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The Rain Suit … Q&A

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Do I really need to pack a rain suit?  Will it rain? What type of rain suit should I bring? 

We get a lot of questions about rain suits.   Here are some answers and explanations to some of the most popular guest rain suit questions.

Q: Will I really need a rain suit for my trip? Are we expecting rain?

A: You will need a rain suit no matter what time of the season your trip is in. We actually recommend the suit for when you are sitting on the boat going through rapids. Even if the air temperature is 90 degrees F the river’s water temperature is regulated by Glen Canyon Dam, so it always runs at about 47 degrees F.  That’s pretty cold. The rain suit is perfect to cover you up and to keep you dry (and in turn warm). It’s especially nice to have on the mornings that have a lot of rapids planned.  You are in the desert, so mornings can be a little cool. Of course the rain suit is nice in the case of rain, but we suggest it mostly to keep you drying during your whitewater mornings.

GCE Rain Suit

Sockdolager Rain Suit modeled by GCE Guide Ben Howard

Q: What type of rain suit should I bring? Will a rain coat work? 

A: We recommend a pair of pants as well as a jacket. That way you can keep your whole body dry. We also recommend bringing a high quality suit. A river trip can cause a lot of wear and tear, so a high quality suit will work best. Usually nylon coated or a Gore-Tex suit will hold up well.  Lightweight suits do not last very long and tend to rip easily.

Q: Where can I purchase a rain suit?

A: You can purchase a rain suit directly from our GCE River Wear Store. They are available for purchase in our Online Store as well as in person at your orientation meeting the night before your trip. You can also find them at most sporting goods stores.

For more information, you can give our office a call at 800-544-2691.


Our trip details also include information about Rain Suits:

We recommend that you bring a rain suit – not just for use during inclement weather, but primarily as protection while on the boat because the river is cold and the rapids are numerous. If you’re on the river when the weather is cool or are going through rapids in early morning or late afternoon shade, a rain suit will keep you dry and warm. 

There can be wear and tear on a rain suit used on a motorized or dory trip, so we suggest that you purchase a good quality suit. Usually a coated nylon or Gore-Tex suit will hold up well. Lightweight vinyl suits generally do not last more than a few days as they rip easily. 

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