No…smart phones, i-Pads, fax machines, or even a TV…that’s our Grand Canyon Expedition! March 4, 2013

The Grand Canyon is one of the “Seven Natural Wonders of the World”, and there is no more stunning, awe inspiring way to see it from the bottom looking up, from the very heart of it’s unparalleled grandeur. Experiencing it all from deep in the canyon, floating on the rivers sometimes glassy, sometimes rip-roaring surface, and into its wondrous, otherworldly side-canyons by foot, makes the Grand Canyon trip likely to be the most memorable vacation of your life.


First night in camp, “single” raft group and your first night…. without your phone! 

For over 49 years, Grand Canyon Expeditions has been providing this once in a lifetime experience for visitors from around the globe. The Canyon itself offers the surprising combination of incredible serenity and the excitement of world class rapids. Grand Canyon Expedition’s professional river guides provide a highly informed “floating” commentary of the Canyons geology, history, archeology and desert plants and animals life. Sufficient time is scheduled into every day’s adventure for opportunities to explore, to hike brightly hued side canyons, visit ancient Indian ruins or take a dip in one of the many stunning tributaries.

Colorado River at mile 20, “North Canyon”, Grand Canyon

Many of our guest understandable look forward to the excitement of our expeditions, the Canyons roaring rapids, it’s staggering geology or overwhelming majesty, and yet it is often the lovely nights that capture the imagination of many other guests: brilliant star lit nights, the sounds of a rushing river, a nearly forgotten world free of smart phones, flat screen TV’s, and the squelch of fax machines. These are enjoyable times to sit and talk about the days activities, to lose yourself in a dizzying reverie over a crystal sky murky with clouds of stars and make a few new friends over discussion about the delicious Dutch oven cake for dessert.

The following morning the river beckons again, another exciting day waits. Through the mornings spreading the light deep throughout the Canyon, peace and tranquility envelope you with each winding bend in the river, putting more and more distance between you and hectic lives you leave behind, this is true quality time.

Prime Time dates are still available! Have you already made your “all inclusive” reservation for 2013? Some restrictions do apply to our “all inclusive package”, please see our GCEX trip details.

 photo credit: John Gussman/   text: David Bowles



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