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Good Morning River Runners,

This is our first blog from the heart of where it happens GCEX!  I just finished my 32 year of rafting this season, in the one and the only Grand Canyon!  Our trip was incredible, it’s hard to imagine after 32 years that trips do get better and after all those years, it continues to happen!

I was told many years ago that you can never climb into the same river twice …. because it’s always going downstream! The weather, the rivers roar, the stars and the people….are always different.  I know if the canyon walls could talk what a story they would share….. so maybe that’s why we run river, so…we can share the stories.  We hope that you enjoy our always flowing river stories and hope you can share a story of your own on how the Canyons magic found it’s way into your life!

Until then from the back of the raft…….Blue Sky and Big Waters to all,
Capt. Marty  / GCE

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