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Screen Shot of Grand Canyon Expiditions Web SiteGrand Canyon Expeditions is proud to announce the launch of their brand new website! After a few months of collaboration and a lot of work we are happy to provide our guests a much improved web experience. We hope this site will give you a better idea of the great experience you will have on a Grand Canyon River Rafting trip with us at GCEX. We truly love what we do and love to share the canyon with all who come with us. So please take some time to peruse our new website and get a feel for the excitement and life experience only a Grand Canyon Rafting trip can give!

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  1. I returned from a Motored trip taken July 17-25, 2010. It was FUNTASTIC! I recommend this trip to everyone who asks if I had a great time. Relaxation, adventure, thrills and awesome beauty; it doesn’t get much better. Our Boatmen, Adam and Irv, were top notch. They knew their trade and were full of all kinds of information you just don’t get when you’re up top on the rim (don’t get me wrong, I loved the S Rim too!). We had super Swampers, Jeri and Travis. Together, all 4 took excellent care of us. The food rivals that of a cruise liner! We had a great trip and great group of people, from 15 yrs old to 66+ years old; everyone had a great time. If you are curious if you should do it, DO IT!! You won’t regret it. Hiking up a canyon wall, waterfalls, cliff jumping, sleeping on the beach under the open sky and yes, RAPIDS! Lava Falls was awesome!!

    My tip, take 3 to 4 times more camera batteries/memory cards than you think you will need, because you will likely need them and you can’t run to the local discount store to pick up more or plug them in to charge them up!! Something one of the members of our group did, smartly did, take the dry land camera and the water proof camera, that can extend your battery life also. I’m not a video taker, but I would have video each rapid if I could have!

    Don’t hesitate, sign up now!!

  2. Wow, Wow. An AWSOME location, trip, guides (Greg and Beav), food. We took the Geology special trip with Grand Canyon Sue: she really made this a very special trip. We have seen the canyon many times from north rim to south rim, from 30,000 feet overhead to a chopper tour. Nothing as intimate as on the river. Greg was great with hiking, picking campsites, giving us a “we are alone wilderness experience” the first two days. An exciting adventure. All the folks on our 2 boat trip formed amazing bonds: 11 to 74 years young. Night skies, milky way, space station, meteor storm. Rain, double rainbow, albino big horn sheep 20 feet ahead: did not tempt it with Baa! Pack nothing that cannot be stepped on and crushed except in your ammo box and pack everything in there in sealed baggies! Long pants and socks good sunburn measures. How to recharge your batteries on the go: I will post a Utube video soon on what worked. Next visit: hike down to phantom ranch and back if the body will allow. 107 on the river and 46 water temperature: you have to love it. Trip July 8,2010

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