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By Luisa


During February, the month in which we celebrate love in all forms, it seems appropriate to write about a travel destination my kids and I recently visited and LOVED. Since the reasons we love the Grand Canyon are not typical of travel – yet are aligned with many key characteristics of love in general – I felt it warranted a bit of an explanation in words and photos.

1.     There is a reason they call it GRAND:

This is an understatement. If you have ever been IN the Grand Canyon, you can attest to the seemingly enormity of this natural wonder. Like the immense love one’s heart can feel for others, the Grand Canyon is sure to tug at your heart strings. This is especially true if you can explore it from more than just the canyon rims.

2.     It’s easy to get to know it intimately:

Everyone wants to feel as if they REALLY know their loved ones.


Similarly, last summer my family went on a Grand Canyon Expeditions’ vacation. By week’s end we felt as if we’d gotten to know the Grand Canyon in a much more intimate way than most do who only view it from the top.

3.     Love that’s here to stay:

After spending time in the Grand Canyon, I can attest that it is an experience that I will never forget! Just like true love, that warm fuzzy feeling is here to stay whenever I set eyes upon photos from our trip to the Grand Canyon!

4.     It’s the perfect setting to get away from it all:

These days, most of us say we’re going on vacation to get away from it all, but inevitably we’re still connected all day long to our work email via our phones and laptops. On our river rafting adventure with GCEX, there was no electronic communication available. Thus, by the end of the week-long adventure, I truly felt as if I’d been on a secret get-away away from my usual routine. Mind you, my partner on this rendezvous was none other than Mother Nature!

5.     You can explore it many different ways:

Whether you’re a fan of white water rafting, hiking or even riding down the canyon via a mule, there are many unique ways to explore the Grand Canyon. Just like the many people in your life whom you love, each mode of exploration has its many reasons why you indeed love it.

6.     Love Fosters Peace + Serenity:

What is the by-product of true love? Happiness….peace…serenity…joy. I can truly say that I felt all those inspiring emotions by the end of my week getting to know the Grand Canyon.

7.     It’s exciting:

Isn’t new love meant to be exciting? In a similar way, rafting down the Colorado River and exploring the many trails in the Grand Canyon are utterly exhilarating!

8.     Just like a Valentine present, it’s full of sweet surprises!

Don’t we all enjoy getting a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day from our loved ones? And aren’t most of us surprised by what we actually find inside each chocolate? Similarly, the Grand Canyon has many unexpected charms ranging from lush waterfalls to amazing vistas around every corner.

9.     It will change you forever:

Most of the important relationships in our life affect us profoundly. Think of vacationing in the Grand Canyon as forming a relationship with a power that’s bigger than any of us and that can be called into our consciousness at will to heal, soothe and bring us joy.

10.     It’s got HEART written all over it:

This article was inspired by the multitude of rocks and cacti I found and photographed during our Grand Canyon Expeditions family adventure rafting down the Colorado River by day and camping in the Grand Canyon by night.

Although at home I have a small collection of heart-shaped rocks found on local hikes on the East Coast, I have never experienced such a proliferation of heart-shaped objects in nature as I did that week in the Grand Canyon. Maybe these constant reminders were instrumental in opening our hearts – including normally hard-to-please teens who were on our trip – to the profound beauty that surrounded us.

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  1. Your a great writer, real good illustrations between the canyon and love and all it involves. I will look for those heart shape rocks, and all the wonders provided on this trip. Love to hear your thoughts on the trip, keep blogging, it’s great for all us 1st timers and stirring the anticipation of the canyon.

    Good thoughts on the how the beauty all around you must just even get to those teenagers that don’t have their FB, Twitter, My Space, they only can find out more about themselves!

  2. Hi there, all the time i used to check blog posts here early in the morning, because i enjoy to gain
    knowledge of more and more.

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