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Here’s a peek into the  Grand Canyon Expeditions warehouse before the start of our 54th year of river running.

In 1964 Grand Canyon Expeditions was founded by a 21-year-old river visionary, Ron Smith.  Ron was groundbreaking in the development of the river running industry in Grand Canyon. He was a pioneer in Grand Canyon and had a vision for the future. A vision and passion that lives on in GCE.

Grand Canyon Expeditions has 6 new NRS rafts in our fleet. The lighter boats are more fuel efficient and less maintenance with the color baked into the rubber. This has eliminated much of the season maintenance with the cosmetics of the rafts.  These rafts truly look grand all season long!  Come join us on an 8 or 9-day expedition.

Martin Litton pioneered whitewater dories on the Colorado River in the 1960’s.  Our Dory fleet is custom built exclusively for GCE, aka the Ballerinas of Colorado, designed and built by skilled craftsman with an eye for details and beauty.

A dory is a small, shallow-draft boat, our dory is 18′ long. It is usually a lightweight boat with high sides, a flat bottom and sharp bows. Grand Canyon Expeditions only offers full canyon dory trips.  You see every mile of the Grand Canyon, 277 miles in total.

A dory trip of the most laid-back ways to see and feel the canyon for those who do have that extra time to come join us for 14 or 16 days in paradise.

The dory has deck hatches that allow our guests to store their personal gear while on the water.

Photo Credit: Taylor Pratt, GCE Reservation Specialist

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  1. If you need a single to fill up a boat this coming year please notify me. I will be available on short notice. It would be my fourth trip with GCE…all 8 day motorized.

    2018 (Reagan and Rusty as Guides – Awesome!!!!)

  2. Now I know why the boat (Kanab Creek) was in such superb condition for our trip. Everything was top notch and just felt of quality and safety. Hope to join you again in a couple of years with my daughter.

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