Grand Canyon Expeditions Shutterfly: How to Upload Pictures to our Photo Sharing Site!

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We here at Grand Canyon Expeditions love guest pictures. We love to see all of the parts of the Canyon from your point of view. With this in mind, we created a photo sharing site where you can upload your own pictures, and see the pictures of other guests.



Go to

The site will require a password to sign in and view pictures. The password is sent to you in an email a week before your trip, and again when you return. (You can also click on the link that says “click here” to have the site password sent to you directly)  Please keep in mind that this password will only allow you to view and download pictures.


To add your pictures to the pre-created trip date album, you must create a Shutterfly account. (No worries though, it’s free!)

To create an account, look in the top right-hand corner where it says “Share Sites | Member sign in | Help”

If you click “Member Sign In” it will bring up a menu with a login page. To sign up, click “Sign up” next to the words “Don’t have an account?”


To view the pictures in your trip date, you must be signed in with the site password. To upload or download pictures from your trip, you must create an account. Once you have done that, click on the tab “2018 – 8 & 9 Day Motor” if you are on a motorized trip, or “2018 – 14 & 16 Day Dory” if you are on a dory trip. There’s also a tab called “2018 Videos” if you would like to share any videos taken. There are not albums for the videos, instead we ask you to make the title of the video the date of your trip.

Once you are in the correct tab, you should be able to scroll down and choose your trip date album (it will have your guide’s name on it as well). Once you have found your album, you need to click on the title. Please do NOT add extra albums. All trip dates have been added. 

If you are the first to upload pictures from your trip, you need to choose “Upload new pictures” once you have clicked on your album.

If your album has already had pictures added to it, you need to choose the “add pictures” option to the right of your album title.

Once you’ve chosen one of those options, the following message box will appear. you will need to click on “My Computer” and choose the photos from your computer file. OR you can email the photos to the address at the bottom of the uploader to upload them that way. (please keep in mind that this email address is different for each individual album. Yours will be unique.)

Thank you for using the Grand Canyon Expeditions Shutterfly Sharing Site!

Just as a reminder:

All of the dates in 2016 have been added as an album. To make it easier to find, we have added the guides name to each album. Please upload any pictures you have to your trip album, and please do not add more albums. 

Videos can be uploaded on the Video tab!

In order to upload photos, you must be a member of Shutterfly and request to be a member of this page. Sign up or login is required.

We reserve the right to save and redistribute any pictures for marketing and developing purposes. Credit will be given to the photographer. (Feature Image PC: GCE Guest Marsha M.)

Albums are in descending order.

Please do not delete or edit pictures that are not your own without permission.

If you have any questions, you can give our office a call at 800-544-2691. We know the site very well and can walk you through anything!

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  1. I am sending 4 group pictures (4438-4441) + 2 crew pictures (4442-4444) plus others from 1 of 2 cameras. let me know if it is better to email them instead of adding directly – I have 2 sets of videos and one more set of pictures from a 2nd camera

    1. Post

      Good Morning Judy!

      Either way works for GCE! We check all of the files / photos / videos that are uploaded to our Shutterfly. However, we do love receiving photos from guests! You can email them to me at

      Taylor Lea Pratt
      Grand Canyon Expeditions

  2. Hey nice post. I hope it’s ok that I shared it on my Facebook, if not, no worries
    just tell me and I’ll remove it. Either way keep up the good

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