debbie Hebron
Excellent, historical and fun adventure with Capt. Zach, Capt. Adam, Tabitha and Alan! The food, hikes, and white water rafting was over the top!
Linda Presley
iola / TX
Pretty much the best experience with the best crew and guests you can imagine. Den, Ben, Julie & DD were so gracious, fun, and knowledgable. The company provided all the little details to make the trip comfortable. The other guests were so much fun to meet and spend time with. Overall a great experience! No need to look any further than GCEX. 11 out of 10.
George Sargeant
Park Ridge / IL
WOW! Words couldnt even begin to describe how incredible this trip was. Duffy, Kiersten & Den were our Raft Guides - SO knowledgable, funny, and kind - they made the trip for my mom, sister and I. The food was incredible, the hikes were spectacular, and the late night conversations and non-stop laughs were unforgettable. I would absolutely recommend GCE to anyone interested in exploring the Grand Canyon.
Mia Mineghino
Austin / Texas
This is the second trip for me and my daughter. Emily and Faith were truly exceptional guides. Even when the weather wasn't perfect, they added humor and camaraderie for the group. Food was truly amazing. My body is telling me ( I will be 74) that 2 trips are enough, but I am seriously considering doing this next year! GCEX is the BEST outfitter, bar none!
Don Richards
Vail / Arizona
One word describes this trip ……. EXCEPTIONAL! From day 1 in the misty rain through our last day in the sun, this trip was truly the trip of a lifetime. I cannot say enough good about Emily, Bacco, Randy, and Faith. Not only did they guide us safely through wonders of the Grand Canyon, they were full of the knowledge and stories (with just a hint of embellishment) about the Grand Canyon that kept us all asking for more. In addition, the quality of the meals was incredible; not a small feat in this world apart from normal civilization. As an ecology trip we also enjoyed the wisdom and enlightenment of Carri and Dylan; knowledge that would have gone unnoticed had they not been along on our trip. Finally, I believe that we had an exceptional group of travelers to share this adventure. Everyone pitched in to make the trip enjoyable. It's fantastic when a large group of strangers on day 1 can leave on day 8 as new friends looking forward to meeting again some day in the future. All-in-all GCE has done an excellent job in making this a trip of a lifetime.
Jim Collins
Cornville / AZ
If I could give our trip more than 5 stars I would. I cannot say enough about how truly perfect our trip was with Greg and Tom on May 2-9. They were the best boatman and swamper ever!!! The other passengers on the trip definitely made it super fun. I didn't believe 8 days on the river could make such an impact on me. I did not want to leave. It does something to you being IN the canyon ON the river. You cannot understand the feeling until you experience it for yourself. Definitely the trip of a lifetime, for sure! Thank you for one of my best trips ever!
Chris Ratches
Kanab / UT
Loved the Canyon loved the guides. Food was exceptional and never ran out I will be back. Trip was like coming home after a long absence.
Barbara Howard
Boise / Id
Where do I begin? First of all, my husband and I had been on a 9 day rafting trip, 22 years ago, from Phantom Ranch to Diamond Creek. I had always described that trip as the most fun I've had in my life. We had the good fortune to nab two spots (off of the waitlist), and take a 16 day dory trip. This September dory trip was a gazillion times more fun and has now cemented a place as lifetime number one experience. We knew several people on the trip, and became fast friends with the rest of the group. I credit the expertise, the big hearts, and the knowledge of the boatmen and women who guided us, played with us, and shared their love of the river and the Grand Canyon with us. Floating through such a rich landscape and learning about the geology and history, hearing stories of past trips and adventures, and being treated to three delicious meals a day was just marvelous. The rapids were thrilling, the peaceful floating down the river was restorative to the soul. Hiking in the beautiful side canyons, catching a glimpse of a Peregrine falcon or Kestrel, a Western Kingbird (first time I'd seen one!), deer, bighorn sheep, and was that tiny bird flying waaaaay high a condor?, were all highlights of the adventure on top of the water and rapids. I live in a city and the only stars I get to see at night are the big dipper, maybe Venus or Mars if lucky, Orion in the late night... so getting to lie in a cot under the stars each night was unforgettable. I would count shooting stars, "one more, just one more before I close my eyes" and watch for satellites passing overhead. Being away from the world is a very powerful experience. No news, no email or phone. Just the wonderful people and boatmen, a merry band of friends collected for this 16 days, and the adventures we had along the way. I found that I wanted to take everyone home to continue friendships. I plan on more trips, more exploring, more starry night skies, for as long as I can manage it. I understand the hook the Grand Canyon sets in a person. I feel that pull still and there is a piece of my heart left there in that beautiful place. I thank the boatmen we travelled with: Andy, Lew, Jim, Doc, Coop, Hanna and Gretchen. I look forward to the time we may meet again, for more fun boating!
Lesley Jacobs
Seattle / WA
Thank you. I had an amazing holiday. The rafting was everything I expected with the excitement of the rapids along with grazing at the ever-changing landscape. Then the unexpected - swimming under waterfalls and star grazing seeing the milky way.
