Grand Canyon Dory River Trips

Grand Canyon Dory Trip

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A dory tour is one of the first ways the Grand Canyon was explored. A dory can be made of wood, aluminum, or fiberglass. These boats make for a very memorable and exciting trip. After a motorized trip you may want to spend a even more time in the canyon, and the dory is a great way to slow down and see the things from an even more historical perspective. Black and White Dory Boats

Dory trips are a more extreme and much slower way to explore the Grand Canyon. There are 14 and 16 day expeditions that you can choose from when it comes to our dory trips. This really is an experience of a lifetime. How many people do you hear about that went on motorized tours vs. Dories? That’s right – motorized trips seem to be more popular than our dory tours, and that is simply because the length of the trip. Although if you are looking for one heck of an adventure, we highly suggest you take a dory tour.

Grand Canyon Dory River TripsThis is not a trip for the faint of heart, or for those who are not outdoorsy. You will be camping out at night, sitting in a hand paddled boat and if water enters the boat you will be bailing it out. So this really is a trip for those that are ready to take on an adventure.

Expect to face white water rapids head on in these dories, camp outside at night on the shorelines of the Colorado River, hike and explore areas that you wouldn’t otherwise see. There is so much that you will do on these tours that will take your breath away.

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  1. Looking to do this I think!! My husband and I r retired and looking for adventure depending if we can afford this. Please – need more info!!

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