Mistakes Made while Hiking The Grand Canyon

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People have been taking trips to see the Grand Canyon since the west was settled. It’s unique landscape, exciting activities, and breathtaking vastness makes it one of the most incredible places to visit in the United States.
While this area is popular for family fun, it should never be treated like an amusement park or other generic tourist attraction. Visitors to the Grand Canyon should have some basic information about the area to ensure an exciting trip, keep themselves and others safe, and get the most out of their vacation.
This overwhelmingly gorgeous landmark will provide an incredible vacation spot for everyone who visits if a few key mistakes aren’t made. By going into a trip to the Grand Canyon understanding that there are rules that should be followed and mistakes that shouldn’t be made, the trip will be an amazing success that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Not Bringing Enough Food and Water

The biggest mistake that can be made while hiking the Grand Canyon is failing to pack enough food and water. Hikers will need to drink about a gallon of water a day while hiking the Grand Canyon. This means hikers should bring a lot of water and refill their container at every refill station available.
Just as important as water, hikers will need food for the journey. Hikers will need a lot of protein-packed snacks to help the absorption of water and to restore essential energy to finish the hike.

Ignoring or Being Unaware of Path Rules

Paths along the Grand Canyon can be incredibly narrow. Knowing the rules in these areas is important to keep everyone on the path safe. When mules pass on a narrow path, hikers should hug the cliff and stay as still as possible to not spook the mules. Making sure to share the path with passing hikers is important, as well. Also, hikers should never try to access a path that looks too precarious or challenging for their skill level.

Doing too Much in One Trip

A trip to the Grand Canyon gives visitors the opportunity to see an abundance of amazing sites. Many people try to see all of the popular sites of the Grand Canyon in one trip. This desire to see it all can leave a hiking vacation feeling a lot like work. Instead, travelers should pick a few of their must-see activities and take their time to really enjoy each site.

Underestimating the Difficulty of the Hike

When hiking the Grand Canyon, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the hike. When this happened, inexperienced hikers may forget that they do, in fact, have to hike their way back out. Hikers should plan their route and stick to it, making sure they don’t lengthen their trip beyond their capabilities.

Avoiding these rookie mistakes during a trip to the Grand Canyon will allow visitors to get the most out of their vacation, have a fun and safe trip, and truly relax and enjoy the entire experience.

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