8 & 9 Day Grand Canyon Rafting Expeditions

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An out-of-this-world adventure, rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon ranks up there with a safari to the Serengeti Plain or a trek through the Himalayas. The experience is definitely unique. In eight memorable days, you will cover approximately 277 river miles, negotiating nearly 200 exciting white water rapids in safety and first-class comfort. We travel the river differently than Major John Wesley Powell and his small band of explorers did in 1869, but just like Powell and those that followed him, the river and the canyon will be an awe-inspiring spectacle.

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“Away to the west are lines of cliff and ledges of rock — not such ledges as you may have seen where the quarryman splits his blocks, but ledges from which the gods might quarry mountains…and not such cliffs…where the swallow builds his nest, but cliffs where the soaring eagle is lost to view ere he reaches the summit” — John Wesley Powell

grand_canyon_river_rafting_boatThe Grand Canyon offers the most spectacular geological extravaganza on earth. It stretches for 277 miles, measures from four to 18 miles in width, and averages a mile in depth. Encompassing more than 1.2 million acres, the semi-arid canyon consists of raised plateaus, steep-walled canyons, desert basins at lower elevations and forests at higher elevations. The canyon walls provide an excellent record of three of the four eras of geological time, diverse fossil specimens, a vast array of geologic features and rock types, and numerous caves containing extensive and significant archeological, biological, geological, and paleontological resources.

Even though the Grand Canyon is a desert, it abounds in plants and wildlife. Cactus and wildflowers dot the riverbanks, as well as cool glens with tumbling waterfalls and ferns. Raft passengers might catch a glimpse of bighorn sheep, mule deer, coyotes, and ringtail cats along the riverbanks and in tributary canyons. Visitors may also see numerous species of birds flying overhead, including hawks, golden eagles, falcons, great blue herons, and egrets. In total, the Grand Canyon contains over 1,500 plant, 355 bird, 89 mammal, 47 reptile, 9 amphibian, and 17 fish species.

Since a Grand Canyon river rafting trip is a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, it should be an unhurried experience. Our eight-day excursions traverse the entire 277 miles of the canyon, beginning at Lees Ferry, Arizona (in Grand Canyon National Park), and ending at Pearce Ferry on Lake Mead.

To many, the most thrilling event on a Grand Canyon white water rafting trip is riding the rapids. The exhilaration you feel as your raft plunges through the waves is a hard-to-describe experience. Only after passing through such rapids as Soap Creek, Hance, Sockdolager, Hermit, Crystal, and Lava Falls can you appreciate the achievements of Major Powell and other early river explorers.

Life on one of our Grand Canyon rafting tours is pleasant. Eight days of exciting rapids, exploration, and sleeping under the stars will pass much too quickly! Most people sign up for our standard eight-day expeditions. However, we do offer special trips for those with particular interests in history, geology, photography, ecology, or archeology. On these expeditions, which follow the same course as our regular eight-day trips, experts in these disciplines share their specialized knowledge about the canyon.

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Want a better idea of what you are getting into? After all it is river rafting down the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. See how awesome it really is here.

raftdia1Our Rafts

The design of our boats enables us to carry several hundred pounds of ice, which will last the entire trip. We prepare every meal with fresh meats and produce. Although eating is not the reason people come to Grand Canyon, many of our guests comment that our meals were one of the highlights of their trip. (See Boat Diagram)