Claire Robinson
Lichfield / England
My trip took place during my fifty-fifty birthday celebration in May, 2000. SIMPLY A SENSATIONAL experience and adventure.I'm a foodie, TREMENDOUS breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Our final night dinner included TASTY steaks and all the trimmings. A MAGNIFICENT life experience.Our fellow rafters met as strangers and departed as friends. The scenery needs no attempt to describe. Mind numbingly beautiful.The Colorado River in May...ICE COLD. Don't worry, the sun dries you off in a few minutes.Come with A POSITIVE ATTITUDE, kick back and enjoy this remarkable adventure !!
E Paul Lian
Phoenix / Arizona
What, no 6 star ratings available..???The trip with Adam/Shelly, Jim/Tom was even more memorable than our first in 1984, which was bitchin'. Galloway was my raft. I felt a kindred spirit with Jim, and besides, we're both big-time geologist enthusiasts.This little ditty, sung at the Low/No Talent night (favorite..!), sums up my second memorable time on this special water.GRAND RIVER An ode to Gallo/Jim/Tom and Dubie/Adam/Shelly, and friends on a most excellent escapade Sung (loosely) to Moon RiverGrand River, mile after mile, we’re traveling in style, this day… With guides skillful, ever cheerful, each morning they greet us the very same way..!Great coffee, and hearty breakfast too, then off to use the loo, (… but only for a poo) (… with such a Groovy view)Days drifting, with friends both old and new, multi-generational too, … lessons ‘neath the storied spires … of which we never tire … and tails of which I‘m sure are true (!)Camp’s chosen, when the day’s run’s done, post zipper-line we crack a brew Gourmet dinners, our chef’s, winners, then afterwards maybe a wren-run or two … and a circular raucous ensuesTrip’s closing, sad to see it end, I’ll miss you all my dear old farts Once more an adventure, has gathered us together, more wonderous memories to hold in our heartsGrand River, mile after mile, we’re traveling in style, this day With guides skillful, ever cheerful, so grateful we had you to show us the wayyyyyy.Humbly,DMTI'll be sending this Ode to Jim as he asked. He may have some fun with it, and he knows we have a dream to dory down with him...En masse, the group loved the trip. And for us older ones, we were our parents in 1984, and to expose our kids to what we were exposed to, well, check off that item off the big list.Thanks for all you do. It worked again.Cheers,Dave
David Trigg
we surely chose the best company for our trip. guides were terrific ,food great. the whole experience could not have been better.
jan ogletree
pagosa springs / colorado
"Come roll in all the riches around you and for once, never wonder what they're worth..." - Alan Menken (Colors of the Wind from Disney's Pocahontas)There are no words that can express my experience with the Grand Canyon Expeditions company (GCEX), the Canyon, the River, or the energy and spirits that captivated me. My eyes widen and a huge smile gushes across my face thinking of my voyage.Many factors (weather, my own mindset, river flows, fellow rafters) beyond anyone's control went into my trip, but I must say that GCEX played a huge role in making it absolutely amazing. The crew at GCEX is outstanding! I had been longing for this trip for 18 years since I first hiked the Havasupai trail and am so glad I went with this company over my other options!My guides during the trip included Marc (Lead for the trip w/ many years of experience- his actions showed confidence and leadership), his Swamper- Ron (sympathetic and kind who always took extra care of anyone in need- sprained ankles to vegetarians), my boat guide Kyle (extremely knowledgeable about the canyon and funny, but most importantly he showed kindness and respect to the animals and land), and his Swamper- Jeremiah (first timer on the River- went overboard literally to pick up other people's trash out of the water and was hilarious keeping everyone in good spirits) were all amazing!!! I booked a specialized Geology trip so that I could absorb as much Canyon as I could- Sue was our Geologist and she was absolutely enlightening being packed with so much knowledge (and cheesy rock jokes) my brain needed a nap just to process all of the content!Again words lack in expression in attempting to explain the Grand Canyon to someone who has not indulged. Even those that have indulged still lack the vocabulary for conveying its richness and splendor.Thank you
Kristi Shorette
Las Vegas / NV
Loved this trip! It truly was a trip of a lifetime!!! Our guides and swampers were amazing, knowledgeable, friendly, funny, fun and very educated in Geology, and all things River! They can also cook the best meals in no time flat! The beauty was endless and amazing creating memories I will carry for ever. Thank you GCEX.
Marsha Stultz
Portland / Maine
Fantastic trip, well organised, food was great. Anne Marie and Lyndsey good company and very informative. Wonderful experience!
jane strongman
bretx / france
My husband and I went on a trip last year and before we got out of the river we knew we had to go again. I just got back from my second trip - I just cannot stay out of the canyon. GCEX is an amazing company and will give you an experience you will forever cherish. They ensure everyone of the guests are having the best possible time. The food is unbelievably superior to many restaurants. Sleeping on cool, clean beaches without the crowds is amazing. Rafting the many rapids is so much fun, all you need to do is hold on. I have shared this trip of a lifetime with two different groups and have so many new friends and wonderful memories. We were lucky to have O C, a legend on the river, join us last week. Emily and Kyle were our guides and they made the trip so remarkable. I recommend this company to make this a trip of your lifetime. Get it off your bucket list now and sign up. The only problem is exiting the canyon is so hard that you will want to get back as quickly as possible
Yvonne Settle
Elkton / MD