The Grand Canyon/Colorado River Scholarship

Enter to win the Grand Canyon Colorado River Scholarship

Grand Canyon Expeditions supports environmental and engineering geologic studies by students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Awards will be made by GCEX to outstanding and deserving students based on demonstrated interest in archeology, geology, ecology and/or outdoor recreation.



This honor will be bestowed on 2 students who have demonstrated their ability to maintain excellence in academics with a Grade Point Average of at least a 3.0, while making outstanding and positive contributions to their environment, campus and community. Applicants will also be asked to include a 2 page written essay on "Where did you find the canyon's magic".

The application period is from Sept 1st 2012 through April 1st 2013.

When you are ready, please use the online application to apply for all awards. Please fill out all areas on the application and use the print feature at the bottom of the screen. Remember to include your essay in your application packet. * Your application is not complete until we receive a copy of your most recent grade transcript (may be an official transcript or a student issued copy) and a wallet-size head-and-shoulders photograph suitable for reproduction.

Enter to win the Grand Canyon Colorado River Scholarship