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Our 2022 season dates are now open!  We have 8-day, 9-day, 14-day and 16-day trips available.

What do we include on our trip?
  • 2 night stay at the Residence Inn by Marriott, the night before and after your trip. (some restrictions may apply)
  • Transportation from Las Vegas to Lee’s Ferry on day 1, and from Pearce Ferry back to Las Vegas on day 8 (or 9, 14, 16).
  • Camping Gear – cots, tents, sleeping bags, a paco pad, and your waterproof bags and ammo can.
  • Food – We have an assortment of delicious items available on our menu. Steak, chicken, fajitas and even spaghetti. Our guides have mastered the art of Dutch Oven Desserts. Have a food allergy or on a special diet? Don’t worry, we can accommodate that too.
  • Drinks – We provide an assortment of soda, juice, and water is always available. If there is an adult beverage you would like to bring, we can store it for you.
River Food Pork Chops

Source: GCE’s own Allison Carlin!

You’ll be traveling with the best guides in the business.

We require our guides to go through intensive training before they are allowed their own boat. As a result, they have the knowledge, skill, and know-how to get you down the Canyon and show you a good time. Are you shy? Not to worry. Our guides are friendly and will make you feel like a part of the family in no time.

“All of the crew bent over backwards in providing a helping hand up a steep ledge, finding the last bag of Oreos in the bottom of the boat for the kids on board (ok, I indulged), guiding new campers on how to set up a tent, keeping us cool on the hot boat with their water gun, and just lending an ear for conversation. I felt safe and secure with all of them in every situation- rafting (10+ level rapids) and hiking (around foot wide ledges) to reach breathtaking waterfalls.”  -teacherlovesscience on Trip Advisor 

Source: Pete P

You’ll get to explore the Grand Canyon.

So you’ll have great guides and you’ll be taken care of… but what will you be doing? Why adventuring of course! Each day there will be something new to explore, whether it be a hike with breathtaking views, swimming in a tributary, and sometimes exploring Native ruins. The guides decide each day where they plan on going to show you the best of the best at the bottom of the Canyon.


Source: Jim Dimmick


What are you waiting for? Give us a call at 800-544-2691 or schedule your trip directly here.

Source: Kanab’s Own Barry Glazier




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  1. Have been trying to book a September dory trip for two years now – Just heard from Narissa in Tasmania that she released a spot she was holding for her brother for this year – Any chance I can snag it?? or get on the 2020 ??


  2. We are planning to do an 8 or 9-day trip in May 2020 with you and will meet this Friday night with our friends to discuss everything in more details. We will be between 4 to 6 people and would like to get as much info from you as possible for our discussion on Friday. One of our friends did the trip a couple of years ago and might be doing it again with us.
    If you have any brochure which you might send our way til Friday (that would be great!!!)
    Karla Broschinski
    Please also let us know if you still have any space in May available for us.
    Thank you,

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      Hey Karla!

      I got a brochure sent to your address!

      Please email me at: taylor@gcex.com and we can figure out a date that works for you!

      Taylor Lea Pratt
      Grand Canyon Expeditions

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