Links, Form and Other Resources

Grand Canyon Expeditions Trip Forms

We are excited to have you come along with us for a Grand Canyon river trip. To help get everything ready for your trip we have included a few forms that have helpful information or that you will need to fill out and return to us. If you have questions on any of these please call us at 1-800-544-2691 or email at

Marriott Hotel in Las Vegas

Grand Canyon Expeditions will make your room reservation for the night before and the night after your trip. If you wish to book extra nights before or after your trip, reservations should be made directly with the Residence Inn by calling 702-650-0040 or email

Grand Canyon Expedition Links

Below are a few links to sites we thought would be interesting and helpful. If you think there is any other links that should be in our list please let us know.

Grand Canyon River Runners -

The Grand Canyon River Runners Association is a non-profit group working to preserve public access to the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park for those who rely on the National Park Service's professional river concessionaire.

Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines -

How to book flights, rental cars, hotels, shows, Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tours and more.

Papillon -

Grand Canyon Tour Information and Reservations

Portable External Batteries -

If you are concerned about the battery life of your camera for your expedition, battery geek can meet your needs with a purchase or you can simply rent what you need. From c-pap machines to your cameras.

National Park Service -

This site will take you to the Grand Canyon National Park, located on the South Rim. For information on the sunrises and sunsets and the phases of the moon.... pending your expedition with Grand Canyon Expeditions.

Explore The Canyon Exhibit-

Located in Grand Canyon, Arizona, at the south rim entrance of the Grand Canyon National Park, the National Geographic Visitor Center is your must-stop first stop before visiting the ‘rim of the world'.


These are weekly "river flow charts" of the Colorado river through Grand Canyon. This site will take you to the "cubic feet per second" of the river. You can check the C.F.S before your expedition with us.

Google Earth Download -

View the Grand Canyon and other locations from a birds eye view using this free program provided by Google.