GCEX Fall Clean up and 2011 dates for next season!

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October 1, 2010, and it’s official Grand Canyon Expeditions 2010 season is all water under the Navajo Bridge!  It truly was a grand year with all of our senior guides returning and running trips!  We started in April with strange cooler weather until mid May.  The rest of our season went very smooth with water flows and of course that Grand Canyon sun!

Our bookings for next season look great and we anticipate a big season.  I believe with a good snow pack that our river flows next season will be similar to this years…. only wetter! ha Our fall clean up will continue until the end of October and then we’ll be ready for that big winter snow pack.  Kanab, our home office and warehouse is 5000 feet in elevation, the high desert environment and we do get snow and really crisp winter days.  I know most of the guide start counting down to April about mid January, well I do anyway…….

We’ll keep everyone posted on how bookings are coming along and what our 2011 season holds in store.  I know I have been hiding from the mirror and a shave and haircut are in need.  The river “look” will be put away for another winter and I am sure a few more gray whiskers in the beard will appear next season.  Have a grand fall and please feel free to check in on us…. I am sure we’ll have something to share!  Until then, from our GCE crew to you,  may all your skies be blue and all your water…big!

That’s my view from the back of the raft, Capt. Marty

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