Reflecting on our 2022 Season

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Our 2022 season was one for the books. We had some low water, crazy monsoons, and record-setting heat. But we also explored, laughed, and had friendships flourish in the Canyon.

Grand Canyon Expeditions guides and swampers did it again! Our guides had an awesome season and managed to share a place they love with our guests. They shared their intimate knowledge of the canyon, took their groups on once-in-a-lifetime adventures, and made sure to treat each guest with love and respect.

(L-R) Glade, Madi, Emily and Mija

Our trainee program added some new faces, and each trainee worked hard and dedicated themselves this season. The task of teaching about the Canyon is an important one, and our guides did awesomely. We are hoping that these trainees have discovered a love of the Grand Canyon and will work hard to preserve and share it in the future.

Our warehouse and office staff behind the scenes helped to create reservations, answer guest questions and help our guides prepare for each of their trips. Between prepping and taking care of the boats, to ordering the food – they helped with the trips until the guides took over.

From the first moment a customer calls the office to when they get back to the Rim World at the end of the trip, we are lucky to have such an awesome crew to handle the details!

And of course – a huge thank you to our guests! Without you, we wouldn’t be able to run the river and love what we do. Each guest makes it worth it, and anytime we can share one of our favorite places is a good time in our book.

The Grand Canyon is one of the greatest gifts nature bestowed on our country. There is no better way to immerse yourself in its grandeur, magnitude, and lore than rafting the Colorado River with Grand Canyon Expeditions (GCEX). This is a first-class company that does everything right. I recommend them without reservation, even if you are a senior citizen like many on my trip.  You will be transformed by the experience. I am no camper and I hate cold water. Much to my reservations and surprise the camping was comfortable and fantastic once I mastered assembling my cot. Sleeping outside under a canopy of stars and the Milky Way is almost as impressive as the canyon itself. We watched dozens of satellites and shooting stars every night. You wake to the sound of GOOD MORNING GRAND CANYON, HOT COFFEE! Yes, the water was cold but even this skinny Florida boy found it refreshing after a day of rafting. The guides were total pros and kept us entertained and well fed. The hikes were physically demanding and sometimes scary but the destinations made it all worth it – swimming in waterfall pools and floating down tributaries were magical. Jumping off the cliff near the end of the trip made us all feel like we could do anything. The meals were fantastic and most importantly we had ice for cocktails throughout the entire trip. Hygiene was extremely important given the pandemic and Norco virus issues. Our guides made sure we all took measures to keep ourselves healthy during the trip. Book your trip now with GCEX and I promise you it will be the experience of a lifetime. No, GCEX did not pay me to write this. In fact, I am a professional complainer so I was thrilled to find a company doing something right and exceeding my lofty expectations.

-Lawrence Weiner

Our last Dory trip just got off the water – so our season is officially over!

So, here’s to you, Grand Canyon. Through the years, you’ve provided all of those who have traveled the bottom with beauty, adventure, and wonder. You’ve taught us about patience, community, and respect – and we thank you! We’ll see you next season!


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