GCE’s Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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March 22, 2021 With the new season starting soon, we have updated our Covid-19 Mitigation Plan for 2021. That updated plan can be viewed by clicking the following link: 2021-Grand-Canyon-Expeditions-COVID-19-Mitigation-Plan (1) January 15, 2021 A COVID-19 update for the new year. We have been following the CDC, NPS, and local health departments throughout the pandemic and have continued to do …

GCE Warehouse Dories

An Insider’s Look

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Here’s a peek into the  Grand Canyon Expeditions warehouse before the start of our 54th year of river running. In 1964 Grand Canyon Expeditions was founded by a 21-year-old river visionary, Ron Smith.  Ron was groundbreaking in the development of the river running industry in Grand Canyon. He was a pioneer in Grand Canyon and had a vision for the future. …

Mistakes Made while Hiking The Grand Canyon

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People have been taking trips to see the Grand Canyon since the west was settled. It’s unique landscape, exciting activities, and breathtaking vastness makes it one of the most incredible places to visit in the United States. While this area is popular for family fun, it should never be treated like an amusement park or other generic tourist attraction. Visitors ...

4 Ways to Beat The Heat While Hiking

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Experiencing a hike along the Grand Canyon is one of the most incredible journeys that can be taken. This amazing landmark provides all the beauty, challenges, and learning opportunities that one could ever hope for. Hiking along the Grand Canyon, or any area, requires an understanding of the land and knowledge of how to stay safe during a hike. Perhaps ...
Grand Canyon Hike

Two of Our Favorite Hikes Along the Colorado River

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As I look back on my experience floating down the Grand Canyon, I can’t help but smile. Those were memories and experiences that I won’t trade for anything. It’s funny how easy it is in the moment to look past what you’re seeing and experiencing, always looking forward to that next rapid, that next drop, that next sunset. But there …

Bob Dye, A True GCE River Iron Man

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My experience in Grand Canyon started as a backpacker while attending Northern Arizona University, where I earned a degree in Forestry. My first Grand Canyon river experience came on a private trip in 1973. I started commercial rafting in the Grand Canyon as a guide in 1977. Since then I have been on 388 commercial motor and oar trips (over …

GCE Rain Suit

The Rain Suit … Q&A

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Do I really need to pack a rain suit?  Will it rain? What type of rain suit should I bring?  We get a lot of questions about rain suits.   Here are some answers and explanations to some of the most popular guest rain suit questions. Q: Will I really need a rain suit for my trip? Are we expecting rain? …