Testimonials From Our Guests

GCEX trip

"Our 8 day raft trip in May with Greg and Swamper Joe was an amazing experience. Last weekend Bernard and I were back in northern Arizona, and we took a side trip to the South Rim just to look at the Colorado River and to marvel that we were actually there, in that canyon, on that river, a most amazing, wondrous, beautiful place. Thank you, Greg, for leading us on our awesome expedition, for sharing your love and respect of the Grand Canyon, for teaching us, and for feeding our bodies and our souls! We will be back!!"

Deb Allwine - July 2011 / 8-Day Expedition

"June 4,2011 was the beginning of an amazing journey with Roger and company thru Mother Nature’s most awesome display! The trip was one of companionship, laughter, observation and freedom! Waking up in the morning looking at the Big Dipper up the canyon walls and going to bed seeing the Big Dipper watching over us all. I have never had such a feeling of oneness with nature as on the river. Roger, Mike, Sal and Cowboy with the Grand Canyon created an adventure never to be forgotten. When Roger read Prayer toward the end of the trip, the meaning of the trip was complete. Thank you so much for introducing me to the river and Grand Canyon!"

Judy Fallow - June 2011 / 8-Day Expedition

"I just returned from my second once in a lifetime trip with GCEX and Grand Canyon Sue, once again memorable! The first time (2007) Jason was one of our boatmen, I have a sound bite of him admonishing us to assume the "white-knuckle death grip position" on my web site. Ron Nichols informed me he uses it as his ring tone, which undoubtedly mystifies people around him when he’s home in Texas. This time, it was Adam and Jalynda who were our boat persons(?). It seemed like a different river in some ways, with the big water! Might go for a third OIAL trip, but only after my ribs heal"

Phil Farquharson - June 2011 / 8-Day Expedition

"The magic of the canyon once again, how lucky I am. Single boat, great crew, and a wonderful time. Our crew made all the difference. Many thanks to them and you for taking such good care of us. Can't do it without you!"

Gerri Clark - May 2008 / 8-Day Expedition

"The entire experience was more than expected. The canyon is indescribable, the crew was great and the memories will last a lifetime. I will run the river again with GCE!"

James Louie - May 2008 / 8-Day Expedition

"Our side canyon trips were truly the "icing on the cake". I wouldn't miss these. They make the entire trip extra special. The knowledge of the staff was exceptional. I am writing an article about your staff. They demonstrated a truly outstanding example of exceptional customer service and team based management."

Mark Weston - June 2008 / 14-Day Expedition

"The guides were awesome. What a team of professionals. Competent, kind, educated, compassionate, generous and on and on. As a group, they gave us an intimate look into the heart of the one of the great treasures of the world. As individuals, they gave of themselves in a quiet and simple way that I will remember and cherish forever."

GCEX trip

Mark and Marlene Stanley - June 2008 / 14-Day Expedition

"I loved the ability to change rafts during our stay to get the best of each boatman's style . You gave me a full 8 days of the majesty of the canyon, as well as a fun and guest fellowship with your staff and the other guests. I've been recommending your company to everyone I speak with. Thank you!"

Katie Jasinski - August 2008 / 8-Day Expedition

"Thank you for the greatest spiritual experience of my life! Your guides are "one in a million". This trip will forever be felt in my heart. Your individual passion, care, integrity and joy towards all of us and myself will be held with gratitude!"

Stacy Johnson - September 2008 / 8-Day Expedition

GCEX trip

"Three years after being diagnosed with cancer, I never thought that I would get an opportunity like this! To make a once in a lifetime trip down the Colorado River in the middle of the Grand Canyon! To experience the overwhelming size and beauty of the canyon or the thrill of the rapids, to hike to a side canyon, to swim under a waterfall, or to fall asleep each night staring at the millions of stars!"

M. Profit

"I am a lot more independent that I thought. I was always hesitant to travel without my parents, but now I feel more comfortable. If you asked me to go again, I would say "yes" in an instant! I am more receptive to new ideas now."

A. Schneider


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