Planning your trip

Your Trip Begins & Ends in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS - MAY 12 : Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas neon sign with Las Vegas strip road background View of the strip on May 12, 2015Our 8, 9, 14 & 16-day expeditions begin and end in Las Vegas, Nevada. Be sure to arrive the afternoon or evening the day before for your river trip. Las Vegas is served by many major airlines, making travel arrangements easy.
Our river trips end on the 8th, 9th, 14th, or 16th day at Pearce Ferry, where a bus will be waiting to pick you up. You will be back in Las Vegas in the evening, giving you an option of staying in Las Vegas or scheduling a late evening flight.

Where to stay that night.

For your convenience we have partnered with the Residence Inn Las Vegas Hughes Center as our preferred hotel. Of course you do not have to stay here but this is the location you will be picked up and have a pre trip meeting the night before your departure. Grand Canyon Expeditions will make your room reservation for the night before and the night after your trip. If you wish to book extra nights before or after your trip, reservations should be made directly with the Residence Inn by calling 702-650-0040 or email

PLEASE NOTE – Some restrictions do apply. We are unable to include hotel accommodations on any discounted or Travel Agent commissioned GCE trip.

Pre Trip Meeting

Our representative will meet you at the hotel the evening prior to your trip at a pre-arranged time to answer last-minute questions, and to give you waterproof river bags in which to pack your clothing. If you are driving to Las Vegas, you may leave your vehicle at the hotel for the 8, 9, 14, or 16 days while you are on the river.

What should you bring

Travel light, travel happy! One of the most appealing aspects of a Grand Canyon river trip is that you need to bring very little with you to be comfortable. The climate in the canyon is mild, and just a few changes of clothes are needed. We supply all camping equipment, waterproof river bags, and waterproof camera boxes, and these are included in the cost of your trip. (a detailed list of recommended clothing and personal items to bring on the trip will be sent when reservations are confirmed.)

What To Bring | A Grand Canyon River Rafting Checklist

The following are included in the cost of your trip:

  • 01

    Round-trip transportation from Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 02

    Sleeping bag, sleeping pad, ground cloth, camping cot, camp chair and tent
  • 03

    Waterproof river bags for your sleeping bag and clothing
  • 04

    Waterproof box for camera or personal items
  • 05

    All meals while on the river, prepared with fresh meats and produce
  • 06

    A generous supply of soft drinks, and fruit juice

Suggested Clothing & Other Equipment to Bring:

  • 01

    Two-piece rain suit
  • 02

    Sweatshirt or sweater
  • 03

  • 04

    Windbreaker or Jacket
  • 05

    2 or 3 pair of ankle socks (good sun protection)
  • 06

    1 pair long slacks, jeans or sweats

  • 07

    1 or 2 swimsuits (More if you want to wear one everyday)
  • 08

    3 pair shorts, cut offs (Nylon shorts dry quickly)

  • 09

    3 shirts or blouses (1 with long sleeves)
  • 10

    2 pair rubber-soled shoes (Wear 1 pair while other dries)
  • 11

    Shampoo and Soap
  • 12

    Towel, Washcloth (Thin ones dry quickly)
  • 13

    2 hats or caps with brim and ties (1 for spare)
  • 14

    Hand and body lotion (16 oz, per person, sun,water, and heat dries your skin quickly.)
  • 15

    Sun screen (generous supply)
  • 16

    Lip balm (With sun screen is best)
  • 17

    Flash light or head lamp, extra batteries
  • 18

    Pocket-size packages of Kleenex
  • 19

    8 Zip-Loc plastic bags, quart size 7"x8"(For personal trash, photo supplies, ect, during the day)
  • 20

    1 water bottle (1qt, Minimum to carry water while hiking)

Optional Items

  • 01

    Camera, film, extra memory cards, and padding for camera case, sunglasses.

  • 02

    Plus one spare pair, glasses, retainer for eyeglasses, extra pair of prescription glasses if you wear them.

  • 03

    Bandanna or scarf, insect repellent (Rarely needed)

  • 04

    Cotton sheet (For sleeping on top of sleeping bag in hot weather), Small pillow

  • 05

    Gloves (Lightweight cotton-for hiking or climbing)

  • 06

    Wet wipes (individual packets)

Make your reservations early

An early reservation is your best assurance of getting the date you want, so we encourage you to make reservations as soon as possible. We recommend that you call our office before sending us your reservation form to confirm that the date you want is available. If it is, we'll be glad to hold your reservation for 10 days while your deposit is en route by mail.

However, cancellations do occur, so we can frequently accommodate late reservations.