Grand Canyon Rafting Group studying the Archeology of Grand Canyon

Ancestral Native Americans were the first people to discover and explore the Grand Canyon. The Canyon was not just background scenery for human events but an active participant that shaped the lives of its dwellers. Listen as our guest archeologist tells the story of these early people who ventured into this grandest of canyons and left behind, along with petroglyphs and ruins, split-twig figurines that date from 3,000 to 4,500 years ago.


Special Interest Expeditions
2015 Schedule

8 Days - Lees Ferry, AZ, to Pearce Ferry , AZ

Photography April 23 - April 30
Ecology May 7 - May 14
Geology May 21 - May 28
  July 9 - July 16
9 Day Hiking Trip Aug 4 - Aug 12 ($2,900/person)
History Aug 6 - Aug 13
Archeology Aug 20 - Aug 27

Trip Price ........ $2,650 per person

*A $500/person deposit is
required to reserve your space.

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