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The fall clean up at GCE has begun.  Normally this time of year everything & anything river related, that goes downstream,  will get gone over.  All of our rafts, (we had 15- 37′ rafts in operation during our 2010 season) side-pontoons (over 30 in use) and everything else that is “rubber”, is inspected.  We are looking for any fatigue or unusual wear marks on the rubber. Then the rafts get a new paint job top & bottom and rolled away for their winter nap. ….. NOTE: this is the ONLY time you want to see a raft up-side down! The frames and the other hardware gets the same attention and so goes the GCEX  cook stoves, coolers, kitchens, food-boxes, side-boxes and other raft equipment. The Grand Canyons  harsh heat and river conditions will takes its toll without the constant maintenance of your equipment during the season.  We have a crew in our warehouse 7-days a week from May-October to handle these needs.

It is really amazing at ALL the other effort that gets put into the making of any Grand Canyon Expeditions trip. The warehouse / office is based in Kanab, Utah.  It begins and ends here , 24/7 during the summer. It is  from our front office , all of our vendors,  to our truck rig/de-rig drivers, GCE’s crew and all of our guides, the season was a quick one!  It seems they go faster and faster every year……… speaking from what I see.  We just enjoy what we do a little more every year and it just does NOT seem like a real job!  Our last trip will be back in Kanab on September 29th, 2010 ….and our 2010 season is officially over!

That’s my view from the back of the raft….. Capt, Marty

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  1. Can you advise average temps (degrees F) first week of June, and also Aug. 18-25? Do you have an upper-age limit for rafters? Can you arrange emergency medical evacuation insurance?

    Have you space for two on the June 2 trip?
    How about Aug. 18-25 trip?

    Advise, please, and thank you.


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