Grand Canyon Weather – which month should I go down the river?

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“What will the weather be like on my Grand Canyon River Trip?”  Weather By Months April TEMPERATURES:  AVERAGE DAYTIME TEMPS: 82° F AVERAGE NIGHTTIME TEMPS: 56° F April is generally a little cooler than the other months. This is still early spring, and depending on how our winter season went it can be a little colder. Early April has the …

River Food Pork Chops

GCE Eats – A Small Guide to Meals on the River

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A lot of our guests worry about what they are going to eat on the river. “We’re camping, aren’t we? What are meals like?” To most people camping consists of hot dogs, quick meals and snacks that are easy to make with no effort. Not when you travel with Grand Canyon Expeditions; GCE travels with an extraordinary kitchen setup. We have a …

Grand Canyon Dory River Trips

Grand Canyon Dory Trip

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A dory tour is one of the first ways the Grand Canyon was explored. A dory can be made of wood, aluminum, or fiberglass. These boats make for a very memorable and exciting trip. After a motorized trip you may want to spend a even more time in the canyon, and the dory is a great way to slow down …

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Quick Intro To Rafting the Grand Canyon

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Rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon is definitely something everyone should experience. Although it is famously known for some of the biggest white water rapids in North America, surprisingly 91% of the trip is calm waters with only a few difficult spots, making this a relaxing trip with plenty of amazing views of the desert landscapes. Starting Point …