All-Inclusive Grand Canyon River Trip

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When you book a Grand Canyon River Trip you can expect it to be an all-inclusive experience. What does this mean for you? That means when you book with Grand Canyon Expeditions, everything is covered! All you have to worry about is the flight to Las Vegas, and getting to the hotel. We will take it from there!

Grand Canyon Expeditions books and pays for the hotel rooms at the Residence Inn by Marriott the night before and the night you return from your river trip. We also provide round-trip transportation (included in your trip price) to the Colorado River and back via charter bus.

We also include all of the food and drinks (except alcoholic beverages, see below) during your trip, as well as all of your camping equipment and waterproof luggage for your clothing.


  • Waterproof bag for clothing
  • Waterproof ammo can for day use
  • a waterproof bag containing your sleep kit
  • sleep kit
    • cold-rated sleeping bag
    • ground cloth
    • self-inflatable paco pad
  • cots
  • tents
  • camp chairs
  • a cost-guard approved life-jacket (required for all guests by the National Park Service)




Grand Canyon Expeditions takes great pride in our on-river menu and in our guide’s ability to create a delicious meal for everyone. We have a variety of dishes (spaghetti with meatballs, steak, baked potato, fajitas, and more) with a dessert every night. We also have snacks available during the day when you are on the boat or on a hike. Are you on a specific diet? Let the office know beforehand, and we will make sure there is something prepared for each meal that you can eat!

We also provide a variety of drinks for you each day. Coke products, a variety of fruit juice, Gatorade, La Croix, and of course – water! If you would like to partake in an alcoholic beverage, however, you will need to bring it with you. We can store it and keep items in a drag bag to keep them cool – but you’ll need to purchase them. All we ask is that you bring non-glass items. Beer in cans, wine in bladders or boxes, and spirits in plastic work best.

The reason we ask for no glass is that everything that goes down the river has to come out with us, and glass breaks really easily, so it’s easier for everyone to not bring it.




Do you have a love for adventure? Have you always wanted to explore the bottom of the Grand Canyon? A Grand Canyon River trip is your chance! There are over 100 hikes and adventures in the canyon, and our guides will try and make sure you get a chance to explore each day. Adventures like frisbee in Redwall Cavern, swimming and jumping into the water at Elves Chasm, or playing in the natural waterpark of the Little Colorado – are all popular stops on our trips. Please keep in mind that we do not have a set hiking itinerary – so we aren’t sure what hikes you will participate in on your trip. The guides will decide each day where they want to stop, explore, and camp, and this is based on a number of factors.


Even if you’ve never been camping, you’ll be a pro at it by the end of your river trip. We make sure you have all of the gear you need for camp. Plus, on the first night of your trip, the guides will show you how to set it all up. We provide all you need (listed above) to get your camp established each night.

Tents are available to anyone who wants one, but for those who have never experienced sleeping under the stars – we recommend it! The Grand Canyon is a natural wonder of the world, and getting to experience falling asleep under a vast, beautiful night sky with the sound of the water soothing you and tall, majestic cliffs on either side of you? Sign us up!

Plus, the guides make all of the meals, so all you have to worry about after a day of rafting and fun is resting and setting up your camp, getting to know your fellow rafters, eating a delicious meal, and reflecting on the day you had.


One of the most important factors on a river trip is the crew – and the GCE crew members are the best! Our guides are extensively trained, have multiple certifications (like Wilderness First Aid Responders and more), and have trained and learned about the Canyon’s history, geology, and ecology. On a GCE river trip, the crew members are there to make sure you have the trip of a lifetime while staying safe – and they do a great job at it. By the end of the trip, everyone will feel like family.


Have more questions?

You can find out more information about our trips by visiting our blog, where there are posts like 5 Tips for Bathing in the River and Grand Canyon Fishing Information. Or you can call our office at 800-544-2691!


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