I am late in sending this in but my trip will stick with me forever so wanted to send a note. Had such a fantastic, memorable time and the crew were beyond awesome! Appreciate a million times over all their hard, hard work. As many people say, it is impossible to put into words what a tremendous experience we had on this trip. Thanks so much. Hope to do it again!
Carolyn Haun
Sherwood, Oregon
Experiencing the Canyon for 8 days is one of life's more memorable experiences. Having professional support while enjoying the Canyon is essential as the day you leave Lee's Ferry you are in the wilderness and the things you take for granted in your day to day world are not a given. We were very pleased with Grand Canyon Expeditions from the time we had our initial meeting to stepping back off the bus at Las Vegas. What made the trip truly wonderful was our two capable boatmen, Marc and Glade and their swampers Shanna and Jackie. These four individuals truly made the difference from it being a good experience to one that was truly memorable.
Jim Schaefer
Spicewood, Texas
Great trip, and Roger and Den (along with Chris and Mike) were great. Whitewater was fun, even in the rain! The hikes were amazing -- I think they were just about my favorite part of the trip. The scenery is unbelievable, and Roger's geographic knowledge was very helpful in getting a sense of the place. This is a great trip, and I would highly recommend it. Ask Den to sing the Port-a-potty Blues!
le Lassen
Camarillo, California
I just finished the 8 day trip with Den and Roger. It was the most incredible trip I've ever been on. From wild exciting Rapids, daily hikes with amazing views and awesome waterfalls, to excellent meals, it was an incredible journey. Our guides shared their knowledge of the river and canyon while keeping us laughing with their stories. They made the best meals, and desserts were outstanding. We spent nights singing and talking about our day and then fell asleep under the stars. What a view. I would recommend them to anyone who wants the adventure of a life time. They were the best.
Ginny Robertson
Palm Harbor, Florida
Loved it I tell every one they have not seen the Grand Canyon until they float it.
Dolly Richardson
Yacolt, Washington
Glade and Den were amazing as boatsmen and as a resource to learn about the river and people who have been involved over the years, as cooks, and entertainers. They took us on great hikes which were even better when they played guitar and sang in the canyons. The food was perfect. I had no idea the Grand Canyon was so vast and so old! I have recommended the trip to anyone I meet! I am sure you will get future customers from our part of the world.
Fran Errington
Parksville, British Columbia
Best outdoor adventure available in the US! GCE ran a great trip. Boatmen Irv was an excellent river guide. Gerry and Kyle were great swampers. Food was very good. I wish I had taken this trip years ago. Keep up the good work!
Charlie Witte
Chula Vista, California
The trip through this monumental park was an awesome experience made more meaningful by the deep love, respect, and reverence for its great beauty by our guide, Bob Dye. My companions and I were able to savor the commentary while absorbing the natural beauty before us, ever changing, yet timeless, dumbstruck by what we saw but had not words to describe.
Charles Hicks
Eclectic`, Alabama
The most wonderful trip ever! Every day was a new adventure. Some were challenging and others simply a blast. So so much fun! The scenery was unbelievale. The boatmen and swampers could not have been more fun. Better than that, the knowlege and experience about river rafting as well as the science and history of the Grand Canyon that each of them shared with us made it so enjoyable. Loved the stories. Oh...the food...11 stars out of 10 for every meal! Thank you so much, Art, Freddy, Theresa, Adam and Logan you are the best.
Sharon Bourland
Houston, Texas
Our trip with Bob, Donna, Dustin, Dusty and Mrs. Dusty was really an adventure. Their knowledge of the canyon is so great, and they were able to translate its mysteries to us in such a enjoyable way. Food was wonderful, and the comraderie was the icing on the cake. Thanks to everyone at GCEX for making this trip available for us.
Steve Cassells
Longmont, Colorado
This wilderness trip - which we did for the second time - was an unforgettable adventure. Where else can you spend 8 days in untouched wilderness while enjoying the comfort of cots, tents and gourmet meals? The organization was perfect from A to Z, nothing was forgotten. The group may have been a little large (2 rafts, 25 guests), but everything was flawless, thanks to the expert guides Glade and Greg. We saw incredible landscape and enjoyed exciting rapids without being afraid. The hikes were diverse and interesting. The food was incredible, whether Mexican, Asian or juicy Filet Mignon. Five stars for GCEX, and we will do our best to get more Austrians to raft the Grand Canyon with you!
Michael Schnitzler
Vienna, Austria
It's not a cliche to say it definitely was the trip of a lifetime for me. The experience far exceeded my expectations; the professionalism and great personalities of Dustin, Kyle, and Don totally made the trip worthwhile. I have been telling everyone I know that they should contact GCEX and take this trip.
Bob Culver
New York, New York
I have nothing but positive things to say about our recent trip with GCE, whose staff took great care of our group from the moment we made our first enquiry, to the end. The service was truly exceptional throughout. Our guide, Bobby Skinner, and his helper, Jay Hey, were professionals in every respect. Their knowledge of the river, passion for their work, and excellent humor, transformed what was already going to be an amazing trip into a legendary one. I am truly grateful to them, as well as to all of the GCE staff, who made the trip happen so seamlessly. Thank you, and please know that I have already recommended your company to others, and will continue to do so.
Walton Denton
Nashville, Tennessee
30 years ago my wife and two daughters did a 6 day trip with another rafting company. We had a tremendous experience. Now 75 years old and in good health I wanted to share this unique experience my two brothers as a way for us to have some special time together so last July I researched several companies checked out the GCEX web site, talked a couple of times to Nan McCormick and was sold. Once the news of our planned trip was out several cousins, grandsons and a couple of special friends jumped on the chance to join this all male expedition and what a trip we had with our boatman and guide Bobby Skinner and his aid Jay Shea. It was a special time for all 13 of us and memories of a lifetime. Thank you GCEX.
Gus Denton
Memphis, Tennessee
Great trip! Every aspect was well organized and communicated. Starting with Nan McCormick a year in advance to the finish - 8 days in a really beautiful environment with our guides Bobby Skinner and his assistant Jay Hay. Bobby is an experienced boatman who made sure we were safe, but has a fun and exciting time, all the while learning about the environment and history of the canyon. I hope that in the future I can bring other members of our family for this special opportunity.
Chip Denton
Birmingham, Alabama
Our June 2015 trip was fantastic, exceeded expectations. Our guides Trevin, Johnny, Irv and Dave all were highly competent boatmen, cooks, tour guides and just good folks that made the trip fun for all. Our entire group enjoyed the journey, made memorable by the great rapids, canyon views, side hikes, cliff jump, night sky as well as the new friends made along the way. I would love to do this trip again some day and I highly recommend GCE to anyone looking for a great trip.
Edward Feragen
The Woodlands, Texas
I had a fantastic time indeed, and my needs as a diabetic and a vegan were met very well. What a gorgeous and luxurious trip! I've never gone on a trip before where everything was taken care of for me. Absolutely wonderful. And I'd always thought I'd prefer to participate in paddling on a 15-day trip, but discovered how nice it was to motor through the flat sections. I was also surprised to learn that I thought 8 days was just the right amount of time, and I did not feel a need to be there twice as long.
Janet Grossman
Prescott, Arizona
Excellent trip. Wonderful and amazing boatman and helpers.
Mark Cook
Fort Thomas, Kentucky
Our tour leader was Glade and his crew, Tony and Sean. They are absolutely topnotch and helped to make this a once in a lifetime experience. I understand that our boatman, Bachco (sp) was a last minute stand-in. It is obvious he was very well qualified and knew every ripple of the river. That is important! But we were mesmerized by his interest, knowledge and enthusiasm for sharing the history of the native peoples and geology of the Canyon. Good job everyone.
Carey Stanly
Willis, Texas
Trip exceeded my expectations. 28 wonderful, fellow passengers, including Sue, an exceptional Geologist and two great raft crews who met our every need. Will certainly recommend GCEC to those with similar interests. THANKS!
Johnny Hefner
Greenville, South Carolina

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Trip Price – $3,000 per person
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