Bob Dye, A True GCE River Iron Man

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My experience in Grand Canyon started as a backpacker while attending Northern Arizona University, where I earned a degree in Forestry. My first Grand Canyon river experience came on a private trip in 1973. I started commercial rafting in the Grand Canyon as a guide in 1977. Since then I have been on 388 commercial motor and oar trips (over 3,000 days on the river).

Charlene T

I have participated in 11 private trips, 9 research trips and 3 guides training seminars. Research topics have included vegetation survey, Bald Eagle surveys, tamarisk control and historic photo matching.

In 1994 I met my soul mate, Donna Koster, and since she has assisted me on over 180 river trips. We both have had a great time introducing river trip passengers to the Grand Canyon and are now looking forward to new adventures.

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  1. I was a passenger of yours in 2007, along with Sue and other earth scientists. I had the time of my life. You are an outstanding river man. Thank you for a very memorable trip.

  2. My trip was with Bob and Donna. It was incredible. I thought about it afterwards and figured out that Bob and Donna must really love the river to guide the number of “tender foots” they have over the years. A lot of those people no doubt weren’t the easiest to please. Dedicated to the river and its survival

  3. Bob, what a career you have had doing what you love, and obviously, what you are good at. Although i did not go with you on either of my trips, I do know you and Donna from my former employer. You are truly great people. Keep it up!

  4. Bob and Donna have always had a grand take of what they do! There is just something about sharing this natural wonder of the world with folks who feel the same as us!

    So to you Doris…big waters and blue skies, what a GRAND day she is…GCE

  5. Bob –

    You are truly a GCE River Iron Man! You depth of knowledge about the Grand Canyon is very impressive. Maureen and I look forward to seeing you and Donna again!

    Ron Nichols

  6. With you on the first of our three dory trips, September 1993. You gave us the first unforgetable experience of the GCE Grand Canyon dory trip, impressive informations, smooth rides and first Lava Fall Rapid ride. The Canyon hikes with you we still remember, “Great River Boatman Bob”.

  7. Hi Bob!
    Don’t know if you will remember me from way back in 1988 when I took my first trip with you. It was a life changing experience. The next year 3 years (1989, 90, 91) I had “swamped” for you. Each trip was a thrill. Your knowledge of the river and canyon and professionalism is astounding! Someday, now that my Bob and I are retired we hope to take a trip with GCE and perhaps you will be our guide!
    Be well, and I’m glad you and Donna are having a great life together.

  8. Hiya Bob, l’d dreamt of taking a trip through the Canyon since 1969! Eventually did it in 1993 when you & George guided a SPICE trip from the UK. What an amazing adventure you gave us, one of our group felt it was almost a spiritual experience & I agree. I hoped to come back & swamp for you but it didn’t happen. Good to hear you’re still guiding & giving other folks the life changing experience of the Canyon in your quiet professional way. So many great memories, amazing scenery, water, food, company, friendly people not to mention the stash of beer under a rock half way down!

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